Human trafficking racket busted at Delhi Airport.

Police busted a human trafficking racket at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The police has arrested two Air-India staff in connection with this racket. Seven Nepalese girls were taken into custody by the Police. These girls were once arrested earlier at the airport for submitting fake documents. In a Police investigation, it has been revealed that they were forcefully sent to Dubai for flesh trade.

human traffiking

Seven Nepalese girls arrested for submitting forged document at the Immigration.

Two Air India employees Kapil kumar of Meerut (UP) and Manish kumar of Lucknow (UP) have been arrested in connection with the racket. These employees issued boarding pass to the Napalese girls without checking proper documents. The (CISF) Central Industrial Security Force Official has arrested four Nepalese girls on Tuesday morning and three other Nepalese girls on Monday night for submitting forged documents at immigration.

The Nepalese girls arrived from Ahmadabad in domestic flight and intended to Dubai on Air India flight. Four of the girls were arrested at terminal three. Three of them were arrested after the girls in custody revealed about the others. The girls came to Delhi from Ahmedabad by Flight AI 011 and tried to cheat the Immigration officers. They were issued boarding passes for Air-India flight AI 995 bound for Dubai. An Immigration Officer Hemander Singh said that during the Immigration check, the girls submitted forged documents. They cheated the officers and were handed over to the police for further action.

The girls who arrived from Ahmadabad, were issued boarding passes at the International transfer counter. They tried to mislead them by lying that were coming from Kathmandu. Police Investigation revealed that the girls were brought by road ways into India. They were put up at Ahmadabad for the flesh trade until the forged documents were prepared. Later on their journey was organized by one person named Raju with the help of  Air- India employees who were arrested.