• http://twitter.com/RandPaulReview Rand Paul Review

    I still have tremendous faith in Rand Paul. He’s offered up great bills on hemp, raw milk, and drones – just in the past week! This guy is still the future of the liberty r3volution! :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

      Yeah, that vote for sanctions was a great win for liberty.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23117712 Luke Evancoe

      you are speaking common sense. I hope, as an admin for your page, you can translate this to Liberty fans. Too many are jumping ship because things are not black and white. We knew that would be the ways things became though. People should embrace this new strategy which is gradual and completely win-able.

    • JeenyusCorner

      pt. 1- http://wp.me/p1MMmo-rA
      and when you’re done with that….
      pt. 2- http://wp.me/p1MMmo-wJ
      if you like them, share them, spread the word!!!! THIS IS NOT OVER YET!!!! WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN STARTED YET!

      • JeenyusCorner

        and if you take the time to check them out… don’t let the very beginning make you think I’m out to bash Rand… but I had to say something to get THOSE people’s attention… they’ve lost sight of the BIGGER picture!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675272188 Debbie Waters

        I haven’t had a chance to read the attachments, but just wanted to thank you for the breath of fresh air you’ve added. I don’t believe for a second that Rand would betray his father on any level. Not knowing this family personally, but witnessing the commitment by them. We need Rand, who is already making accomplishments within the establishment, to change it. Of course I want Ron Paul leading this country, GOD knows I want that more than anything! The biggest story folks shared was Ron Paul stood alone for many years, are we going to abandon Rand to this also? Granted the entire Revolution is not up in arms, but some have less invested, I understand why they are flipping out, but at what point do you stop, measure, weigh and move on? I can only ask that you pull yourself together, get on the floor of the RNC and push for the positions you’ve been fighting to get in the door. Don’t stop now, the power is yours! Pull yourself together, and win it. Ron Paul has laid the foundation, reminded us all of Liberty, and how we can fight and win.

        Rand Paul 2016 for Liberty!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Belcher/1163029174 Craig Belcher

        FYI. Anytime you use all caps, ever, any credibility you have immediately comes into question. If you want to communicate with people, try typing like you have some sense.

    • Ian

      Rand Paul is smart, just look at what he has done and is still doing. Look at that actions of a person not on one thing the person says!!!! Good post!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/bradticus Adam Bradt

    I’m sorry, but as bleak as things seem and possibly are, its not impossible to win. Its not over. Not yet. Its not a FACT yet that Ron Paul is over. That will be a fact when if it happens in Tampa. Do I think Romney is most likely to win it? Yes, and unfortunately so, but to say that it is 100% without doubt, absolutely, guaranteed for Romney is to disrespect this movement.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7PYGZTF6VRW2KIYXT5DDGNU7UA kikisdragon

    Just because RP doesn’t have the delegates to win the nomination, why on earth should that mean he endorses Romney? How does that have anything to do with it? Its still betrayal, still a flip-flop, still a sell-out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1259681762 Terry Lucas

      and you are about 15

      • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

        I’m 28 and I agree with this 15 year old, then.

    • Andrew Dellinger

      you just have to understand that we can’t win this without being pragmatic. We have to understand that this shouldn’t be oversimplified and shouldn’t be generalized. This is a complex issue where Rand finds it necessary to be “one of the guys” in the party so he can convince the establishment that his agenda is worth listened to. It’s all about influencing the platform. That’s why we got all the delegates. And it’s why Rand did what he did. THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

      • ….

        Win what without being pragmatic? Win slightly lower taxes? Deficit being cut 2% faster? Maybe repeal 1/10th of the NDAA? Pragmatism will not get us anywhere, it will end with this movement being co-opted by the establishment and torn apart. We have to stay pure. The ends of compromise not only do not justify the means, but they will make the ends we desire impossible to obtain. Unless the “ends” you mean are tyranny and concentration camps.

        • Some guy

          Totally agreed. There is an urgency to this movement that I don’t believe Rand Paul feels. I really do think he’s on our side when it comes to the end, his means I don’t agree with. Compromise should not be in our language when it is so blatantly outside the laws laid down by the constitution and we are running out of time to wake the masses up before they get a real rude awakening. The best we can do is to keep taking over the GOP, and not lose sight of OUR means to get there.

        • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

          If you want a highly level of “purity”, I would say shift focus to the Libertarian party, who has always been a party based “purely” on the goal of maintaining Liberty and Freedom. The Ron Paul approach (and now with him Rand Paul as well) has always been a less pure approach -working within a mainstream party in hopes of pushing the party more and more in the direction of embracing freedom. The Libertarian Party has always adopted the “pure” approach. The Ron Paul approach has always been more compromised in comparison. Where the “pragmatism” comes in, is that at the end of the day, the Paul camp has brought more attention and popularity to the message of “Freedom and Liberty” then what the entirely Libertarian party has accomplished with their more direct approach over the same span of time.

      • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

        I’m glad Andrew that you for one understand these things. Unfortunately few people can appreciate the “pragmatism” you speak of. You and I though both seem to grasp the concepts of “strategy” and of “long term thinking”. I’m seeing so many (and I hate to knock them, for I appreciate the fact they’re fighting for their freedom) who seem intent on being much more short sighted, having this “all or nothing” attitude. And the problem with “all or nothing” thinking, is that it typically gets you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -almost every single time! And as for those so short sighted that they want to operate on what comes off as being a scorch earth approach, burning every bridge they pass along the way…look it’s a long life ahead of us. And we’re going to need to cross those bridges again in time for the 2016 election, if not sooner, as we prepare for the future ahead. So take some time to think about the big picture. Aside from focusing solely on the message your fighting for, take some serious time to think about how that message is being received by the people around you. This is critical -for Ron Paul was only receiving about 10% of the vote during the primaries. So it goes without saying a much greater level of support is needed. And we’re never going to receive a much higher level of support if we’re making enemies of every powerful individual we pass along the way.

    • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

      With all respect, did you listen to the interview? Amongst other concerns, Rand mentions that the Paul’s have gained control of the GOP State Chairman seats in Iowa, Nevada, and Maine -states where they were highly successful in using this position to seat Ron Paul backers into delegate positions. Now the rules of holding the chairmanship of these seats require the chairman of the seat to back the GOP nominee -which inevitably is Mitt Romney. This was part of their agreement in excepting these positions. If they chose not to do so, they not only would destroy for themselves any level of integrity and credibility in the eyes of their Party, but would also have lost for themselves the chairmanship of these seats. Like it or not, the Paul family made what was the best decision they could have if they hope at all to gain any growing future support within the Republican Party for the goals they’ve so far worked towards.

    • Patrick McDonough

      Ron Paul has stated many times that he will not support Romney.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Melkie Melody Bianchini

      Mitt does not have the delegates either! It will be decided at the Tampa, FL convention in Aug.! There will be thousands of delegates who have not endorsed anyone yet! PLEASE understand that those delegates are not bound! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delegate.

