13 Year old school girl’s letter reveals shocking facts

A teenage girl wrote a letter to the school teacher requesting to save from her father who raped her, while her mother witnessed the act without helping her.

13 Year School girl writes a letter to the school

A 13 year old Navi Mumbai school girl’s letter has created fear among the school staff. The letter mentioned about the sexual abuse by her father since she was aged seven. Her mother in spite of helping her, witnessed the act. The teacher approached an NGO with the letter to help the girl. The letter read “My father raped me and my mother did not help me”. The NGO filed a case with Vashi Police Station and an FIR was registered on Monday morning against both of the parents.

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According to the Vashi Police, they said that the 13 year old girl’s father was a fruit vendor, aged 45. The girl has an elder sister, elder brother, and two younger brothers also. The girl informed them that her father raped her in front of her mother. After that her mother would give her some pills. The father was raping her since she was seven years old. The police added, that her mother did not do anything to help the girl from being raped. The pills given to her were those to stop pregnancy. Her father attempted the rape when the other children were not present at home. She also informed her elder sister who was seventeen years old about the rape. On interrogating her, she said that she was also a victim of rape by her father. She complained about the incident to the neighbors but they did not support her. She did not have the courage to complain to the police.

The police on questioning the mother, denied her daughters complaint.  The woman responded that she knew about the sexual abuse only a few days before. She said that she admonished her husband and instructed  him to keep away from the girl. Police reports confirm the arrest of both the parents and they have been charged of cases under section 376 and 5(L)(N) related with the protection of children from sexual offenses (POCSO). They will be produced at thane court.