• http://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.seeley Nathaniel Seeley

    LOL, a true Ron Paul supporter would never support any other candidate.

    • Steven Bartels

      I would go even further and say a person that has principles and values that they believe in will not change even if everyone says they are wrong. Even if everyone fights you for 40 years. Even if people ignore you for 40 years. Even if that means you lose friends (hint, hint, real friends respect what you believe in regardless if it differs from them. Like the saying goes. Real friends, or more like people that care about you will be there when you are at your worst.).

    • David

      however, if Ron Paul did not go to the general election in any capacity, Obama is a better choice than Romney for a long term purpose.  Obama for a 2nd term opens up the field in 2016 completely.  a republican in 2012 is the incumbent in 2016, and with this line of reasoning with Ron Paul not being that republican, then it is Romney, an awful choice, vs a new democrat, another awful choice.

      • Campandrew119

         I think it’s enough to be aware of that possibility, but not to entertain that thought.  I have no intention of voting for either of those two cheats and will write in Ron Paul if he’s left out in the cold.  Romney and Obama are the same people, maybe one likes his ice cream in a gold dish, while the other likes it spoon fed to him by the poor…to hell with them both!!!

      • John Dillinger

        Its pretty much unanimous, Obama is an undeclared socialist, and Mitt Romney is a candidate without any real guts or a solid stance on anything. At least Obama is willing to say what he believes. I agree, it will be incredibly hard if not impossible for us to unseat a republican incumbent, regardless I think if romney hawks manage to outmaneuver us to the convention, we should just sit at home and let mitt lose. Unless he picks up the causes of Ron Paul (if he really blows with the winds, he should pay attention to the fiercest liberty winds), we will abandon and let him lose. MITT NEEDS US! THE RNC NEEDS US, THEY NEED OUR VOTES. WE HAVE THE POWER TO UNSEAT OBAMA AND BRING MITT. 


        We won’t, we won’t be tempted by some guarantee, we all know what kind of man Mitt is, what convictions he has. Any promise he makes is an idle promise.

        Its up to all of you, If mitt wins the convention, I will stay at home and laugh at those who think there is a difference.

      • NewWorldLessOrders

         No way…Obamney is the same establishment puppet with all strings attached; I’d vote for
        Libertarian Gary Johnson IF PAUL somehow wasn’t on the ballot, but he will be!!

    • Jbcallison

      There is no “I used to support Ron Paul” supporter.

  • http://twitter.com/scrxbandit david

    LMFAO. holy shit

  • Tcornelius

    well said 

    • Rob

      You people are not living in reality. This talk show host is not nice and not accurate. Sad.  Real sad. Wake up you people and support Romney. He’s not perfect, but neither are you. And like it or not, Ron Paul will not win the nomination.

      • rpflix

        Oh no, we’re in the reality alright. In the real world that you’re in denial of, Romney = Obama. And leaving comments like this will not win us over, and guess what, YOU CAN’T WIN WITHOUT US! WE ARE NOT COMPROMISING. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/nphen Nathan Downing Phenicie

        Obama vs Ron Paul is the hardest ticket to decide in my life. Obama versus Romney means that Obama gets the vote, or Ron Paul gets a write-in. There is no victory for Willard and any sane Michigan has disowned him and we know his father, a decent man, George Romney, is spinning in his grave. 

      • http://twitter.com/rabidquill BenjaminThompson

        It’s not about Romney not being perfect. It’s about Romney being completely unacceptable.

  • JimJ1

    RON PAUL 2012…..our movement IS RELEVANT.  The fierce minority….becomes the majority as WE THE PEOPLE stand and fight.  Join and MAKE THE REVOLUTION.  Thank YOU, Jerry Doyle.

  • TheKman71

    I have never heard of Jerry Doyle and now he is my Noon to 3pm daily meeting!  Thanks for this post!