      • http://www.facebook.com/craig.pietz.5 Craig Pietz

        not only are the delegates not bound they can obstain from voting in the first round without endangering their chair , this is the “dirty little secret” the GOP does not want us to know , Rand knows this and for him to say we cant win is a sell out , why could he have not waited until August to whore out ? maybe he can get the Party to make “home made ” signs for him now too !

  • JimJ1

    I have one thing to say…..”RON PAUL 2012″.
    For Liberty,

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23117712 Luke Evancoe

      too easy of a comment to make at this point.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Steve.Ryan.Czernek Steven Ryan Czernek

        Not as easy as remaining silent.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Staevron-El-Hayyez/100000091247826 Staevron El Hayyez

          sweet burn

    • A.Manfredi

      Thats over, move on

  • http://www.facebook.com/ganjahero1605 Clay Tice

    Your going to be stabbed in the back RAND!

  • JimJ1

    I have just one thing to say….”RON PAUL 2012″.
    For Liberty,

  • LibertyOrDeath

    Take a hike Rand. You think people are going to support you while you play politics just like all the other scumbags in that cesspool swamp of Washington D.C.? Supporting the “Party” is BULLSHIT!! There is no “Republican” party anymore. There is ONE PARTY, they just act like they are different. You have signed onto an unholy alliance, and you will pay politically for it. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Mittens and Obama. I always knew you were a shifty little snake, ever since the OWS comments you were making. Have fun rotting in the swamp with you new Neocon buddies dirtbag.

    • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

      Amen to you, sir.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=40501346 Matthew Reece

    I don’t understand why people prefer Romney over Obama. They have the same positions on the issues that really matter, and Obama can’t be re-elected in 2016.

    • http://twitter.com/scottfree scottfree

      I don’t support either or will I vote for either but whoever is the next president will probably get to appoint 3 judges on the Supreme Court.

    • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

      Mind you, I don’t support either Romney, nor Obama, but given a choice between the two…and well I don’t plan to vote for either of the two -I’ll either cast a write in ballot for Ron Paul or else vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson…but if I were to choose between the two, I’d chose Romney in a heartbeat. To say that Romney is just as bad as Obama, you have to be kidding a person! Obama represents what is probably the most fervent socialist takeover of our finances in American history. And while this point might be slightly debatable, what’s less likely to draw any historical comparison is Obama’s full storm push towards tyranny: for never in history has there been an administration quicker to challenge and deny the other branches of government their rightful and constitutional power. For he’s consistently proven himself the fastest president in history to make every attempt to challenge, bypass, and undermine the powers of congress and of the courts -both of whom he makes an outspoken mockery of nearly every chance he gets.

      Do any of you remember anything of what you learned from history about the checks and balances in our government? The powers of congress and of the supreme court to keep the president in check? For where past administrations have chipped away at such powers underhandedly, the administration “Obama” does so in live and open form, directly before the tv cameras, live in the face of the media. And it’s done so in such harsh and reckless fashion, there is hardly a comparison in history. In short, Barack Obama is the most unamerican president in the history of America. And so before one can begin to say that Romney is “one and the same”, one had better have some very serious arguments at their disposal, for Romney certainly hasn’t proven himself on nearly the same level. And if in fact he were capable of such, I’d have to see it to believe it.

      For Paul supporters who are reading, the fact that both Ron and Rand Paul are members of the republican party and the fact that an endorsement has been extended towards Romney ought to tell one just a bit about how they feel about the Obama administration. If both Obama as well as Mitt were viewed as equal enemies, such an endorsement would never have been offered. Nor should they be viewed as such. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

      Don’t let thinkers like Alex Jones too deeply sway your judgement on the comparison contrast between Romney and Obama. I like Alex don’t get me wrong. But his personification of Obama and Romney as being “one and the same” is a great bit exaggerated. Romney might represent a 40 or 50% compromise in the direction of statist control. Obama represents a 90 or maybe even a 99% compromise in that direction. Obama has show repeatedly that he will push hard core in the direction of socialism as is possible within the time frame of his administration. Obama, with his repeated disrespect for American principles, and with his repeated intolerance of differing factions of government and of differing expressions of opinion, sets him aside as being the greatest threat to freedom and liberty that our nation has possibly known. So if a person wants to speak ill of Mitt Romney, I’ll objectively hear what they have to say, but if you want to equate him to Obama, you have an impossible case to prove.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alan-Zapota/100001509446811 Alan Zapota

        1. We haven’t a basis for comparison in terms of their presidencies, since Romney has never had one.
        2. Obviously, they’re not the exact same. Just in the areas that matter!!!
        a) Have you seen the hidden camera video of Romney talking about Washington money in SLC?
        b) Have you seen the debate in SC where Romney agreed with NDAA?
        c) The pandering! The say-whatever-they-need-to then do-whatever-they-want-to crap. Same.
        d) The warmongering! Is Obama’s so much worse because he hid it at first? Same dead soldiers, same blowback, same money we don’t have, same propaganda.
        e) The Fed! Does anyone really think he did a 180 on that for real?! See above: c).
        f) Last but not least, Wall Street owns them both. Look at their top donors.
        3. We’re already AT 90+% statist; do you really believe for a second that Romney will scale that back??? See above: 2 (all).
        My guess is, Rand’s going with the “devil you know” theory. And really, I don’t see the cause for all the “Judas” crap. In order to betray someone, don’t you kind of have to not let them in on it? How can Rand have betrayed his dad if it was their idea together? Give it a permanent rest with the demonizing of Rand Paul, k?

    • Slipmatwax

      I don’t either Matthew, both are, or will be, paid off by the puppet handlers anyway. Obama proved this in 2007-2008 – his talk about Change, bringing the troops home, closing Gauntamano Bay Prison, higher taxes for the rich etc. (all bullshiit)

  • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

    This is retarded. The platform doesn’t mean shit. The establishment that Rand Paul is kissing up to doesn’t give a shit about the constitution, why would they care about the party platform if it says things they don’t like? They’ll ignore those things just like they ignore the constitution.

    • fred101


  • JimJ1

    Well, maybe just one more thing…..Romney will do the right thing and drop out soon :-).

  • Dips

    Let Rand keep doing what he’s doing, he is making a difference in Washington. But we have to keep fighting for delegates and get to Tampa with a ton of Ron Paul Republicans.

  • http://twitter.com/brassm0nkey wush dish

    You don’t think that the delegates will change their vote to Paul but you think the millions of Paul supporters will flip-flop to Romney?

    • http://www.facebook.com/craig.pietz.5 Craig Pietz

      hey , didnt we do that in 08 ? it didnt work then ,it wont work now .

  • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

    “People are ignoring all the herp de derp I’ve done for them,” like voting for sanctions?

  • Anarcho-optometrist

    I bet Bob Higgs idea of regime uncertainty influenced Kudlow. The MSM is learning about Austrian Economics folks.

