Jadugadu Movie Review and Rating

jadugadu reviewOur Rating2.5/5

Producer – V.V.N .Prasad

Director – Yogie

Music – Sagar Mahathi

Lead Star Cast– Naga Shourya, Sonarika Bhadoria (Debut), Ashish Vidyardhi and Ajay

Naga Shourya, who been cast in romantic roles till now, has arrived with a thriller entertainer this week. It has been released on June 26,2015. Let’s see how the movie fares.


Krishna (Naga Shourya) is a money freak and wants to settle well in his life. So he comes to Hyderabad and joins as a loan recovery agent and he joins hands with Srisailam (Zakeer Hussain), who is the right hand of Jadeesh Naidu (Central Minister), a cruel politician. By his working nature, Krishna becomes a crucial member of the gang.

Krishna falls in love with Parvarthi (Sonarika Bhadoria), whose ambition is to go to Dubai and settle there. She persuades Krishna to go to Dubai and share his life with her. At the same time, Srisailam and Jadeesh Naidu assigns a task to Krishna without revealing the full details.

Questions like How Krishna overcomes the trap and does his love affair succeed? What are the consequences? forms the rest of the story.

Jadugadu Plus Points

Naga Shourya’s energetic performance is a major plus point  to the film. His body language suited his role perfectly. His mature performance in climax is appreciable. Sonarika added glamour to the film which attracts youth, but fails to give proper expressions. The last half an hour (Climax) is shot well and the twists are well revealed preceding the climax. Srinvas Reddy and Prudhvi  bring a few laughs and those scenes are well executed. Kota Srinivasrao, Jakker Hussain, and Ashish Vidyarthi did justice to their roles.

Jadugadu Minus Points

The length of the film (150 minutes) is somewhat uneasy to spare such long time in this busy world.Few unnecessary characters spoiled the plot and increased the length of the film. Director Yogie failed to use Saptagiri as a key comedian. Though Yogie crafted hero characterization well in the first half, it lacks tempo in the second half. Many scenes lack logic and are easily predictable.


The thrilling storyline is accompanied by a boring and irritable screenplay. Though the first half is executed well, Naga Shourya’s character in second half lacks tempo in the second half. Though Naga Shourya put in all his efforts, Director’s predictable narration spoiled the plot.

Debutante Music director, Sagar Mahati composed melodious tunes and are well executed. His background score added flavor to the movie theme. Cinematography is good and his talent is well evidenced in the songs.