5 Best and Scariest Horror Movie Recommendations You Must Watch

5 Best and Scariest Horror Movie Recommendations You Must Watch

5 Best and Scariest Horror Movie Recommendations You Must WatchAfter going through tiring daily routines, of course we need a support or additional activity that can make the body and mind relax, right?

For this additional activity, usually everyone will fill it with activities that each one likes, for example, such as doing sports activities, gathering and chatting with friends, or also watching movies.

When it comes to watching movies, of course this is an activity that everyone likes, where watching this film is one of the positive activities that can please the heart and mind simultaneously without the hassle of going out again when watching it at home.

5 Best and Scariest Horror Movie Recommendations You Must Watch

There are many movie genres that can be watched, including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Criminal, Drama, Science fiction, Horror, Musical, War and others. Even though there are many film genres, it turns out that the horror genre remains one of the most liked by people.

5 Best and Scariest Horror Movie Recommendations You Must Watch

Why does this horror film genre still have many fans, even though it’s creepy? From the survey conducted, it turns out that many of them are really scared when watching, but this horror genre film is able to make them always curious and interested in continuing to watch it.

Even this horror film genre also has positive effects that can affect our physical health, so it is indeed very good to make watching horror genre films increase energy in carrying out daily activities. And if you are looking for the best horror films that are creepy, then here is a 10 recommendation for a list of horror genre films that are guaranteed to give you goosebumps :

  • 1. Poltergeist

This Poltergeist film is one of the films that has a very creepy storyline, even this film has entered into the list of 20 of the creepiest films ever made.

This Poltergeist film tells of a family living in the suburbs of California, where one day their house is disturbed by a ghost who kidnaps their daughter.

  • 2. Insidious

The next horror genre film is Insidious. This film is one of the best-selling films in the whole world which was released in 2011 and was directed by a reliable director named James Wan.

his film tells the story of a family who recently moved into their new home with their three children. Of the three children, there is one child named Dalton who experienced a strange incident, namely his spirit came out of the body and then went to another world.

The thing that caused that to happen was that there was an evil spirit who was very strong with the aim of taking over the body of the child. Because they could not stand this incident, they also summoned a exorcist to cast out the evil spirit.

  • 3. The Exorcist

Exorcist is an American horror film that has been named the scariest horror film of all time. This film was adapted from a novel by William Peter Blatty in 1971 which has the same title, namely The Exorcist.

This film had the largest number of viewers or fans at its time, so it could reap a very fantastic profit of up to $ 440 million with a budget of only $ 10 million.

The Exorcist film is made based on the true story of a 12 year old girl who is possessed by an evil demon. Because the evil demon was too strong to possess this girl, then they have to call 2 pastors at once.

As information for you, that this film turned out to have a negative impact on real life that occurred during the shooting process, such as the shooting location suddenly caught fire, the crew experienced mass fainting, and several other incidents. Of the many strange incidents, the director called a priest to drive out evil spirits that interfere with their filming process.

  • 4. The Conjuring

Conjuring is a horror film from the United States produced in 2013 with the same director as the film Insidious, namely James Wan. This film is based on a mystical case experienced by the Perron family where he recently moved to his new home in Rhode Island.

Knowing that there are negative things that have happened to their new house, they finally call the pair of ghost exorcists to help expel the disturbing ghosts in their new home. The main character of the conflict that occurs in this film is the exorcist.

  • 5. IT

T is an American horror film made in 2017 directed by Andy Muschietti. First released, this film was immediately warmly welcomed by horror film lovers, and even became very popular on social media.

This IT film is based on a novel by one of the great writers named Stephen King. The story of this film tells the story of a creature that has the appearance of a clown who kidnaps children.

So, those are the five most creepy horror movie recommendations for you to watch. I guarantee 100% you will get a very impressive viewing experience from watching the horror films that I recommend.

Okay, because the recommendations that I shared are complete, then we will finish this meeting first. Thank you for reading and have fun watching!

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