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  • Glen Bradley

    That’s hot.  8-)

  • ImNotAsleep


  • Jj

    what music is that?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLtdFtSAmLw Codyclack

      Two steps from hell – Heart of courage

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLtdFtSAmLw Codyclack

      Two steps from hell – Heart of courage

  • Ryan

    This needs to be on television!

  • Anonymous

    Unwavering is exactly what he is.  He may not have the Media, but he sure is getting the Public.  :-)

    • Miss_Sillia

      But not all. Some people believe he is a republican bigot. Why are these people so angry? Is it cause deep-down they know they’re wrong, but do not want to admit it…cause then they would have to face that they wr wrong, and spoke out against what is right, and so strongly/hatefully. …Am i missing something?

  • rEVOLution

    Lose the music. The great thing about Dr. Paul is that he is actually an incredibly intelligent man who speaks the truth. Save the theatrics for the candidates that need it

    • Kditty

      i like the movie and i know for sure its got the attention of some that wouldnt otherwise listen to  ‘cspan’ like talk

    • Savingpaul

      I would agree, but those kinds of videos are more appealing to people who already suport Ron Paul. We need to be selling  his ideas to those not informed and the music is a nice hook

  • Mtelesz

    Will this get on TV?

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

      I’ve seen it on TV here in Seattle.

      Methinques this is Ron Pauls time!!

      @ least this is my most sincere hope!@facebook-520654915:disqus 



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  • Anonymous

    Share this everywhere – it must get out…

  • Helmuth

    I’d change the very last clip about “once again a candidate” to something else.  Makes him sound like a Lyndon LaRouche-type perpetual candidate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

      Hasn’t Ron Paul been @ it about as long as LaRouche tho?

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

      Hasn’t Ron Paul been @ it about as long as LaRouche tho?

  • BM

    This should be edited down into a commercial for tv.  It’s great!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

      They did, and it is!!


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Rice/100001883164776 Eric Rice

    awsome video

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Jean-Goodwin/1513718033 Carol Jean Goodwin

    Why are so many not paying attention?  Why must so many insist on having a president they can control?  The person in that seat now is running amok and is NOT under anyone’s control except the big money giants and others who only want our nation to fall to a socialiist or communist regime.  I will not allow this. We can not allow this. We The People must stand up and support this heroic RON PAUL and elect him president. He knows what we need and he knows how to attain it.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

      My intent is 2 cast my vote 4 Ron Paul in november of 2012, and in doing so I will break a promise I made 2 myself decades ago, that promise was 2 never, ever vote 4 a republican, but I voted 4 Barack Obama in 2008, and will surely not duplicate that move!

      • Miss_Sillia

        What is up with all the HATE for republicans? are the obvious reasons not STEREOTYPES? How do i get thru to certain voters to vote Ron Paul when they are so REPUBLICAN HATING?

        • Randy

          Simple. Explain to them that Ron Paul is not really a Republican but a libertarian and has to run Republican simply to get in the national spotlight. He is trying to bring the Republican party back to its roots where WE THE PEOPLE run the government and it is small and not so harassing…simply explain to your friends that there really is no ounce of difference between Bush, Obama, and Romney and with Paul, the troops would come home and they would not have to pay an income tax :)

          • Randy

             Not sure how to edit my comment but I meant we all would not have to pay an income tax…and inflation would go down, prices down ect..

      • Brandon

        Amen Timothy! 

    • Miss_Sillia

      well said!

  • http://twitter.com/highcottonquinn Cotton Quinn

    This rocks ass. Good enough for TV. I’d lower the music a smidge so as to hear the soundbites better. Other than that, it’s a keeper. I’ve watched it how many times now? #winning

    • http://www.facebook.com/TimtheHippie Timothy Leary Byrnes

      I love your sentiment Cotton Quinn! I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing it on TV here! And I do believe they dropped the volume of the music a tad…

      • Donna Williams-Parks

        is this on tv????????  omgosh are the sheep able to see it??????  That would be great if it is!!!!!

  • http://police-state-watch.blogspot.com/ JTWilliams

    Great video! Ron Paul not only can see and understand what is right and wrong today, he can foresee the consequences of policy decisions. So much of US govt policy is Hegelian- problem, reaction, solution. And Ron Paul can tell the people about the results before any action is taken. Can Americans choose wisdom over style in 2012? With all the obvious problems America faces, can we get beyond aesthetics

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  • XanthicPraesidium

    Wow.. tone the music in the background down a little bit but otherwise AWESOME

  • Zhekan

    This brought a tear to my eye, it made me realize that before i even learned to walk this great man has been trying to help humanity and now im a grown man and i still see him give his all to help us. I dont know how he had the drive and patience to deliver this message for over 30 years over to all the ignorant people. He is my personal Hero.

  • Whougan

    Trim off about 30 sec from the beginning, a few clips from the 80’s and the last 10 seconds off the end and this ad is ready to hit television.

  • Carolwpaul

    It certainly does go back through the years.  I think it is very good.  WE just have to gets lots of people to see it.