  • Conal McLaughlin

    “get off my show and go be stupid somewhere else”  nice

  • Prietory

    Ron Paul for president

  • Rebecca Stininger

    This guy is great! “Now get off my show and go be stupid somewhere else!” LOVE IT!! I will write IN Ron Paul if I have to….I do not care! RON PAUL 2012 for FREEDOM!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Israel-Cisternas/100000304268627 Israel Cisternas

    Nice i like this guy!
    A real Ron Paul supporter, with spine!..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Israel-Cisternas/100000304268627 Israel Cisternas

    Nice.. i like this guy.. A real Ron Paul supporter with spine!

  • Ron

    its nice to see some people with spine! I would die for the sake of having Ron Paul as president!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Teri-Mount-McCall/100001392291805 Teri Mount McCall

    The guy is STILL Newt Gingrich but other than that bravo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/foznor John Foster

    People have got to make it clear to the republicans:
    Romney can’t beat Obama and all the Obama backers know it. THAT’s why they all Obama’s money men, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp etc all back and fund Romney’s campaign! DUH! That’s why Obama doesn’t fight back against Romney attacks! They don’t want him to lose or they won’t have their controlled opposition.
    Ron Paul can still win this, and HE would definitely beat Obama- HE is the CHANGE Obama ran on and he can USE that to defeat the liar!

  • JJF

    BE STUPID SOMEWHERE ELSE ELSE!!!! Should be enshrined on a golden tablet and on display with our most precious Constitution that some many American have chosen to ignore because of their STUPIDITY. BE STUPID SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! should be on display not because Jerry Doyle so eloquently spoke them but because of the depth of STUPIDITY that exist with mindless followers of the REPUBLICRATS who thrive on the masses continuing to be STUPID to their scams. Jerry Doyle is an awakened one and this is why he is for Ron Paul and the movement that he represents. Thank You Jerry Doyle for not selling out and for speaking for real change!  RON PAUL is one of the first of many more Patriots to come who will help transform our country back to its Constitutional roots and reawakened us to our INHERENT LIBERTIES. VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT.            

  • Debbie370

    I understand your frustration with the “lesser of two evils” voting mentality that has crippled our country for the last several presidential elections.  However, it would have been better to have taken this opportunity to get your ideas across without resorting to calling a listener “stupid”.  Reactions such as this are absolutely poisonous to effective political dialog.  And, they play right into Romney’s hands.  Instead of persuading someone, you just made an enemy.  The founders of this country spoke eloquently and with conviction, but they were not a bunch of hot heads.  I don’t think Ron Paul really appreciates anyone behaving this way in his name, either.  He’s been doing this for over 30 years.  Just think of the patience he’s had to develop.

  • Joeydeex

    is there a link for the entire show?

  • Jareddanielbaker

    he is slapping the truth in their face…sometimes it takes a good slap in the face to WAKE UP!

    ron paul or NOTHING changes and you get to ‘vote’ for the white obamany or the black obamaney.

    Liberty doesn’t stop with ONE election anyway 

  • Guest

    This guy is no better than Michael “Savage” Weiner or Bill O’Reilly. Calling people stupid is not an argument.

    • Steven Bartels

       Totally agree.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7PYGZTF6VRW2KIYXT5DDGNU7UA kikisdragon

      maybe not, but everything else he said WAS an argument, and a perfectly legitimate and sound one, which you most likely didnt bother to pay attention to. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/LJ-Mitchell/509230857 L.J. Mitchell


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doug-Dale/642561770 Doug Dale

    Lol……I think I’m going to have to make some T-Shirts that say “Get off my show and go be stupid somewhere else!”

  • Tstanley1776

    Ive been a huge fan of Jerry Doyle for over 5 years. He is the best talk show host in the nation (at least that I’ve heard)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sara-Helen-Wilson/1438338380 Sara Helen Wilson

    Dearest Neocons,
     “Mitt or get off the pot.” Flush twice. Now that you’re not full of Mitt, maybe you’ll realize the relevance of the Revolution.In Liberty,Fellow American

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-OBrien/1755921840 Paul O’Brien

    Yeah Jerry, you’re the man!
    Only those who haven’t figured out about this movement would say things like that caller.  You really never turn back when you ‘get it’.

