Live in relationship acceptable in India says Supreme Court

According to the Supreme Court of  India, Live in relationships are now acceptable in India. Earlier the Apex court ruled out that living in relationship in India is not a crime but has some implications. It has been accepted for the first time in India by the Supreme court.

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Live in relation is an acceptable norm in the Society

On Thursday, the Supreme Court has removed disgrace associated with living together saying that it is an acceptable norm in the society. The society has accepted the relation and does not attract any legal action. The judges commented on whether there would be a decline in his or her reputation when the relationship is exposed. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, responding to the issue said that the Public need not look into the personal life of a man/woman as it serves no public interest.

He added that in an interesting observation, on the hearing of the petition filed by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi requested the Supreme court to treat a person illegal a person who bring disreputableness. He adds that in the present world, a defaming  word about a person is spread through social media very fast. So, its necessary to impose punishment for defamation. In 2013, the Supreme Court issued that if a man and a woman is living together without marriage, they are assumed to be married and the woman has the right over his property after his death.

Recently a movie titled OK Bangaram has been promoting live-in relationships among youngsters. The film was awarded an U/A certificate and was released after many controversies. The film has been a success as the story line has attracted youth and middle aged people. However, some activists complained that they were misleading the youth. But, we have to accept the fact that youth are broadminded these days. They have the sense of deciding what is right or what is wrong .