  • Cankles

    I’m sorry guys, but you are all stupid. Rand Paul is not backstabbing his father or a “flip-flop and sell-out”. Know what Ron Paul’s campaign is actually about. He never thought he would win the nomination, he just wanted to raise awareness and spread liberty. Rand Paul is still a goddamn good man. No better Senator than him. He idolizes his father. He probably even talked to Ron Paul about this. Both of them know they won’t win. Rand’s endorsement is just to make sure that Obama is out of the office, even if he’s just a white Obama. Also, if you watched this whole video, Rand Paul made a promise months ago that he’d support the nominee, which is Romney. So in fact, he didn’t sell out or flip flop. Watch the whole damn video. You’re Ron Paul supporters, you’re suppose to be the most factual, badass mother fuckers ever. Ron Paul 2012! Liberty!

    • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

      Herp de derp

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1259681762 Terry Lucas

        LOLOL……..money……….so much HAS changed and some folks just do NOT want to see it……..bunch of damn democrates

    • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

      I wish he would have told me he never planned to win before I donated a bunch of money. What a load of horse shit. If Romney is the same as Obama, then what’s the damn point of getting rid of Obama just to replace him with another Obama?

    • Sue

      Until the August convention in Florida, we don’t know who will have the nomination. Rand just jumped on the track in front of the speeding train and is going to be run over because of it. Bad move Rand.

  • Jeff

    If you didn’t campaign for Paul and work to change your local republican party; shut it! Rand’s voting record is just as libertarian as Ron’s. Rand will do more to advance liberty on an average Tuesday than any of us here.

    • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

      Sanctions are just so libertarian, eh?

  • david

    You should put Jack Hunter’s explanation up here. It helped calm my anger.

    • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock


      Here’s Jack Hunter channeling his inner-Romney.

    • Liberty Belle

      F*** Jack Hunter and the campaign managers. I do not want to hear about so-and-so’s endorsement of Washington-Creature X, Y, or Z. There might be merit to the ‘infiltration’ strategy, but those bone heads could at least pretend to keep fighting the good fight until this thing is really over. RP is only one man, I realize, and I’ve had concerns about this movement’s idolization of him, but as a relatively new member of the Liberty movement, I NEED him to keep going to the bitter end. Maybe he will, and Rand is doing his best to bring the fire of the movement to the mainstream GOP by endorsing Romney, but I will honestly fall to pieces if there is any sort of Romney endorsement that comes from the campaign. The only scenario that could possibly make this ok is if Robomney agrees to make RP Chairman of the Fed, but I think there’s a greater chance I’ll see a flying pig on my way to work tomorrow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/burningbeard.fya Donovan Bock

    http://youtu.be/JuAiKcdss1k Jack Hunter channels his inner-Romney.

  • Neal

    Liberty or death. Remember that? Fuck power. Fight for liberty. “I’m supporting the party”. Yeah… chalk that up any way you like. You’re becoming the people you hate. “Let’s be the establishment for now, so we can rise up later”… isn’t that what Obama and Romney have been saying all along? Pushing noise doesn’t change meaning. Selling it different doesn’t make it different. Rand sold ideas for power. Straight up.

  • dclogang

    I have to believe this is actually part of the delegate strategy. Perhaps Rand is endorsing Romney so Ron doesn’t have too? I don’t know. I can’t believe Ron Paul would ever endorse Romney.

    • vackraamina

      Why would you endorse someone you are running against? That could only happen if he drops out.

  • Neal

    Chalk it up anyway you like. Rand became the people he opposes. “Let’s support the party, so we can come back later” and “Let’s do the best we can; even if it contradicts the Constitution” Isn’t that what Romney and Obama have said numerous times? Let’s lay this out there: the Constitution is not and has NEVER been optional. To attempt subversion here is treason. No, Rand isn’t a traitor in that regard; but he’s taking the old bait. Rand is selling liberty for power. Straight up. It’s no surprise; but it’s disappointing. Call it what you will. ^^That’s what it is. #libertyordeath

  • Thee RC

    Sale OUT!!!! I will Never Vote for Him again…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Lewis/1028920109 Danny Lewis

    Rand is delusional if he thinks that the Republican establishment will support the liberty movement because he endorsed Romney

    • Manuel Barkhau

      I don’t think he is, but playing naive is the best cover he has for selling out.

      • LadyforLiberty2012

        Ron Paul is no sell-out. If anything, someone has threatened his family and he has taken it seriously.
        Who could blame him for that? But, I’d like to point out that Ron Paul has not officially or publicly conceded to any one or any thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

      I feel what you’re saying, for the Republican establishment as a whole isn’t going to swing toward the liberty movement regardless of what any one person does or doesn’t do -be it Rand Paul, be it Ron Paul, or be it any one or several human beings upon the planet Earth. What’s being worked on by the Paul camp is not the immediate support of the republican establishment, but rather the growth of what Ron Paul has worked for within the Republican party for decades -that being a growing momentum within the Party toward a greater embracement of the principals of freedom and liberty. If you feel this approach is flawed, you should blame not just Rand, but Ron as well, for both are working within the same party toward the same ultimate goals. And don’t kid yourself, for both collaborated upon the decision for Rand to give his backing to Romney upon Paul’s announcement of dropping from the race.

      Now I’ll agree they probably could have timed and planned the announcement better, I’ll probably fault the Paul camp for that. But their backing of Romney at this point in the game is one that was inevitable. For amongst other concerns (and if you listened to the interview, you’ve heard this), the Paul’s had taken control of the State GOP chairman seats of several states (Iowa, Maine, and Nevada), and it was a requirement of the chairman holding these seats that they ultimately give their endorsement to the GOP nominee -inevitably Mitt Romney. And I’m not a great fan of Mitt myself, but the endorsement is very much what was agreed to upon occupying these seats. And had they recanted on offering their endorsement to Romney, the Paul Camp would have not only quickly lost these chairman seats within the party, but they also would have destroyed their respect, their integrity, and their future within the Republican party.

      Now if you still want to fault them, and if you say “F$%& the Republican Party,” it’s an understandable reaction. If you’re still feeling completely sold out and compromised, I would say vote and register Libertarian, if you’re not registered that way already. For truth be told, Libertarianism represents a less “compromised” approach to siding with and fighting for the causes of freedom and liberty. For mainstream politics are barely a factor in the Libertarian platform. But before judging too quickly where to cast support, one might at the very least want to consider that the Paul Camp (Ron & Rand included) with their compromised approach has done more to bring attention to and rally support toward the cause of Freedom then what the Libertarian party has gathered since their creation in 1971.

    • RJ

      Nobody would ever be naive enough to believe the Republican establishment would have a change of heart. That’s not what he’s talking about. He’s talking about transforming the people’s attitude, encouraging (like what is happening all over today) young, liberty-minded people to get involved in the party and change it. You’re darn right it’s not going to support the liberty movement if it continues to be run by the neo-con establishment…that’s exactly why we need to get involved and change it from the inside out. This is a R3volution of ideas that has the potential to continue to wake up enough people to make real, monumental changes that are desperately needed in this backwards country.

