Hema Malini Expresses Sorrow over Child’s Death in Accident

hema accidentBollywood’s Dream girl , veteran actress and Barathiya Janatha Party, Member of Parilament Mrs.Hemamalini is in tough times as she met with an accident on Thursday. She is deeply in sorrow for the child Sonam, whose death occurred in this accident and four of the family members who were seriously injured.

The accident happened on Wednesday night when Hemamalini’s Benz car rammed into an Maruthi Alto car, which was coming in the opposite direction at the place near Dausa ( 50km from Jaipur), killing a two year old girl child and leaving four family members seriously injured. Hemamalini was also seriously injured in this accident. The actress in a media conference has expressed deep sorrow for the death of the child and prayed to god for the speedy recovery of the other family members injured in the accident.

MP Hema Malini Expresses Sorrow over Childs death

People across India wished and prayed for the recovery of the family and condoled the death of the child in social media. While on the other hand, the family members of Sonam accused the administration for only paying attention to the injured VIP, leaving others injured behind. Sonam’s father Hanuman Khandelwal (31), his wife Shikha (26), son Somil (4) and sister-in-law Seema (45) also suffered serious injuries in the accident . Media reports also confirm that Mrs.Hemamalini was admitted to famous private hospital in Rajastan while the other victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The Angry family members said the if better treatment was given to their child immediately after the accident, her life could be saved. Ramesh Chand Thakur who was driving the MP’s car was arrested at Kotwali,Thana.

Rajiv gupta, a relative of Khandelwal said to the media that two types of treatment was given to the victims of the same accident. Hemamalini was taken to the Fortis Hospital, and our family members were taken to Sawan Man Singh hospital where there was delay in treatment. He also added that Hanuman is the solo earner of the family. He may take 6 to 8 month for his recovery so the Government should provide compensation to their family. Mrs.Hemamalini also promised financial support to the accident victims. Sunita Koolwal also expressed her sentiment for the treatment provided for the family victims.

We Hope for the speed recovery of Mrs Hemamalini and the four family members and pray for it. But, this incident clearly reflects the treatment of VIPs in our society and how the so-called people’s servants enjoy privileged position in the country.