Baahubali (Bahubali) Movie Review and Rating

There is an state-wide sensation for the release of Prabhas starrer, Bahubali : The Beginning. The hype maybe accounted to the high budget (250 Crores) of the film and also to the streak of continuous hits by S.S Rajamouli. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are filled with Baahubali news and information. Almost every film buff is waiting to either watch the film directory or check out Baahubali Review / Rating. Although the movie hasn’t been released yet (As of now), there is a fake review circulation on the internet.

baahubali review

Baahubali Movie Review by Kiaara Sandhu

Kiaara Sandhu is allegedly a member of the UAE film censor board and editor of Cinema Magazine UK & UAE. However, some sites have claimed that the profile is fake and is actually based from Pakistan. She began tweeting negatively regarding Baahubali review and even called it a ‘Disaster‘. This incident has stirred up a lot of controversy among the fans.

We have collected all these tweets and embedded them here:

In this tweet, Kiaara Sandhu claims that the movie is not worth even watching and gives a rating of 2/5.

Next, she tweets that the movie doesn’t have a star cast like Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu or Power Star and so is a disaster. It’s clearly evident  herethat the person behind this profile is clearly not a Film Censor board member.

This doesn’t even make sense.

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We haven’t updated Baahubali : The Beginning review as we haven’t watched it yet. But it is definitely not going to be a disaster in my opinion. Rajamouli never delivered a disaster in his career and such a high budget film is less likely to be the one to end his streak. So let’s wish the team all the best.