500 Rupee notes raining at Banke Bihari Temple

Five hundred rupee notes rained down in Vrindhavan instead of water. People gathered in large numbers to pick up these notes. This incident happened when a monkey snatch a lady’s handbag.


Monkey showers 500 rupee notes snatched from a lady’s handbag

People were lucky enough to collect the 500 rupee notes showered by a monkey at Bakne Bihari Temple, Vrindhavan. The incident happened when the monkey grabbed and ran away with the handbag, belonging to a devotee from Mumbai. The bag reportedly contained 1.5 lakh rupees all of 500 rupees in denomination.

The monkey grabbed the handbag of 50-year-old Hemvati Sonkar from Borvili, Mumbai. According to the lady,  she was accompanied by her husband and two daughters in a religious trip to Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan. Their travel plan was to board the flight on Sunday and head back to Mumbai. After visiting temples in Mathura and Agra, they stopped at Vrindhavan to visit the temple and pay their respects on Saturday Afternoon. The temple was closed at noon just before the family paid respects to God. They were interested to do small shopping in a road side shop opposite Bakne Bihari Temple. A big monkey came down from a tree and grabbed her handbag which contained 1.5 lakh rupees all of 500 rupee notes. The monkey ran to the top of a shop, unzipped the bag and took out the bundle of 500 rupee notes. It then unfolded the bundle and started showering the notes in the air, which was noticed by nearby people.

Once people noticed the downpour of the 500 rupee notes, people including beggars, shopkeepers and young boys indulged themselves in picking up the notes. One of the lady’s daughters lost her costly Mobile phone when she bent to pick up the notes among the crowd. Somebody among the youth pickpocketed her mobile phone. Staff working at the temple said that some people even picked upto 3000rs. The shopkeepers and vendors were taking rest at that time. They tried attracting the monkey with some fruits. Unfortunately, there were no eatables available at that time as it was resting time for the business people and vendors. The family left Vrindavan in melancholy.

Police Inspector Sanjay Jaiswal said that he was informed about the incident and he could do nothing without anybody complaining about the incident.