7 year old boy gun fires at his sister

A seven year old brother accidentally kills his own sister using a gun in Washington DC. The deceased child Dalia Cox was admitted to a hospital in Washington DC while she died undergoing surgery.



Dalia cox killed by her brother accidentally while playing with a loaded gun

The shocking incident occurred in Washington DC in a home, when the brother was playing with a loaded gun taken from a bag. He pulled the trigger unknowing that it was loaded. The bullet targeted his own sister Dalia Cox who died in the hospital. This incident occurred at 8.30 pm Wednesday at the Benning Terrace apartment complex in Southeast Washington. The girl was immediately taken to Prince George Hospital in a serious condition. The doctors tried to save her life by performing a surgery in removing the bullet. Unfortunately Dalia could not overcome the situation. She died in the Operation theater.

Police investigation revealed that Dalia Cox was killed by 7 year old boy with a loaded gun found from a bag. The children’s father said that his kids aged 7 and 3 were staying with their mother at Benning Terrace apartment complex when Dalia was shot. The forty eight year old man said that he visited his children in the apartment just before the incident happened. He added that he usually spend time with the children after working hours. Dalia was about to come with him when he started to return from the apartment. The baby girl was told that she will be taken out another day by her father.

According to the family relatives they said that the boy is in a confused state of mind, he does not understand what has happened actually with his sister. He admits that he  pulled the trigger unknowingly that the gun was loaded.

Investigation reports confirm that the gun belonged to her parents. No cases were registered against the seven year old in regard with accident up to date.