Some Tiktok Controversies That Shook Worldwide Attention

Some Tiktok Controversies That Shook Worldwide Attention – In less than 3 year since their official global release in 2017, Tiktok became a new phenomenon and used by milions of people daily around the world.

The latest and arguably the the most popular social media is own by chinese company named ByteDance and has already been downloaded1.5 billion times across the globe. This short video sharing app is very loved by young people, that reason there’s a lot of viral things in recent time produced in this application.

Some Tiktok Controversies That Shook Worldwide Attention

Having a lot of users doesn’t mean the video sharing social media invincible from controversies, well because the apps is watched by tons of people daily making the controversies on this apps seems to grab world wide attention. And here’s some example of those controversies in tiktok that shook the world by surprise.

Some Tiktok Controversies That Shook Worldwide Attention

  • Skull Breaker Challenge

Dangerous challenge went viral is nothing new in the internet era, but the viral challenge which viral form this tiktok apps is skull breaker challenge. In this challenge involve 2 people and 1 unsuspecting victim.  All three people will stand in a straight line and are told to jump in the air.

The person in the middle, who is, again, not suspected any of the challenge will jump believing the other two will jump as well, but what they actually do is kick the jumping person’s feet to knock the middle person backwards.

This stupid stunts is very dangerous because when the victims fall they will have some risk to injure their head which will lead to serious head injuries or even death.

  • Ornidary Videos Which Lead To Jail

The title seems weird, but this was happened to five egyptian women which arrested in 2020 for two years after uploading their “indecent videos” on TikTok.

The lip sync and dance videos of influential people Mawada al-Adham and Haneen Hossam became famous on TikTok and both won millions of followers. But in April 2020, Hossam was released a video explaining how women can make money while chatting with strangers on App Likee, before being arrested. She was accused of inciting debauchery and human trafficking.

Al-Adham was immediately arrested along with three other unnamed women. Social media stars have been prosecuted for “violating family values ​​and principles by establishing and operating online accounts to commit this crime.” In addition to imprisonment, they were each fined 300,000 Egyptian pounds (around Rp 275,255,422)

  • Body Shaming Discrimination

Despite many years of campaigning and complaints, “body shaming” continues. Almost every beauty magazine, TV series, and social media app on the planet has spoiled it.

Now, TikTok is the newest platform that has been accused of mistreating its users because of their appearance. In March 2020, pop star Lizzo posted several videos of herself in swimsuits on the app. They were quickly removed. As an overweight black musician, Lizzo is no surprise that her appearance has been criticized.

The Michigan-born pop star quickly reciprocated, pointing to hypocrisy that her videos were removed when similar content was allowed from slimmer models. “TikTok is still making videos with me in bathing suits,” she explained to her observers, “but it does allow other movies with girls in swimsuits. I wonder why? TikTok… we need to talk”.

TikTok claimed that the videos were removed due to confusion over the principles of “sexual satisfaction”. They were later restored in full

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