A new app helps recovering heart attack patients

A new app has been developed to help the patients recovering from a recent Heart attack. This app can facilitate faster recovery in heart patients.


A heart attack is a situation when oxygen-rich blood flow or pumping to a heart muscle gets blocked and the heart does not get enough oxygen. The heart muscle begins to die if the blood flow is not restored. The leading killer in the world among men and women is heart attack.  At present excellent treatments are available for heart attack, which can potentially be life savers. Heart attack treatment is given to a person when the symptoms of the disease are completely shown. They may also occur due to CHD (coronary heart disease). This is a condition when a waxy substance builds up inside the arteries. Accumulation of cholestrol causes blockage of the arteries. The blockage should be cleared soon in order for t he heart to survive. The symptoms of heart attack may vary from person to person.

It can help people effectively manage the problems associated with heart attack. Once a patient recovered from the first stroke, he  has to be very careful and requires ongoing support in preventing a second stroke. This is where the new app called Day by Bay, developed by Vida Health and AstraZeneca, works out.

The app has been set up for a beta program me at the Duke University and will help patients in recovery process. Day by Day app will help patients to follow the step by step process in recovery by using live digital coaches, videos articles and food habits which make the patient to understand and implement the changes in life style. This app also informs the patients about the type of medication they have to use in each stages of their situation. This app can play an important role in manipulating health life style by changing food habits, exercising the body, quit smoking and drinking.