  • Adam House

    Please consider one combat veteran for Ron Paul’s viewpoint, thank you:

  • http://www.facebook.com/corrin.dipasquale Corrin DiPasquale

    Romney and Obama are establishment candidates. There is barely any difference. If you reward the Republicans to by voting for the candidate they forced down our throats, they win and will not learn that giving us a moderate is completely unacceptable. Next time around they will do the same thing. I don’t like Obama, but I don’t see how Romney is that much better in order to compromise my vote. Sorry, I can’t vote for either Obama or Romney. I will be writing in Ron Paul if he is not the nominee!

  • http://twitter.com/harryinitiative Harry Santos
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Hofert/1440122161 Chris Hofert

    Rand Paul is not the man his father is.

  • RogP

    IMO, he is double talking. Thanks for jerking the rug out from underneath us It would have been smarter to play our cards during the convention.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RSF5N5VFXK7XLYNOOQIUC5UH34 WeDidit

    Rand has never had to explain himself to me. he was born into the liberty movement. Check out the Daily Paul radio interview, he’s even more candid.

  • BadOne

    I think I’m just gonna vote Libertarian. If the principles are what’s important here, then screw the Republican party. Principle over party. I just wish Dr. Paul would run 3rd party at this point.

    • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

      I don’t fault anyone for voting Libertarian -that’s who I’ve supported my entire adult life. At the same time, I hope you recognize Paul’s goals for some time have been to influence and change the republican party. I hope you don’t disrespect him if he chooses not to split from the Republican Party. Whether it’s a compromised approach or not, he’s accomplished more as a freedom backing republican to gain support and attention for the causes of Freedom and Liberty, then what’s been gained by entire Libertarian Party over the same span of time.

      Either way, I don’t see myself voting Republican unless as a write in ballot for Paul. Otherwise I’ll vote Libertarian just like you’re thinking. I’d be happy with myself either way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=734726076 Lisa Buchanan

    “My father had not support the candidate in 2008, and of the campaign tactics they using against me was, Your dad didn’t support the nominee, and if you wont, we don’t want you in our party.”

  • TA

    Rand, you have alot in common with Mittens….It’s called flip flopping. “I knew they weren’t gonna win,” sure didn’t stop the Revolution from raising money! Thats called stealing! Since your so honest, why don’t you tell all these good people how much the Paul advisor team made in salaries. You will never be a force for anything, you compromised your ingetrity. Rand your weak; and I am so glad you came forward as the True Republican that you are. And Rand, you have alot in common with Ronald Reagan too.
    Keep backing Citibank and Goldman, keep telling yourself that you can deal with satan.

  • Judith A Bradley

    It all is a mess as always the Gop are evil to the core to shun Ron Paul over Romney to me speaks volumes about what we are facing and it’s not a pretty picture ….we have alot of work to do my friends , we must not quit we must prevail …I am not happy about this endorsement I still feel something is wrong here will we ever know probably not ….both parties I think we will agree are corrupt and it’s been like this for a very long time what is happening is we are watching them and calling them out on their corruption and that is why they want us to go away and we are going nowhere …I honestly believe they are afraid of our movement and we have Ron Paul to thank for this … I will vote for Ron Paul and noone else …that will not change …..
    We have worked hard and this is only the beginning we have alot more work to do mark my words they will try and divide us don’t let them win ….in the long run we will win this fight as the outcome of our problems in this country are about to hit rock bottom and that is when we will finally be heard …

  • W B

    Perhaps it’s because the word REVOLUTION has meaning to some people. I guess to me it means overthrowing an establishment that has become destructive of my personal pursuit of liberty. Working within the system is not a revolution, it’s just being assimilated. I don’t care about how many issues I agree with Rand on, I only care whether we agree on the definition of “revolution.”

  • Jodie

    Rand, STFU. You sell out double talker. Sorry. You’re just doing the “spiel” just like EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN! You do not understand your father’s ideas at all. Don’t try and tell me your father is respected in Washington. B.S. And don’t TRY AND USE YOUR FATHER to make us “like you” with your statement “my father wouldn’t like the backlash you are giving me…” Oh PULEEESE! And JOHN MCCAIN????TO BE RESPECTED???? Wow… just wow…… And Peter, you’re just as culpable with your leading questions. My God this country is toast now. What a freaking waste of time.

  • Dr.John

    Look RON PAUL 2012…NUFF SAID!!!!

  • Dr.John

    The Republican Party Fucked over the Liberty Party/Ron Paul…..and yet Rand supports the Master Flip Flopper/Fake President in a can (Romney)….. ITS RON PAUL OR NO ONE…FUCK ROMNEY AND OBAMA!!!

  • Jodie

    See, you are no different than any other politician, telling US how WE should feel about YOU and YOUR ideas. WE DO NOT WORK FOR YOU! YOU WORK FOR US AND THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!! WE did NOT ask you to “go along to get along.” And you are not listening. No matter HOW you spin it, endorsing Romney was a TOTAL move against your constituents and the oath you took.
    The saying is true. You cannot achieve a revolution through an election or through politics……We do not HAVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS. Your father knows this. You clearly don’t.

  • http://twitter.com/WorldTruthorg WorldTruthorg

    Making a deal with the devil is still making a deal with the devil. I don’t care how Rand spins it. By the way, is Ron Paul even still alive? Seriously…! Has ANYONE HEARD ANYTHING from Ron Paul?

  • doodls

    The GOP pulled every dirty trick possible to make sure RP didn’t get enough votes or delegates. I wouldn’t even consider rewarding their despicable behavior by voting for THEIR candidate. They will see that their shenanigans gained them nothing. Besides, if Romney won, and sucks as badly as we know he will… all the sheeple will want to make a “change” back to the Dems in 4 years. Let Obama have it, we’ll be in a position to actually force the nomination of a freedom candidate in 4 years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PaleoAthletics Daniel Ros

    Sorry we have to bring people in not shut them out and tell them how ignorant they are. Love those who don’t understand us and be a example. Then you have a chance of influencing them. 99% of the people who are against us just don’t understand us. Very few are evil a@@ holes who want personal gain over others. They just happen to be in politics. But don’t alienate those good people we have a chance to educate. Politicians won’t change the people have to change.

  • http://twitter.com/littlepinktoe Flo

    As sad as it is that Ron Paul won’t be the nominee. The press not backing Ron Paul that hurt the most. They both know what they’re talking about and I might support Rand Paul, don’t know yet. Rand’s website has a complete list of his own bills and ones he’s co-sponsored. The game is dirty and so unfair, who can we trust anymore.

  • timbo

    Come on people, you’re all be ridiculous. This movement was all about changing the republican party, not destroying it. We are all becoming republicans in order to bring the party back to its roots and we are making such great progress towards it. You can’t consider the party to still be your enemy when you’re trying to assimilate it. You have to endorse it and coerce it and bring it over. If our goal was to establish a major third party or destroy the republican one, then that would be an entirely different story, but we’re not. So calm down, grow up and get involved in molding the party to what we want it to be.

