• Poke598

    2003? Look at those hairdos!

  • JimJ1

    Jimmy and Chris Ritter…Thank You for this great fine.  What a fantastic speech…..BUT, WE HAVE COME TO EXPECT THIS OF DR. RON PAUL. 

    Wake up America….Ron Paul 2012 and NO OTHER.  Restore America Now!

  • Campandrew119

    Wow!!  This is a wicked good video…packed with all kinds of insights and history into much of Ron’s philosophy and his driving beliefs.  I was particularly interested in his comments…about one hour and three minutes or so in…on the responsibility of declaring war…and there were some, maybe many, voices that had arguments about it just not being practical to declare war…because of economic or liability issues.  What a load of B.S. on their part!!  I find it amazing…constantly as time goes on…that there was someone like Ron Paul that was there the whole time, unbeknownst to a great many of us, that was fighting for Liberty and Freedom…while others only used those words, while undermining those same Liberties and Freedoms.  I find it justifyingly (my word) refreshing that he has many hypocrites on the run today and that there’s a hope for a day when their foolishness will cease and desist.  Good job finding and posting this video!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ricktaylor1545 Rick Taylor

    Just common sense he gets it ..

  • NewWorldLessOrders

    Great vid!  Saw this on Youtube once….
    They can’t stop this great wind of freedom; it’s time.  We will be heard.  We will have peace.  The r3VOLution is inevitable!!

  • Shark Man

    Great stuff

  • Steve

    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” -Ron Paul

    I told my mom yesterday that the best part of being a Rp supporter is that I wake up everyday and know that my candidate is saying the same thing he did yesterday and everyday before that for 40 years. I don’t have to lick my finger, hold it to the wind, and discover, not that he has changed his position, but that he has no principles at all.