Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

The Web Browser wars have started again and to prove their standards and dominance, Microsoft is bringing in a new browser named “Edge”. Microsoft Edge is going to packaged as the default browser on Windows 10 operating system and it is said to be 112 times faster than Google Chrome.


About Microsoft Edge

It has proved it’s speed in JavaScript Benchmarks series conducted by Microsoft and is going to be an answer to Google Chrome and Apple Safari Browsers. Consumers can try out Edge once Microsoft launches the default browser along with Windows 10 on July 29th. One of the Browser’s main selling points is it’s collaboration with Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant or an answer to Apple’s Siri. It is also equipped with an intuitive option to mark webpages with suitable annotations.

However, Microsoft is not completely demolishing Internet Explorer and according to the reports, both Internet Explorer and Edge are going to co-exist in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge was initially developed under Project Spartan based on a layout engine developed as per the web standards. It uses a new layout engine known as EdgeHTML. It supports legacy MSHTML engine exclusively, but it don’t support ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects and instead of it, it uses an extensive system. It works on Microsoft’s online platforms like Cortana which provides voice control, search functions  and searches related to personalized information within the address bar. Check out the benchmark results below.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome Benchmark Results


  • Edge: 5438 (4% Better)
  • Chrome: 5160

SunSpider (Lesser the Better)

  • Edge: 619 (2 times Better)
  • Chrome: 1032

Browser Mark

  • Edge: 936
  • Chrome: 1557 (60% Better)

These are the test results conducted by In both Octane and SunSpider benchmark tests, Microsoft Edge proves to be faster. But it is definitely not 112 times faster as claimed by Microsoft. However, Google Chrome stands out to be the winner in Browser Mark tests.

People have been addicted to Google Chrome for many years due to it’s incredible speed and versatile features. Technology analysts claim that if Microsoft Edge has proves it’s claims, people would shift to Edge from Google Chrome inevitably.