  • Rich

    Imagine a Revolution

    To every empire the end has come. To every paper currency failure has occurred. To every society there comes a turning point; in America we turn now. I ask you to imagine a once free America. Imagine an America which promoted individual liberty and personal responsibility, not a welfare state. Imagine an America where the Constitution applied to everyone and every case, no matter how bad the crime or criminal at suspect. Imagine an America restrained by the Constitution, due process and the rule of law. Imagine an America devoid of secret watch lists, secret prisons and secret assassinations.

    Imagine a moral society which only engaged in just war and only as a last resort.

    Imagine an America, where the decision to go to war, is actually one declared by congress. Imagine an America which never endorsed the use of preventive wars to promote peace. Imagine an America where torture was never acceptable, even if called “enhanced” interrogation techniques. Imagine an America in which a warrant was always required to search or seize persons or property. Imagine an America which respected the writ of habeas corpus and condemned indefinitely detaining individuals.
    Imagine an America where prosperity wasn’t derived from private printing presses, but from true wealth. Imagine an America not ravished by endlessly spending a fiat currency in pursuit of economic growth; all the while promoting the welfare and warfare state. Imagine an America which encouraged savings while destroying that very possibility by devaluing the currency through the deceitful act of controlled monetary inflation. Imagine an America where coins were still worth their weight. Imagine an American in which gold and silver were actually legal tender.

    Imagine an America where children are not arrested for front yard lemonade stands. Imagine an America where you couldn’t be arrested and jailed for gardening on your property. Imagine an America without checkpoints where blood could be drawn without warrant, against one’s will. I ask you to imagine an America where citizens could make the simple decision to drink raw milk. Imagine an America which valued personal choice and responsibility above dictating morality through law. Imagine an America which allowed companies to actually protect their property and customers. Imagine an America where individuals actually had the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as long as they didn’t endanger others.

    Imagine if rights were derived from creation, and not from government.

    Imagine now an America in which citizens understood and respected the experiment of liberty began by their forefathers. Imagine now an America which still embraces the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Imagine now an America where the wretched refuse, the homeless, those searching for the New Colossus could venture to experience liberty. Imagine America no longer safeguarded the liberty they sought, but only the security and secrecy of the state. Imagine an America where ignorance isn’t sold as wisdom and tolerance not delivered by force. Imagine an America where politicians stood behind American principles. Imagine an America where oath to the Constitution was taken seriously and always upheld. Imagine an America of resounding liberty; not one of ever incrementally increasing tyranny. Imagine America as she once was: free and prosperous.

    Now try to imagine an idea. Imagine an idea so powerful, so strong in it conviction, no army or government could stop it. Imagine a return of the respect of the Constitution. Imagine a return to due process and the rule of law. Imagine a return to sound currency and sound monetary policy. Imagine the abolishment of our partaking down the dangerous path of legislating morality. Imagine a return to a foreign policy of freedom and not of preemptive wars and nation building. Imagine the return to the ideals of extending friendship to all, and having entangling alliances with no one. Above all else, Imagine liberty and understand the responsibility having it demands from each of us. Imagine America not as an Empire but as a Republic.

    Imagine if we had the chance to Restore America Now.

    Imagine a Revolution.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LMDLRN2DVWLLKKPVIQ4B76ADFI Amber

    Aw! It’s gone!

    • rpflix


  • EyesWideOpen1

    Why was the video removed?

  • Shark Man

    video was removed?!?

  • EyesWideOpen1

    Consistent!!!! and Correct !!!! Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • DarlinDarlene27

    Ron Paul is my first ever and only Hero! He is consistent, persistant, honest and the only truely trust-worthy candidate who puts this country and it’s people before himself. He will make this country just and whole again.

  • Miss_Sillia

    i can’t watch this without crying.What a HERO

  • Randy

    Nice….is there any way to edit a comment you make on this site?

  • Steve

    Thanks for fixing this video! This was a favorite of mine last year. I sent this to everyone I know and actually turned 4 people in my family onto the cause. 

  • Astrongchristian-twf

    It gave me chills. The man has brilliant foresight, no one can deny that. But what stands out with such stark intensely is
    the bold honesty with which he points out the errors of so many administrations he has witnessed. Is he a prophet
    or just a mere man who with eyes wide open is willing to fearlessly call it what it is. Its an agenda by an elite group to
    destroy the US so that they can institute global plans to dominate the many by the few and carry out their inhumane plans.
    The “sleeping giant” is starting to wake from its slumber and Dr. Paul is the alarm clock.    

    • Anna Dalbec

      Fantastic comment!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Garrett-Coon/100002656411825 Garrett Coon

    Dr. Paul is my hero.  God bless him.

  • Skyelee16

    This special man has opened my eyes and my mind and my heart. I will never be the same..Ron Paul 2012

  • Jb7porter


  • http://www.facebook.com/pxhicks Preston Hicks

    I just want to slap anyone who doesn’t like Ron Paul. How can you not?

  • Michael Henriques

    he is truly rare, it’s easy for people to say stick to ur beliefs…. but hardly any1 does so..

