63 year old woman beheaded in Assam for ‘Witchcraft’

In a weird incident, a 63 year old woman who was labelled as a Witch, was stripped and beheaded in broad day light by a mob in Bhimajuli Village of Assam’s Sonitpur district. The mob acted on instructions given by another woman aged 35, who claimed herself as a Goddess.


A 63 year old woman, mother of five children was beheaded in Assam

A 63 year old woman named Orang, mother of five children was dragged outside her home to a nearby pool. She was stripped and beheaded by a large crowd of people . Most of the people in Orang’s village belonged to Karbi Tribe and some of people belonged to Santhal Tribe.

Anima Ronghanti, 35 who claims to be the Goddess of the Village asked the people to gather near the temple. Addressing the gathering, she said that there was a Tribal woman named Orang in the village and she is supposed to be a Witch and the village would face disaster in her existence.  In response to her instructions,  people of the village rushed to Orang’s house, pulled out the woman and accused her to be witch. They also accused that because of her presence, villagers are falling sick. She was then brought near the pool and the mob stripped her clothes and beheaded her in broad day light.

Police said that they arrested seven people from the mob.  Anima Ronghanti, her husband, her elder sister and four other people were also arrested in connection with the murder. The strange incident happened when the Assam Government was considering deeply on an Anti Witch hunt law in the state. The state has recorded more than a hundred female deaths related with witch hunt. The Death of Orang was the fifth case of witch hunt in that area. The Police said that they have established extra security forces in the case the mob react.

Witch Hunt is prevailing in the remote places of India due to lack of education and superstitions. A similar incident occurred, when a man was burnt alive.