Cricket betting racket arrested in Hyderabad

Police arrested a group of 13 people, who were connected with a Cricket betting racket within four states.

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A Cricket betting racket busted out by the Police in Hyderabad

Police raided the house of a Cricket betting racket and took 13 people in custody, who were linked with the betting racket team of other states. It is believed that this network is based in four states. Hyderabad Police Commissioner M. Mahender Reddy in a report said that, we organized a raid in three different places on Tuesday, when the Bangladesh and South Africa test match was being played. He said that they have arrested the people involved in the betting racket, spread among four states Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Haryana and Rajastan.

The Police have captured an amount of Rs.26.5 lacks and several Telecom equipments. The Telecom devices included four line boxes with CDMA cell phones, nine land phones, six laptops, three TV sets and 36 cell phones.The Police Commissioner said that the leader of this cricket betting racket is Nikku Bhai. The group was well ordered by by Nikku. He had several agents in this network to trace out the people associated with financial betting. Nikku involved in betting through his agents and stakers with provided phone connections to share the current betting rates to the agents in other states. The betting rates change every ten overs.

The racket includes seven people who were organized under monthly salary basis. They operated through phone contacts from Rajastan, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh. They received phone calls and informed the current betting rates to the stakers, assisting Nikku bhai on the days when the cricket match is being played.The Police Officials have register three cases against the cricket betting racket in Hyderabad. They said that the racket has been involved in betting since six month. They are confident in capturing the others involved in the racket.