A Toddler undergoes skull reconstruction surgery via 3D Printing

A three year old girl underwent the first entire skull reconstruction surgery via 3D printing technology in China. A three year old girl child named Han Han was subjected to a 17 hour long surgery performed at the Second People’s Hospital of Hun-an Province of China.

skull surgery

Entire skull reconstruction surgery using 3D technology

The girl experienced an unusual condition of having a ‘huge head’, four times bigger than a  normal head of a child. The procedure termed as ” whole brain shrinking plastic surgery” involved the placement of a titanium skull constructed by 3 D printing technology. Dr.Bro of the Second People’s Hospital in a report has clarified that, a CT scan showed  Han’s brain constituted 80% with infected fluids. He said that the infection from the head should be removed as the brain has large wound and the infected fluids from the brain should be drained.

Han was diagnosed with a head disorder as her head grew abnormal, when she was six months. The condition of head disorder was present by birth and the reason for this could be due to genetic changes in the fetus development stage. In this condition the cerebro spinal fluid accumulates in the brain and spinal chord making the brain ventricles to enlarge, filling them with fluids. Han’s head weight was more that her body’s half weight. She faced difficulties with carrying her head as she could not lift her head from the pillow. She had poor blood circulation to her head and this situation created further health related problems.

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Han’s father Chen Youzhi had to rely on donations in direct and through online to save his daughter Han from this unnatural situation. He collected an amount of USD 80,000 to pay for the surgery. A group of surgeons performed the 17 hour long surgery. The surgeons first peeled of the skin covering the skull and drain tubes were inserted into the head to suck out the excess fluid from the brain. Then inserted the 3D printed titanium skull into her head creating a new skull.

Doctor’s said that the first ever skull reconstruction surgery via 3D technology went successful. The girl child is kept in intensive care unit for careful monitoring. Han will recover soon within a few days and will lead a normal life like other children.