    • http://www.facebook.com/homesick.billy Homesick Billy

      Exactly! That was in fact the intended goal of Ron Paul’s political scheme from the beginning until now. And if you want to say “WELL SCREW THE REPUBLICANS,” well fine. Join the Libertarian party, if you haven’t already. They’ve been fighting for the same principals as Ron Paul (and in purer fashion) since their creation in 1971. But before your too quick to attack the Paul family approach of trying to be amicable with the people you disagree with, you may want to consider that the Paul approach has gathered far more support for the cause of freedom then the entire Libertarian party.

    • http://www.facebook.com/craig.pietz.5 Craig Pietz

      that is the kind of thinking that got obama elected in 08 and will get him re elected this time , hey paul cant win so lets all vote McCain ,before you tell people to “grow up” try thinking , the neocons hyjacked our party ,they are the infiltraitors ,not us , to compromise is to lose and obama is lovin Rand paul right now !

  • dudeman

    asshole…call us delusional?….you didn’t say that a few weeks ago when you staff was begging money from me for my support !!!

  • Mark

    I can see his point. But, he will be in for a big dissapointment.

  • Skunkboy

    paraphrasing Rand- ‘I can support evil without being evil.’ BULLSPIT. Rand, you need to decide if your support the PARTY or the Constitution, you cannot support BOTH.

  • dudeman

    You could have pushed your agenda AFTER your father finished his business, to make the statement you just made makes it clear you NEVER believed in your fathers agenda and planned the turncoat.. this i just pathetic to say we would never be able to push these agendas!.. we could have gone even farther If Ron was POTUS. can I have my $2000 back!!!??

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.abrille Jim Liberty Abrille

    To hell with you Rand. You DON’T concede to tyranny and you don’t ever give up on your family. Shameful!

  • Ian

    Romney and Obama are the only ones who have a chance at becoming president? :(. So its goldman sachs or goldman sachs? Thats depressing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sliknikki Slik Nikki

    Sorry disagree with this completely. Your father got elected after running as a Libertarian and also after endorsing a Constitution Party candidate, you don’t have to play party politics. You did and that is why you lose my respect. GARY JOHNSON/JIM GRAY 2012!!

  • unsung

    fuck the “you” Rand! This isn’t about you. Sit back, shut up, and support your father you brat. President Obama and President Romney would both be Illegally elected. Mitt is a criminal and needs to be locked up. Mitt will not be supported by America. These bills are all obsolete if there is another criminal in office man.

    • firefighter0975

      Help your dad start a rally at the convention you tail tucker! Be of help and cook some meat patties for us delegates or something.

  • NewWorldLessOrders

    Screw that!! RonPaul’s legacy is more important than his retired career at this point: Ron needs to ditch the Republican party and endorse Gary Johnson….then Gary could make him VP!!!

  • Shizad

    Romney is better than Obama? Cool story Peter, would you mind explaining to me exactly how?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15100753 Justin Page Wood

    awesome discussion

  • Songbirdsings

    He’s still a sell out, I don’t care what he says.

  • JW

    I get why Rand endorsed Romney. I strongly disagree with Peter Schiff at 7:35 when he says that Romney isn’t the best man for the job, he’s just better than Obama. That’s the whole lesser of two evils. I would rather vote Gary Johnson than sell myself short. Romney’s a joke to the Republican party.

  • The Deliverer

    I support the liberty movement, Rand! I am the liberty movement, Rand! Trying to make a deal with the devil never pans the way you hope. Now is the time to turn this shit around. Understand that if you go along with whatever plan you think it’s going to help your strategy; looking from outside the box, you are straight headed towards a brick wall at 100 miles an hour. You sir are not going to make it out of there in one piece, and those who supported you will not be there.

  • http://AskJohnChatman.com/ AskJohnChatman.com

    The writing is on the wall fellas. Romney winning the the Republican nomination is a nail in the coffin of what was once a free country.

    The greatest lie someone can give is having two false positives. Romney
    & Obama are one and the same. They both serve the same masters.

    If you aren’t creating your own http://LeveragedIncomeLifestyle.com
    where you earn money no matter where you’re at in the world then….
    what are you waiting for???

    This whole thing is PAST Republican/Democrat BS. These guys made their play and crushed it.

    If you don’t see the writing on the wall… then you are not really looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tanicane-Rprevolution/100003689662028 Tanicane Rprevolution

    It takes a simple minded person to think an endorsement means anything important. I could endorse anyone, but i would only vote for one person.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000782987954 Bridget Sanders

    How funny he speaks like he is about the liberty movement but sides with the GOP…

    • KvakkSalversen

      Well, so is Ron Paul. The GOP was once greatly influenced by classical liberalism (as is your constitution, I’m not american). You guys just need to take the party back to it’s real republican roots. The evangelicals and the neocons have had their era in the party, Cleanse the party of the statism and let individualism reign!

      Sincerely a Norwegian Libertarian youth politician.

  • Lonnie

    Wow, he just SOUNDS like a politician, im disappointed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.nolivo Teresa Nolivo

    He dont get it. Romney screwed his father by cheating. Ha ha Romney wont win either so aw ya. We still love you and we aren’t dogging you out you just made a stupid move is all.

  • MadeleineTector

    I wasn’t planning on voting for Rand Paul; he keeps saying “We”. Th erlast time I looked Ron Paul was winning, If they knew he couldnt’ win an endorsement then he should have stopped running a long time ago and not be taking peoples money. I can tell you one thing, I will never vote for Rand Paul. If he runs with Romney then I won’t vote for Romney.

  • jayster

    It’s a simple good-cop, bad-cop strategy. NOTHING has changed and RP’s strategy remains the same! How difficult is that to understand. It seems to be the crazy’s (Alex Jones, Kokesh and the proverbial pot-head contingent of the Liberty movement) who are freaking out. It’s called strategy people.

  • rakez

    the Liberty movement will send a message to the Gop and the Rnc that the neocons rule is over. deny romney the win. if it takes a loss to shake up the republican party they asked for it. vote Ron Paul or gary johnson do not sellout.

  • TC1776

    Obama/Biden vs. Romney/Rand? Let’s see. If I vote Obama, my “class” gains some benefits at the expense of enormous future US debts/wars. If I vote Romney, my “class” gains no benefits and still incurs the impact of enormous future US debts/wars. Looks like I’ll be voting with a pen in November, to write in “Ron Paul”.

  • Globalist Slave

    There is a saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=810553908 Thomas K Glenn

    “I want to be judged on my record, not on my political strategy” -Rand Paul 2016!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robyn-Lansford/100002046363316 Robyn Lansford


  • http://www.facebook.com/sglazier456 Sean Glazier

    You are still a traitor! you got bought! period. Ron Paul would not compromise. You proved you will compromise our rights away just like the others. To heck with chairmanships. They are all corrupt.

