USPS Operations Suspended

As you all might already be aware, USPS Is the official postal network of United States of America. It houses and employs thousands of employees and has a huge fleet of vehicles to supplement it’s daily operations. USPS package tracking is one of the important aspect needed by daily users of it’s service.

USPS-trackingTo track your shipments, directly head over to and enter your 20-digit consignment number in the input field. You current package status will be displayed.

There are basically two types of mail services offered by the company. One is registered mail and the other is general mail. Registered mail is always accompanied with a consignment number, ability to track the status and in some cases. it is also insured. On the other hand, general mail doesn’t come with any kind of assurance. It is the butt of all post office jokes. In another shocking news, the US Post office delivered a love letter 50 years later.

USPS Operations Suspended

The postal service has shut down it’s services over the weekend midst extreme weather conditions prevailing in certain parts of the country. We have been experiencing heaving snowfall during the past few days of the week. To avoid hazardous conditions and damage to the shipments, the company has decided to halt it’s daily operations.

During this season, there is usually a spike in employee related accidents due to harsh weather. In another news release, United States postal services has requested the general population to clear the snow and ice bergs near their mailboxes.

Update: It has reinstated services in certain areas like Southern Pennsylvania, according to a press release by the company.