Taxi driver saves the lives of four people trapped in a car

A Taxi for Sure driver saved the lives of a family of four people, who were trapped in car while travelling underpass in Bhopal. He became a local hero after his brave act.

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Taxi Driver saves the day

Torrential rains have been down pouring since a few days in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. People have been facing tragic moments due to continuous rainfall in the town. Many areas were submerged under water creating havoc. A family travelling in a car met with an incident in which they could have lost their lives. They got trapped underpass in a water logged area.

The family was travelling in a Chevrolet Tavera, when they had to traverse through the heavily flooded Habibganj underpass when the situation turned to become deadly. Water started gushing into the car almost drowning the car. The family got trapped inside and they awaited help for rescue. Pradeep Suryavamshi, a taxi for sure driver noticed the family members screaming for help from the Chevrolet Tavera car.  Understanding the situation and with no body trying to help them, he daringly came forward  to save their lives. He came out of the car and rushed to the support of the family.

He broke the rear window of Chevrolet with a hammer and pulled out the trapped, one by one and  assisted them to their house in his cab. Torrential rains created devastation in Pradeep Suryavamshi’s life. In a report he agonizedthat he lost his house, household things and means of livelihood. He survived as a farmer when rains brought disaster to him as his crops submerged under water. After that, he had to struggle a lot to look after his family. He worked for daily wages to earn bread for his family. Recently, he came to know about the vacancy of drivers in Taxi for Sure to run longer distances.