A Planet Earth Look Alike Found

NASA has discovered a planet Earth look alike and named it ‘Kepler 452b’. The new planet termed as the “older cousin” to earth and is located 1400 light years away from our planet.

exo planet

About Kepler 45b

Kepler 452 b is estimated to be 6 times bigger than Earth. This planet was found in the habitat zone of a sun-like star, far beyond our solar system. Scientists of Northern California are trying to study the possibility of extra terrestrial life with the help of radio signals. It was difficult to find out the mass and density of the planet. Researchers assume the planet to be of watery, gassy or a rocky surface. They confirm that Kepler 452 b will be the closest look-alike of Earth.

The discoverers of the planet and NASA officials said that the Planet orbits its Sun once every three hundred and eighty five day. The planet orbits in a habitable zone around the star where liquid water is said to abundant to the planet surface. The presence of water indicates the evolution  of life on the planet. So it is assumed that life can exist on Kepler 452b.

SETI (Search for extra terrestrial intelligence) institute are searching for alien signals from the planet. They are using the Allen Telescope Array kept fixed in the Cascade mountains of California to observe the planet and search signals from the planet but no result is found till date. According to Shostak (Senior Astronomer), there are three possible ways to know whether life exists on the planet. The first way is to go there and look for life just as exploring Mars and other planets. This was quite challenging because Kepler is 1400 light years away. The second way is to build a suitable telescope which could analyse the light bouncing from the surface. The third way is to look out for signals.