Giant Asteroid going to hit the Earth in September 2015?

A shocking claim going viral online is that a Giant Asteroid will be going to hit the Earth in the month of September, between 15 and 28th this year. Is this going to happen really? What will be the consequences after the impact?. Lets look into the official reports of NASA.


Is a Giant Asteroid going to the face of the earth this year?

NASA in a press release, rubbishes these claims. There are no current preparations by NASA (National aeronautical and space administration) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Agency) to prevent the global disaster. NASA has presented it’s Hypothetical Asteroid Impact scenario, which emulates the scenario of Asteroid hitting the Earth. It is only intended for educational purposes and is completely fictional.

The team from NASA confirms that the news of asteroid hitting the earth in September is said to be fake or an internet prank and states that no such astronomical happening was charted until now. NASA knows of no asteroid currently on collision course with the Earth. It also predicts that there will be not be any major Asteroid collision in several hundred years to come.

Commenting on comet collisions, they might create great destruction. The impact will create huge tidal waves as well as high fires which creates smoke and other chemical gases in the atmosphere. This in turn blocks sunlight reaching earth which makes the plants and animals die leading to suffocation. It is believed that a big collision happened 65 millions years ago when comet hit the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The impact has almost wiped out all Dinosaur species and other animals existed on earth.

We urge the netizens not to share such fake claims on social media and create unnecessary panic. Although many are smart enough to Google whether the claims are real, a few people are always gullible.