Vidya Balan to play the role of Charlie Chaplin

According to reports, the actress was invited for the inauguration of Chaplin exhibition in Mumbai city. The exhibition was organized by renowned film maker R.Sharath. She on inaugurating the exhibition, expressed her love towards Charlie Chaplin movies. She has finally got the change to play the role.

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Vidya Balan shows interest to play the role of Charlie Chaplin

The recent film buzz is that Vidya Balan is gearing up to act for the role of Charlie Chaplin in her upcoming movie. She said that she was inspired by Chaplin and is interested in playing the character of Charlie Chaplin in our films. The actress also tweeted that she loved the role of Chaplin, portrayed by Sridevi in Mr India.

Vidya Balan’s wish has finally come true. A Malayalam filmmaker R.Sharath has approached Vidya Balan for the role of Charlie Chaplin in a Hindi movie. Reports said that the actress has accepted the offer. However the story of the film does not deal with the life history of Chaplin and is just based on novels. Sharat expressed his idea of working with Vidya at the time of inaguration itself. Vidya is exicited and thrilled about the challenging role. Sharat said that he honored Chaplin and it’s been 100 years since Chaplin was seen onscreen. He adds that in his Malyalam Movie, an actor (Indran) plays the role of Chaplin, In Hindi, he is confident that Vidya Balan can perform this role. Also read about Chiranjeevi’s 150th film rumors.

In her recent movie Bobby Jassoos, she is seen in a variety of different roles and attracted the audience with her performance. We have to wait and see how the actor will perform as a Chaplin. Vidya Balan is known to be multi talented and capable of performing a variety of characters. She has won several awards and has bagged one national award, five filmfare awards and five screen awards. She married Siddharth Roy Kapoor, Producer and CEO of UTV motion pictures in 2012.