Cops search for a missing bomb on Railway tracks

9 Mortar bombs were found lying along the railway tracks near Shahbad Railway station in Kurukshetra district of Haryana. Rail traffic was temporarily stopped immediately and massive search operations were conducted along railway track in the area by Security Department.

bomb search

Nine Mortar bombs recovered by Security forces on railway tracks in Haryana

Nine 51 mm mortar bombs were found in the search operation initiated by the security forces. An ammunition box was also found besides the bombs. In fact, the box contains placeholders ten mortar bombs whereas only nine bombs were recovered and one was still missing. The missing bomb raised concerns among the police officials and spun several questions like whether it was used up or if there are any potential threats by that bomb.  However, it is now revealed the bombs are impotent to explode.

According to the Superintendent of the Police Simardeep, the bombs recovered were high grade explosives and are often used by the Army and Paramilitary forces . He adds that the bombs were taken under custody of Ambala contonment. He also said that there was no threat of accident as the bombs needed mortar to explote. A villager from Shahbad had found an explosive on the railway track and rushed to the Police. A case has been registered against unknown persons under the provisions of explosive substances act. He added that the GRP was doing an intensified search in finding out the missing bomb.

The box of mortar bomb could have been accidentally fallen down from a moving train and this could be the reason of bombs scattering near the railway track. He said that the bombs bore the stamp of defense ordnance factory at Pune in Maharashtra. More than a dozen trains including the Jan Shatabdi express were stopped in the Delhi-Ambala route due to the bomb threat. Later the trains resumed their services.