Nine year girl dies after getting punished for home work

A nine year old girl died after being punished severely by a school teacher in Karimnagar, allegedly for not doing her Home work. This incident happened on Thursday in Huzurabad, Kareemnagar district. The girl was commanded to kneel down for more than two hours for not doing her home work.

teacher and nine year old

A nine year old girl child dies due to punishment

The girl could not withstand the situation as she experienced severe pain on the knees and fell down unconscious in the class room. The girl on reaching home became sick and was bedridden. She did not posses energy to even stand up. Witnessing the situation of the girl, her parents father K Sammaiah and mother Rama rushed her to the Hospital immediately. The girl’s body resisted treatment and she died in the Hospital. The doctor said the sudden death of the girl child was due to blood getting clotted at the knees brought her to this extend.

The Angry parents took the girl’s body and placed it in front of the school and demanded justice. They wanted the police to file a case against the teacher and School Management. The enraged villagers and the Student Union leaders damaged the furniture and accessories in the private school. The situation led to tension in the town and the police has increased the security. Huzurabad Police in a report said that, Kolipaka Ashrita, a 9 year old girl studying 5th class in Vivek Vardhini Model Pvt School was punished by the Mathematics teacher for not doing her homework. She was ordered to kneel down for more than two hours which created blood clot in her knees.

She fainted and fell unconscious as she could not overcome the situation. Her parents admitted her to MGM hospital in Warangal and she was discharged on Wednesday night. On reaching home, she developed complications which made her parents rush to MGM hospital again in the night. Ashrita died on Thursday morning while undergoing  the treatment. The Child Rights Unioun has demanded to cancel the recognition of the school and a compensation to be given to the child’s parents.