Fire accident at Gokavaram Bus stand in Rajahmundry

Fire erupted at Gokavaram Bus stand and caused significant damage. It is suspected to be caused by the gas leakage from a cylinder in a nearby hotel .


A blaze out was witnessed by Puhkara pilgrims who were heading towards the ghats

Five people were injured and three police vehicles, one auto were completely destroyed in a fire accident which broke out on Wednesday evening. Few motor cycles were also partially damaged in the fire. The incident happened at 8 pm in a small hotel named Jagadamba, located at the Gokavaram Bus stand, Rajahmundry. The hotel and the premises were crowded with pilgrims heading towards Pushkara ghat. Fire spread out to the neighboring shops and vehicles within minutes. Among the five people injured, one person is affected seriously. The transformer was also subjected to flames and this led the area into darkness.

The police said that, Fire tenders approached the spot in time as the Fire station was located in Aryapuram, 100m distance away from the spot of accident. They ceased the fire immediately from causing more damage. He said that the blaze out resulted from a gas cylinder leakage inside the hotel. It is fortunate that fire fighters were able to reach the spot in time.

AP CM was in Rajahmundry at the time of the accident.  He was on his way to the Arts College Ground for a cultural programme when he received the news. A P Cheif Minister N.Chandrababu naidu  and DGP J V Ramudu reached the spot immediately and monitored the relief operations. Mr Naidu asked the people not to worry and remain calm. He insisted the officials to make sure the injured get medical support immediately. This is another fateful incident towards the end of Godavari Pushkaralu, after the massive stampede on the first day which killed around 30 devotees.