  • http://twitter.com/littlepinktoe Flo

    I’d still like to know why Ron Paul cut his campaigning short. The momentum was so high two days before his announcement May 14th, 2012. I never saw one single tv commercial of Romney or Obama in CA.
    But I believe what hurt Ron the most, was not having the press. When the other candidates ended theirs, all the PR and press went to Romney and many people saw him on tv who don’t normally follow anyone in particular and though he was the only one running against Obama. So Ron Paul lost votes because of this.

    We need to hear from Ron Paul personally, perhaps video taped in his backyard like he did once on a break from campaigning.

  • George

    Politics suck…

  • LadyforLiberty2012

    “An endorsement doesn’t change any of your philosophy” – looks & smells like strategy to me. I truly believe that Ron Paul could only raise a son who is loyal, honest, and virtuous, and not the ‘Benedict Arnold’ that many are so quick to presume he is. I do wonder, however, why we have not ‘heard’ from Dr. Paul, other than through a few vague e-mails.

  • Patrick McDonough

    Ron Paul did not drop out, he’s resting and planning his strategy for the state convention in Tampa, and he’s still collecting delegates.
    Another thing, Ron Paul has been saying and talking about the same principals for 30+ years, thus, it shows that he’s not a quiter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patricia-Lee/100000519163743 Patricia Lee

    Rand excludes urgency to revise US foreign policy (except Afganistan), vague statement like Obama’s. NO MAS!

  • Mike

    i like peter .. i like rand but i disagree with both of them. do i think that Rand is a sell out ? No, but do i think he’s diluting himself by thinking he gets more support by endorsing Mitt ? Hell Yes. Romney is a snake he will give him stuff for Now, by the moment he wins… he will be totally different.. u can take that to the bank.

  • Patrick Henry Lives!

    In other words, pragmatic politics rather than principle rules the day.

  • Nzeek5

    Sometimes big boys have to make big boy decisions, he makes perfect sense !!! To those that can’t figure it out, go grow some big boy pants!

  • john5757

    Come on guys. Rand never said that we should vote for Romney. He just endorsed him, and in this interview gave some pretty good reasons why. He didn’t even say that he agrees with Romney’s ideals, it’s just an endorsement. We can let all the hard work go out the window by fleeing, but what good would that do? That’s what the establishment wants. They want us to just leave. They want to find reasons to marginalize us even more. Rand puts out some great bills that no one else in Congress would do, even his father, from disarming the FDA, to limiting drone usage, to making sure a declaration of war is needed for military intervention, to the provision he added to the NDAA. Don’t be so quick to dismiss him. I don’t like Romney and will never vote for him, but Rand isn’t telling me to. He has the right to endorse the nominee of his own party.

  • Michael_Bruce

    Brothers and sisters in the liberty movement,
    If you’re bargaining and begging for your rights then you’ve already lost. Too often we hear some version of, “Do you want to lose everything we’ve built in the last 8 years?” Quite frankly, what we’ve built over the last 8 years isn’t worth a damn if we give up all that enthusiasm to support the statism we were supposedly fighting from the beginning. Right now we can make the statement that if our beliefs are not given vent we will only cause more disruption to the status quo. Right now we can shape the future of how we are treated. Or we can show that eventually we’ll concede if we’re threatened enough. Your choice.

  • JS

    I think he is very honest and clear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.pietz.5 Craig Pietz

    one thing foer sure , Obama is lovin Rand Paul now !

  • STONEY1965


    • http://www.facebook.com/craig.pietz.5 Craig Pietz

      lets hope the next “battle” he picks is not in IRAN .

      • STONEY1965

        i see your point but, we still need to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Wendy

    Rand trys to explain away his decision by making statements that you won’t always agree with someone on every idea… in my opinion it’s one thing to disagree with someone on whether or not we should only buy energy efficient washing machines, as opposed to whether or not we choose to follow the Constitution when we lead! Mitt Romney has openly stated he supports the NDAA, his primary concern is not the Fed, it’s not sound money, it’s not a more reasonable foreign policy. All of these things contradict the Constitution and yet with an endorsement, Rand is stating he too supports Romney’s ideas on these matters. If it were small and insignificant differences in policy, that would be one thing but we are not talking about small differences Rand! The differences are night and day. If they weren’t such huge differences, then the most you would be sacrificing by an endorsement for Romney would be a little compromise. Instead you chose to sacrifice your integrity. I will continue to support Ron Paul and see what Tampa may bring. I and many others, unlike you Rand, have not lost hope that there is still a chance many will choose to vote principle! RP 2012!!

  • Derv

    No matter how much sugar you put on feces, it will never taste good.
    I will argue that those who reject the endorsement and similar actions that demonstrate a relationship with the establishment, are conflicted. The conflict exists where they are trying to better/enhance an inherently flawed and problematic system by using a solution that can only stand alone as a solution (ie, feces coated with sugar, respectively).
    Pro-capitalist advances in a communist economy are steps in the right direction, but by no means can they make the communist system any way stronger or more viable.

  • http://twitter.com/fulltimemonti Andrew Bolin

    For the libertarian values that most of us and RP supports, you need people working on the inside and from the outside. I believe Rand is a great guy to have on the inside. Maybe he can set the standard for what a republican should be. Am I voting for Romney? No way. An endorsement is such a weak meaningless thing. I will continue to support RP and/or the libertarian party. Until either has any leverage in DC, we need people like Rand standing up for what is right, even if it means that he has to make some compromises.

  • doesn’t make sense

    I personally am starting to get suspicious of the whole thing. Something sinister seems amiss!! Why would Ron Paul torpedo his whole campaign after all this effort? The whole “we’ll get more being friends” bit is BS imho. Where is Ron Paul in all this? When is the last time he said something? After giving speeches here and there, guest appearances everywhere and now not a word from him? Why is Rand the only face/voice in the media now? Is Ron Paul on vacation of all times now?!? WHERE IS RON PAUL?

  • Realnewsman

    Wow! I really don’t know much about Peter Schiff, but this little skit was nauseating in the extreme! Something about this second generation is off. Peter and Rand have lost the edge their fathers had, and the unswerving dedication to principle! We’ve seen the same thing where I’m from in the new generation of mill owners who inherited large companies their fathers built, just to see them role over for the environmental extremists.
    As to this foolish fantasy about being part of the glorious platform….it is irrelevant. No republican even follws the one we have now. I don’t know which is worse Rand and Peter think we’re that stupid or they are?
    I am planning on winning a delay ate slot to Tampa, and I am not going to cozy up to spineless compromisers I assure you.
    And frankly I resent the hell out of being talked to like a child as to my unrealistic fantasy of RON PAUL being nominated! Let’s face it this whole liberty movement including the original revolution that won this nation’s independence was pretty unrealistic too!
    We don’t pick only the fights in which we are assured the victory, but because nothing less would be honorable.