    Not only has Dr. Paul Stuck to his beliefs, not only has he stood up alone for so many years… but he does so with such grace  he’s a States Man

    God Bless Dr. Paul and his family


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7PYGZTF6VRW2KIYXT5DDGNU7UA kikisdragon

    ok, im a little obsessed, maybe its the music, or maybe just that he impresses me so much. I’ve watched this video 5 times now lol

  • krepitor

    The GOP establishment thinks that Ron Paul will fade after the primaries are over. Keep lying to the public, report wrong delegates numbers, maintain the ignorance of the people….
    You can keep lying for ever.
    Ron Paul, what an example of a politician. He has revived the passion for the constitution and created a liberty oriented revolution that will last and shape American politics for now on.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583216416 Jennifer Nicole Stam

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583216416 Jennifer Nicole Stam

    I love you Dr. Ron Paul. I hope I can call you Mr. President in 2012!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Singapom Singapom

    What this man has gone through in pursuit of what he believes is inspiring.  He is head and shoulders above the other candidates, and his modesty and humility shine through every time he speaks.  His ideas ring true, but his character peals even louder.

  • Corey

    He’s the only popular figure that is actually speaking and standing up for what I believe in.

    I am Ron Paul.

  • That Liberty Guy

    Such an inspiration!  As I consider all the foolishness, pettiness and disdain that Dr. Paul has had to face for so many years, I consider what a small price it is to pay to put up with the Establishment knuckleheads in our state parties.  I am about to spend a beautiful weekend not in the Sierra Mountains or Lake Tahoe, but at a state Republican convention.  It’s a true pain in the rear, to be sure. 
    The thing is though, I am psyched.  Who would have ever thought that I would have a chance to stand and be counted for the Cause of Liberty, to be a meaningful piece of an amazing American awakening.
    Dr. Paul is an amazing individual, because he showed up everyday and did what he could.  I pray that millions, including myself, will find the grace to do the same.  Imagine how we will change the world!

  • 7th Sense

    I live in New Zealand, but I know that the RP movement is not an American issue alone. This is a contest of principles and values with far reaching consequences. I have little interest in politics, but since becoming aware of RP some time before the previous election I have been very interested in the developments.

    I really wish for him to win for all our sakes. Change is in the air and will happen one way or another, RP represents the smoothest transition that I know of.

    • rpflix

      Eventually I will return. Great things are going to happen in NZ. Just give me 10 years here.

      • 7th Sense

        I would be interested to hear what your thoughts on those great things are ?

  • Anna Dalbec

    God Bless him and his family!!  

  • Donna Williams-Parks

    Can we please get this on tv??????  so many people would change their minds if they saw this.  I know I did.  when I saw this video or ones like it it cured my apathy.  Do we need know a billionaire like Ross Perot???  Sooo many people would think differently if they saw this video

  • Donna Williams-Parks

    God help him, help him help us.  Lord knows we need it.

  • Jason

    Thank God, We The People have Ron Paul fighting for US! Down with the Corporatist,Elitist,Status Quo,Establishment,War Mongering,Lying,Lobbying,Double Dealing,Two Faced,constitution shredding peices of GARBAGE! Down with Communism/Socialim/Marxism,Totalitarianism Poltiticians Like Obama,Romney!

  • Jason

    Lets make sure they know we are only voting for Ron Paul! So the new slogan is Ron Paul or Ron Paul 2012! wich beats the old slogan of Ron Paul or not at all.

  • williethemayor

    Sometimes  willie  ponders…………………………is  RonPAUL  the only  human  who puts his  pants on  2 legs at a time? 
    Willie believes so………………………..not even  Thomas Paine nor Thomas Jefferson did..

  • williethemayor

    Also it should be noted…………………….DEFENSE  wins  championships

  • Ronbot

    Love ya Ron, Thx for all you do. I am #3 alternate delagate in my district Texas. I hate to say this but I hope 3 Romney delegates get sick that day!

  • Nico

    Need some new insights,…? US NATO troops are encircling IRAN. This war machine that is also,  “out of control”,…..must be stopped. Bring our troops home,….now!! 

  • Sublime9182

    Dr. Ron Paul is my hero. and quite frankly i dont care what ANYONE says he is the only man that i will even acknowledge as a president… if everyone felt this way we have to take the time to try and get him through a corrupted election process.

  • Liberty

    His time has come!!!

    RON PAUL 2012!  We are a strong revolution and we are unstoppable!  THANK YOU RON PAUL.

  • 7th Sense

    I posted a comment to this thread and it disappeared ?

    • 7th Sense

      Oh whoops, I see it below.

  • kathie

    Once in awhile a great statesman comes along, it is rare, so if it comes during ones lifetime, you want to just cherish the moment

  • Mkoler

    I want Ron Paul for president! He is honest! He cares about the people. It’s up to us to get him in. The media and other sources try to cover him up because he isn’t corrupt like the rest! Talk to you friends and family about voting for the best man we have had in many years! Ron Paul.

  • markp

    Too bad Rand is not cut from the same cloth.