Soil emits fire and poisonous gases in Anekal

Anekal is a small town in Bangalore Urban district which lies close to Tamil Nadu border. Villagers of  Laxmipura village in Anekal Taluk witnessed stagnated rain water boiling and soil emitting fire. People have also witnessed the evolving of gases from beneath the ground, since Monday morning. The villagers complain of huge waste disposal in a stone quarry located at the boundaries of the village.


Soil emits fire and poisonous gases in Anekal

In a statement, the Officials from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) said that bubbles were found evolving in the 7.5 acre stone quarry. A layer of mud was placed on the bubbles to cover that area. Methane gas formation was to due the decomposition of garbage under the soil. This gas seeped through the soil and spread every where in the village evolving soil fires and boiling stagnated water. People unaware of the dangerous impacts of the gas evolved are cooking food on the fire evolved.

A fire evolved on Monday morning created panic among the villagers. The villagers began to cook food, boil milk in the open ground just by igniting the ground with a match box. The villagers pointed out the BBMP’s lack of concern with the garbage issue. The villagers complained that gas and fire evolved was due to BBMPs lack of knowledge in waste treatment. villagers added that garbage from the city is brought to the quarry and dumped in huge quantities since three and half years.

The chairman of Mantapa Gram Panchayat, Naveen told the media that villagers are facing several health related problems. People have been complaining of skin problems and other infection related with water contamination. The Methane gas has caused underground water contamination and the temperatures have been rising since the past six months. Authorities are now trying to manage the situation by inserting steel rods into the garbage pouring microbiological solution as it dissolves the garbage. Measures have been taken to plant around 3000 trees in this area.