Daughter molested and father burnt alive in UP

A farmer was set ablaze by three local residents when he complained to the police about molesting her daughter in Unnao district, 50 km from Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow.


Ram Sevawas set ablaze by three resident of Unnao

On Sunday evening , Ram Sevak was set ablaze by three residents Pappu, Kalicharan and Fatte. The incident happened on July 19th evening under a mango tree near Sevak’s house. The victim was taken to the Kanpur hospital but he passed away due to heavy burns on the body . The burnt clothes of Sevak were spotted beneath the tree. The victim’s wife Asha blamed the police for their delayed action against her complaint. She said that Sevak could have been saved if the police have acted in time. Asha said that the couple have previously lodged a complaint against Pappu and Kalicharan regarding molestation of their daughter with the IG and Police Commissioner.

According to Asha, the dispute started from April this year, when their buffalo entered into Kailash’s field by mistake. Kailash was a retired Bank Manager. Kailash’s sons Pappu and Kalicharan beat Sevak and his wife severly. The couple lodged a complaint with the police regarding this issue and this lead to rage between the families. She adds that the Police have been neglecting them since the first complaint. Ram Sevak’s daughter said that Kailash’s son Pappu tried to molest her when she was at the fields. She screamed and gathered the villagers to escape from the spot.

Unnao MP, Sakshi Maharaja in a report, said that the law and order situation is worst in the region and people had no protection from crimes. According to the Police, they have registered a case of attempt to murder against the three youth. Three of them are found to be absconding from the village.