Is Online Learning Is The Solution? Or Just Another Way To Disaster?

Is Online Learning Is The Solution? Or Just Another Way To Disaster?

Is Online Learning Is The Solution? Or Just Another Way To Disaster? – It almost 2 years since the pandemic engulf the world, but covid 19 spreading still going strong esspecially in some nations. Even cases in Indonesia have been dropped than last years, but the Indonesian gorvernment still take some precautionary measures to halt the virues.

To stop the disease spreading, education ministry of indonesia still doesn’t allow any school activity. That’s why remote learning is the only way for the student to get some education.

Is Online Learning Is The Solution? Or Just Another Way To Disaster?

One year into the COVID-19 outbreak, many still criticize remote education methods as they stand because it make students continue to struggle with the system. The teachers try to solve the lack of two way communication between them and students by giving a lot of task, but not only it doesnt solve anything, the pilling task is become a heavy weight for child’s mental health.

Is Online Learning Is The Solution? Or Just Another Way To Disaster?

While learning in school only takes around seven to ten hours, but in some cases of remote education students will have more than twelve hours to complete all task of the day. This heavy burden of learning take a toll not only on student’s energy but also on their mental health.

The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) already have recorded four deaths that it claims are associated with this online learning experience, although other factors is also contributed to the tragedies. A senior high school student in Tangerang, Banten, died after battling with depression, which according to her parent was the result of an overwhelming pressure from pilling school assignments. Similar cases were also reported in Tarakan, North Kalimantan and Gowa, South Sulawesi.

Another case in Lebak, Banten, involved a mother physically abusing her child. The abuse is the manifestation of mother who frustrate while teaching her child, tragically the seven years old boy passed away from this abuse.

As we can see, this online learning also put some stress on parents. Because they still have to replace the teacher and try to help in their children’s studies.

“Sometimes I grumble. Sometimes I get mad because she can’t seem to understand the material and gets distracted by gadgets,” said a mom when being interviewed by our team.

With only a few online classes to attend but a mountain of assignments to finish, this mother of three fears that her daughter will lost all interest in learning. The problem will be bigger if the parents is busy with their work, because they must share all their attention and time.

As the academic year will begin in July, a lot of people urge the ministry to open the school activity again this academic year. Not only bad on mental health for students and parents, some people also having some opinion that this remote learning will lower the quality of kids education.

Another solution that people suggest is to make a direct learning while maintain the heatlh protocol like social distancing and wearing mask while in the school. School also can split some students, so if in normal times students will be in school on monday thru saturday then we can split them to 2 groups of student who will attend on monday, wednesday, friday and some who attend on tuesday, thursday, saturday.

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