9 cops charged for killing Manoj Vashisht in a fake encounter

Nine Police men have been booked by the Police Officials for killing Manoj Vashisht in a Fake Encounter.

9 cops

Nine Cops kill Manoj Vashisht at a Restaurant in Central Delhi

Reports confirm that nine cope broke out fire in a restaurant against Manoj Vashisht in a Fake Encounter, in Central Delhi. As per the Police officials, Manoj Vashisht was involved in several cases of cheating people. He was a proclaimed offender, but he had no cases of crimes like murder, rape, robbery etc. Even then, the Police wing which deals with anti terrorism instructed to trace Manoj Vashisht. Manoj’s Facebook profile confirms that he is not hiding. His family alleged that Manoj was innocent and this happens to be a fake encounter.

Manoj’s  family said that he was a social worker and was indulged in many kinds of social activities. His Facebook profile updated last month contains pictures of him attending social functions, some addressing to a gathering, some with politicians like UP CM Akhilesh Yadav, Union minister Nitin Gadkari and BJP MP Udit Raj. There is currently no answer for how he was associated with them, which remains a question mark to the Police Department. BJP MP Udit Raj said that he had met him once at the residence of a religious guru in Mumbai. He was one of his followers and he also said that he had no other information regarding him. Manoj’s wife, Priyanka, a Zilla Parishad member from Bhagpath UP said that her husband ran an NGO, Deshbhakthi Rana Trust which worked to benefit of the poor people. She said that the NGO had conducted mass weddings of poor girls.

Police relating to the encounter claimed that Manoj was equipped with a pistol, which he used in firing at them. When he was asked to surrender the pistol to them, he opened fire targeting an inspector, resulting the inspector open firing against Manoj to defend himself. The Police also said that the firing took place amidst of large crowd, so there were no chances of fowl play in this incident. Detailing Manoj’s cases, Police said that he had set up four companies under the RCS group with its office registered at Barakhamba road and Tilak Nagar. Four cases were charged against him in Delhi where as other cases have been charged in Chandigarh and Haryana. He was booked for the case of duping people by promising them to sell the flats which the company did not construct.

According to the Police Officials, an FIR has been filed against the Nine cops based on the complaint of Anil Vashisht, the brother of deceased at Baghpat Police Station.