Child Rescue Kiosk opened at Sealdah Railway Station

Child Rescue Kiosk opened at Sealdah Sailway Station in West Bengal recently. This station is termed child friendly as it helps children from getting trafficked. The railway station has also opened two shelter homes for children who were rescued, which is  adjacent to the railway station.

child resuce kiosks

Sealdah Railway Station declared as the first child friendly station

Dr Shashi Panja, Women and Social Welfare and Child Development Minister inaugurated the Railway child line kiosk in Sealdah station, West Bengal. She said tjat the NGO is supposed to look after the shelter homes. The NGO will be funded by the Government. She added that 50 children at a time can be given shelter in the two shelter homes respectively. The CINI (Children in Need Institute) and the railways in a combined operation has opened the Kiosk. The Kiosk will help in pursuing the trafficked children and rescue them. The kiosk will also function in searching of the missing or runaway children and return them to their parents or guardians.

The public can lodge complaint regarding their trafficked or missing children at the Kiosk. The RPF and the CINI staff will keep a watch in and around the station, round the clock to ensure the safety of the children. An official at the CINI said that the Railway staff and the police will be given a counselling on child safety. The Government of West Bengal assured a fund of Rs.20 lacks each year for the operations of the kiosk and shelter homes. Dr Panja, in a meeting said that for the first time the Indian railways launched a child rescue kiosk at Sealdah Railway station.

She said another three kiosks will be opened at three more railway stations in the state. She added that the Indian Railways plans to operate another 20 child rescue kiosks in 20 main stations of the country. She said that the basic facilities like food, shelter, and education will be provided to the children.