  • Erick Libertarian

    I agree with one of the commenters below that if you want a strictly Rothbardian Liberal Purity, you need to switch and support and campaign within the libertarian party. That way you do not have to compromise. However, the downside is that you will largely be doing that with a handful of like-minded others in a mostly empty place. That has its place i suppose. Preaching to the choir, however, is a very slow way of making change happen. I respect and understand your frustration and disappointment and your choice to shake the dust from your fee with regards to the republican party.
    Will republican party let us advance the liberty movement. Hell no! We have to take the fight to them, recruit and swell the ranks of liberty loving republicans. They will not simply hand us power, we will have to wrench it from their hands, not through violent confrontation, but through the individual conversations about the core liberty ideas. Genuine, honest-to-goodness change always only happens one heart/mind at a time. That is the only path to lasting change. Rand Paul is no sell out or judas goat. He is a shrewd, but honest politician who genuinely wants to advance the Liberty Movement. You can hate him, drop out, and become a cynic. The rest of us will continue to fight. I hope all of us can live with a little compromise and a little ambiguity. After all, in the afterlife, if there is one, I doubt I will have points deducted.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=105100739 Andrew Jones

    How is Rand going to win over the independents now that he will be viewed as a partisan hack? Even if *we* might know what Rand is up to, people looking into the system are going to see Rand as just another “team player” in a sport that is killing America.
    Ron Paul’s support doubled since 2008 because people valued his independent-mindedness. Rand is going to be hard to sell to those people, now that he endorsed Romney.

  • duderpooter

    I only have one comment for you, Rand. I don’t hate you, I’m not angry, I understand what you are doing, but…. it won’t work. I have come up with a slogan for you, Rand. To wit: “Rand Paul- The best thing that ever happened to Gary Johnson.” Put that in your pipe, and smoke it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.pietz.5 Craig Pietz

    Rand should be endorsing the above clip

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001051110691 Gina Cordova

    Some may be mislead by your “explanation” but not the MAJORITY of Ron Paul SUPPORTERS (we are not “followers”, as you stated on your rombama “endorsement”). We are NOT “ignoring what you have done” to help on some issues, ( isn’t that KINDA your JOB?) — We are NOT holding your Father responsible for YOUR endorsement—- We are NOT “somewhere in the middle” in our stand for Liberty and INTEGRITY with RON PAUL —- We ARE saying that “ENDORSING EVIL” (or the “lesser of two evils”) is WRONG/no integrity — We ARE saying that this is Statesmsn -VS- “politician” – Ron Paul is a statesman, you are a “politician”. Do you still “endorse war”? Your Father does NOT. Just a “heads up” — We are NOT voting for rombama or obamney just because YOU “endorsed” him. Rombama will NEVER win. Ron Paul was the ONLY one who had a chance to beat obamney. We are not “compromising” like you did, (for NOUGHT) because, WE ARE VOTING FOR TRUTH AND INTEGRITY, WE ARE STILL ONLY VOTING FOR RON PAUL…………………….. PERIOD.

  • Draya

    Do what needs to be done Rand…not sure it really matters anymore but do what you gotta do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001051110691 Gina Cordova


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001051110691 Gina Cordova

    Gina Cordova• “Some” may be mislead by your “sweet words” but NOT the MAJORITY of Ron Paul SUPPORTERS (we are not “followers”, as you stated on your rombama “endorsement”). 1000 delegates change their mind Rand ???? Your Father, Ron Paul already has 600+ delegates, (I guess you “forgot” we already have 100s of OUR OWN delegates, sheesh.) We are NOT “ignoring what you have done” to help on some issues, ( isn’t that KINDA your JOB?) — We are NOT holding your Father responsible for YOUR endorsement—- We are NOT “somewhere in the middle” in our stand for Liberty and INTEGRITY with RON PAUL —- We ARE saying that “ENDORSING EVIL” (or the “lesser of two evils”) is WRONG/no integrity — We ARE saying that this is Statesmsn -VS- “politician” – Ron Paul is a statesman, you are a “politician”. Do you still “endorse war”? Your Father does NOT. Just a “heads up” — We are NOT voting for rombama or obamney just because YOU “endorsed” him. Rombama will NEVER win. Ron Paul was the ONLY one who had a chance to beat obamney. I absolutely would NEVER wish you harm, because I care for YOUR FATHER. But, we are not “compromising” like you did, (for NOUGHT) because, WE ARE VOTING FOR TRUTH AND INTEGRITY, WE ARE STILL ONLY VOTING FOR RON PAUL…………………….. PERIOD.

  • liberty man

    They make the argument that “well I am just choosing Romney over Obama, what do you loose for that?” but that’s the opposite argument I made while I campaigned for Ron Paul. The idea that you are forced to choose the lesser of two evils,in my opinion , is not a real choice at all. Why not make a real choice and vote for someone you believe in rather than vote for someone who’s voting record is completely against everything you have ever worked for?

  • http://twitter.com/DawnieRotten Dawnie Rotten

    Sorry, RAND….but the nomination process is NOT over!! Mittens does NOT have the required delegates. It ain’t over til it’s OVER!!! RAND! So…..FUCK YOU!

  • http://twitter.com/DawnieRotten Dawnie Rotten

    After 3:30 mins into this vid…..I need to stop listening. Rand, you’re a TRAITOR!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001051110691 Gina Cordova

    Sorry Rand, NOT FALLING FOR IT, since one of the FIRST things you said was ” some people who still think that A THOUSAND delegates are going to change their mind and not vote for rombama”……….. UH, Rand I guess you “FORGOT” we have HUNDREDS OF DELEGATES OF OUR OWN. We do not need A THOUSAND more of rombama’s. Good try, (NOT) , try again without talking to us like we are that “clueless” would ya ? Or don’t.

  • BKarpov

    The problem with your rationale is that you
    assume this country has time to keep playing politics to remove the
    “cancer” that is destroying our nation. Corruption is ruling at the highest levels
    of the government for the past 50 years.
    Your good intentions will verily slow down the coming and obviously
    engineered economic collapse and with that the loss of our constitutional rights. Your father made his good name by EDUCATING
    THE PEOPLE not Washington. Playing
    politics won’t help you that much.
    Washington needs people like you so the media could continue selling the
    illusion of a healthy balance to the
    public but THE PEOPLE needs leaders like your father to make the difference. Your answers left me with a after
    taste: “let me try to convince
    Washington before the revolution, and of course, keeping my distinguished job
    while trying.” In the interviews
    you did recently including this one, you never answered the question; Did you
    consult with your father about this decision?
    Which make me think that he was not impressed with your strategy. I knew you needed some maturing to do before
    taking daddy’s baton. To cure this
    miscalculation will take you many years.
    I hope you have the energy, strength and time to swim against the
    political current to lay your eggs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremiah-Gault/1734494042 Jeremiah Gault

    I think Rand’s heart is in the right place. But I do question his strategy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Castellana/100001988696834 Frank Castellana

    Gary Johnson gets my support from this point on ! Romney makes me wanna puke …… crap is crap no matter how much honey is on it

