Engineer saves thousands from a Dam disaster

An Engineer saved the lives of thousands of villages by preventing the overflow of a dam caused due to torrential rains. The Engineer impetuously blocked the rift on the wall by manual sealing.


Vekri dam overflow due to heavy rains brings threat to the nearby Villages

The incident happened in Gondal Taluka of Rajkot district in Gujarat. The area was exposed to heavy rainfall since few days and it recorded 338 mm rainfall. The Vekri dam received an increased inflow of water more than its capacity causing danger to the nearby villages. The dam started overflowing due to excess water flowing in creating a big threat of drowning to the nearby villages Padvala and Charkhadi.

The officials witnessed the overflowing dam on site and reported to the Engineer Harshad Bhimani. The Engineer monitored the situation. The two villages would drown within half an hour creating huge disaster. On reaching the site, he witnessed that the protection wall is being damaged due to the force of the water. He started thinking of the plans possible to block the water. The water started leaking outwards through the gaps between the wall. He immediately ordered for a load of cement bags from the cement factory.

Within a short period of time the cement bags were delivered at the spot. All the villagers and officials including Bhimani started blocking the damaged protection wall with cement bags. 465 cement bags were piled up along the border of the protection wall. All of them worked for three hours in piling up the cement bags blocking the wall . This in turn stopped the water flow outwards stopping the disaster to happen. The Engineer Bhimani’s fast decision saved the lives of more than five thousands of people from the villages. The villagers praised Bhimani and thanked him for his support and immediate action.