Mysterious village in Kazhakastan with Sleeping sickness

This is a true incident related to the natives of a village in Kazakhstan. People fall asleep for hours and hours and they do not remember the incidents happened before the sleep. People in this village spontaneously fall asleep for a long periods of time without being drunk . Even small children and pets are falling prey to this strange disease.


Villagers fall asleep for hours and experience memory loss

This Peculiar disease is termed as “sleeping sickness”. The Scientists and Government officials are still confused and yet to discover the cause of the disease . Some scientist estimate the disease could be a result of high radiation in the village, while others doubt toxic gases like carbon monoxide and radon presence in the air. Such gases are toxic to human health. The villagers assume that the sickness was caused due to some kind of gases spread out from an abandoned Soviet Uranium Mine near the Village, called the Krasnogorskiy Mine.

The reports from Kazhakastan Government implies that the reason behind “Sleeping Sickness” seems to be underneath in the Uranium Mines. The Deputy Prime Minister Berdibek Saparabaev said that scientists have reported high amounts of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons expelled out from the Uranium Mines which can cause sleeping sickness. High amounts of Carbon Monoxide is being formed beneath the closed Uranium mines. Due to the emulsion of such gases into the air, the level of oxygen in the  air is reduced and this might be the reason of sleeping sickness and related symptoms. However, scientists have not confirmed the actual reason behind the disease.

It is believed that the sickness hit the village in March, 2013. Adults, children and pets mysteriously fall asleep in daytime even while working. They tend to sleep for hours and hours. Nearly half of the village population was affected. Other symptoms experienced by the villagers were dizziness, sever headache, nausea and memory loss. One villager said that his pet cat behaved foolishly, as it fell asleep right in the morning and snored like a human being. It only woke up in the evening.  Government tried to shift some people to other regions, but most of the villagers were not ready to leave their property and means of livelihood.