Two women gangraped and one killed in Malda District

Two women have been gang raped and one of them was killed by a group of four men in Malda District, West Bengal. One woman was killed when she tried to resist the offence. She was severely beaten up by the men when trying to resist and later succumbed to injuries.


Two women gang raped by four men

The incident happened on Monday. Both of the women were related to each other and were on their way to another relative’s home from Brahmangram village. They went chatting on their way when all of a sudden, four strangers approached them and abducted them to an abandoned place. The women were beaten up and agonized by the men. They were gang raped by all of them and when one women tried to object, she was beaten up severely to death. The other woman also was physically tortured after she became unconscious.

After the incident, the men escaped from the spot. The other woman gained memory after becoming conscious and she explained about the incident to her family members. Her Parents were worried and shocked on hearing the death news of the other woman. Their parents and villages informed the police, who retrieved the bod . The police inquired the villagers about the accused but none of them had witnessed them. Police said the the woman was beaten up severely while resisting the men and she succumbed to death. Four of the accused fled the spot . Police were deployed in main centers to capture the accused.

No arrests were reported at present, but the Police officials reported that they would catch the absconding criminals shortly. In another gruesome incident, a man raped and killed 15 children. Lets hope the government takes measures to increase security or by brutalizing punishments.