Auto driver turns pilot : An inspirational story

It has been proved many times before that Nothing is impossible in life if we work hard and have strong determination to achieve our goals. There are many success stories that we witness daily, but this story of Shrikanth Pantawane’s journey from an auto driver to a airline pilot is truly inspiring and fascinating. Let’s go into the details on how he achieved his goal against all odds.

Auto driver turns Pilot

Story of the Auto Driver who turned into a Pilot

Shrikanth Pantawane was born in a poor family in Nagpur. His father used to work as security guard in a private company and his economical background forced Shrikanth Pantawane to start earning while he was young. So he took a part-time career as a delivery boy. To meet booth ends meet, he also started driving an auto-rickshaw. He never stopped studying while doing these jobs.

His enthusiasm and interest made him to search for better career options. He came to know that to become a pilot, Indian Air Force is not the only way. There are  other ways too. He came to know about Pilot scholarship program offered by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation). He aimed to get the scholarship and he planned for it while studying inter, As per his ambition, he got Scholarship from Flying School in Madhya Pradesh.There he faced a little trouble as he is not fluent in English. He eventually got overcame through determination,.

After completion of training, he got a commercial pilot licence, but he had to wait sometime as the Airline Industry was facing hurdles at that time. However, he has not step back and kept on trying. His financial conditions led him to work as an eecutive in a corporate office. Fortunately, he has received a call letter from Indigo Airlines to join as a pilot in their company.

His Journey towards becoming a pilot was not achieved in a day. He has developed his abilities while facing hurdles economically and socially. His enthusiasm and interest are the primary reasons behind his success. Everyone has dreams but only the ones who work hard with spirit and determination achieve them.