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lori-Stephens-Mills/1124006373 Lori Stephens Mills

    Lets all just move forward.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iconic.freedom26 Iconic Freedom

    the rationalizations people tell themselves to capitulate individual liberty is just breathtaking.
    look, either you’re about freedom or force – there are no other options – there are no other choices
    if you’re for one, then you’re not for the other
    if more people would “get” that reality and speak to it – often and always – more people would cross the threshold of consciousness and this bullshit will end
    or…keep doing the same thing expecting a different result

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francine-Star/100000931158392 Francine Star

    It is true that Obama and Romney are the same. I agree that 4 years of Obama can better then 8-years of Romney. HOWEVER<<<< The battle at this time is the Platform!!! Rand is correct that we do need the establishment to pass what we need done at this time….. Lets see what happens to the platform which we should fight HARD to win!… I will do what ever RON Paul tells me to do. If he says support. I support and you should also….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Francine-Star/100000931158392 Francine Star

    Rand has some very valid points. WE NEED TO WIN THE PLATFORM! Rand and his Father Ron built this revolution and are it’s leaders. We had better listen to what RON PAUL has to say in August before further commenting. Ron Paul’s legal team did not file the voter fraud case until after Rand made this announcement. IF they win their case against the RNC and GOP ALL THE DELEGATES WILL BE UN BOUND. ***Regardless Rand is right. We do have lots of power to change things for the better even with Romney.. Obama is paying for Romney to win because Obama CAN beat Romney… MAYBE, Romney will offer Ron the chief officer of the IRS or federal reserve or something LOL so he can beat Obama… WE ALL NEED OBAMA OUT HE BROKE OUR BILL OF RIGHTS!@!@!@!

  • A. Manfredi

    Sorry pal, your done as far as I’m concerned. I don’t buy it. Try as you may, your all done, mark my words. The republicans are going to throw you under the bus. You are going to be sadly disappointed when they don’t give you what they sad they will to get you to turn. You just lost 90% of your support base. Hope your happy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joel-Regen/771359931 Joel Regen

    the party mentality will keep us all in bondage. we need to move into the 21st century by jettisoning federal and state government artifacts and move to a voluntary society. we have the technology and the will to do this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joel-Regen/771359931 Joel Regen

    legalize hemp!! hahaha… who the heck is making it illegal to begin with!! It can’t possibly be illegal unless some idiot passed an unconstitutional law. the whole thing sucks and stinks and I’m so sick of all the BS. Scotty, beam me up, there’s no intelligent life down here!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joel-Regen/771359931 Joel Regen

    we seriously need to assess the situation we are in on earth. Criminals control the planet at all levels except one: they do not have people worshipping them yet. So, here’s what we do ASAP: follow the money back to the top of the pyramid and grab the 1000 or so people at that level and arrest them. Convene a world court made up of people elected from the liberty movement using Scantegrity (google it) and convict them all of murder. then execute them and get on with restoring the planet.
    let’s roll.

  • Leslie

    It is up to us, as it should be. Read the quotes of our founding fathers. This is just about the end of freedom folks!
    Revolution………………………..I’m ready, are you?

  • david

    This guy is flat out lying in this interview. The nominating process is not over. He is repeating the same talking points as everyone else involved in the corruption. I have lost all respect for him. In sum: FUCK YOU

  • david

    I feel so betrayed, even by Ron Paul. You took all our money for what????????? You’re son? Was this the end game all along? Rand even said you had “many” discussions. That is really a slap in the face! After everything we have done??? You need to explain yourself Mr. Ron Paul. Is Rand lying? Did you really give your support for Rand to endorse him? Or was this his own decision. If you die, I no longer support you sir! AND To all of you, Ron Paul is not some iconic figure. He is a man, flesh and blood. When
    YOU discover that YOU can make difference in this world (where most fail to see
    it) you too will realize that it becomes easy not to put all your heart into
    some savior as you will become your own voice. No man will let YOU down as no
    man has the power to do so. Today, Ron Paul just happens to represent the Rule
    of Law, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and Liberty

    In sum: DON’T STOP BELIEVING THAT WE CAN STILL CHANGE THIS. They will NOT stop us, not even RON PAUL giving up.

  • RC4Liberty

    I say write-in Ron.

  • Andrew

    And he’s right! We have to stop being so stuck on the liberty movement having to win this election this year, and we have to start thinking about how he will win in the long run! He’s going to win in the long run if he supports the republican nominee, Romney. And like he said, he would have endorsed WHOEVER became the nominee because he’s on the anti-Obama bandwagon. And with that, no republican will bash him with criticism of not helping beat obama. It’s all politics people! You have to see that the Paul’s do things for a reason, and that reason is just to play by the republican rules until they can change them themselves when they are in power.

  • Slipmatwax

    The economy is shaky at best. Ron Paul will get a whole bunch of delegates in Tampa, many more than the GOP expect and the Ron Paul team know this. There will be a big upset and chaos will ensue in Tampa. Rand Paul has distanced himself from his father because the Pauls expect chaos too. With distance between Rons campaign and Rands endorsement of Romney already established, Rands future in the Republican party is more secure. I think the endorsement was necessary for this reason. There will be surprises in Tampa

  • BroKen1

    It’s a dog and pony show. No surprise, but very disappointing.

  • Nhaal

    Listen to what he say at 05:00. Seems heartbroken :<

  • phylax

    Is it realistic to support a candidate who has “won” by fraud? Surely, Rand knows that Romney has no popular support, he was annointed – not chosen. Rand admits that he paid for his senate position by promising to support the nominee – something that Ron Paul did not do in 2008.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Israel-Cisternas/100000304268627 Israel Cisternas

    I think Rand’s playing it smart and that’s good, he now’s what it takes to get the liberty massage across.

    At first i was suspicious of his endorsement, but now i understand.


  • Wiesiek

    The only way I can see is the new and powerful Party: The Liberty Party, that will split Republicans and Democrats. There is no compromise so it is fruitless to “fit” into a scenario that is not accepting new ideas.

  • Philip

    Whatever Rand may say about his reasons for this announcement, his TIMING was WRONG.

  • JGOhio

    Let me just be frank. I support the message of Ron Paul, not Rand Paul. Ron Paul was the flag bearer of the liberty movement, not his neo-con son. I’ve told fellow Paul supporters for months before this issue arose that Rand Paul is not his father. Rand Paul is a status quo, establishment Republican.

    Rand Paul in 2016? No thank you….

  • Eric

    Although I’m not happy with this. I believe that he is playing the game to become president next go around and although is father didn’t sell short on his platform. But Rand Paul is still 1000X better then 99.99% of all Politicians other than his Father.

  • MVW

    If you think you can change things through politics (which, if you’re a Ron Paul supporter, you do) then you should be supportive of Rand Paul.
    Rand is much, much more politically savvy than Ron. Rand’s endorsement is simply a way to get normal cardcarrying Republicans onside for when he eventually runs for President. Ron was never going to become President but Rand definitely has a chance.