  • Oxonce

    I despise the banner that asks me to pick Obama or Romney…F THAT!  At least give me the write-in section on ur poll for Ron Paul before you ask stupid loaded questions like this and then go brag about the results.

  • Ginac29

    JERRY  “Thank you”……………..   R3VOLUTION   ……………. RON PAUL 2012..

  • Steven Bartels

    I don’t really care for insulting people. That is NOT how you convince them to the truth and support the person you do.

  • Holifield

    I’m sorry, Jerry is not the only syndicated radio talk show host to endorse Ron Paul. The other is Alex Jones.

  • sameolbs

    I stopped listening to talk radio because of the hypocricy of talk radio pundits. They talk about freedom then they bash the one candidate that supports individual liberty. They talk about balancing the budget and then they bash the one candidate that would make serious cuts. They were bashing Romney and now they try to talk him up. It is good to hear Jerry Doyle because he is NOT a hypocrite.

  • Sharon

    Never liked Romney.  Would never vote for Romney.  He’s so fake.  He says whatever he has to to pander to the group he’s talking to.  There is no passion for Romney.  Ron Paul is our only wise choice.  I will vote for no one else.

  • Steve

    No one but Paul. We have to stand as strong as Ron Paul does, don’t give an inch, don’t take one for the team, just draw a line in the sand and don’t cross it. 

  • Steve

    No one but Paul. We have to stand as strong as Ron Paul does, don’t give an inch, don’t take one for the team, just draw a line in the sand and don’t cross it. 

  • Rpwork

     Three cheers for Jerry! Now this is Passion for Liberty!   : )

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/len.snow Len Snow

    Pretty harsh, but sometimes..The TRUTH hurts. NO Romney! Know- Ron Paul!~ Not only will I only vote for Ron Paul. I have been, and I’ll continue to do so. Len Snow, an ALTERNATE you can count on :-)

  • Oscarpedge

    Old people listen to TV news and believe everything they are told. Intelligent people get there news from the internet and I don’t mean FOX, CNN or any other MSM. Try INFOWARS

  • Campandrew119

    I agree with most of what you said.  I cringe when I hear people say things like “the two party system is selling us down the river”…because that’s how a Republic is set up, as a two party system.  The real problem is those that represent the status quo…those that use government as a tool to get their way…the same people that are using media to confuse and “educate” us…have control of the two party system, the system that was set up by our founders from the beginning.  It’s now up to us to re-educate enough people about how corrupt those in power have become…how they’ve co-opted both parties over time…and we need to wrest control of one party, just like what Ron Paul is doing…so that OUR voice is then heard. (and by OUR…I mean those that see what’s going on…those that want a better future than the one being sold to us…the one that really benefits those with vested interest and control)  That’s HOW a Republic works.  That’s how it’s supposed to BE!!  I think those pushing for third party options are really looking for a Democracy…not a Republic…but there’s really no order in a Democracy…because it’s mob rule.  If we had a Democracy…or a third party…it would be pretty chaotic.  At least all we have to worry about is Progressive Capitalists co-opting our Republic and deceiving the people into thinking that regular old Capitalism and the Free Market is giving us everything we need and have…but that’s a lie, because the crony system we have now…is benefiting those in power now…some of them very wealthy and some of them feeding off the status quo, while the rest of us get thrown under the bus.  Occupiers are confused…Capitalism is not the problem…Free Markets are not the problem.  It’s Progressive Capitalists and those that represent them…like Obama, Romney, Bush and all their lying-ass ilk!!  Big government is Socialism…whether it’s Communism or Fascism…or some soft porn version of the two…some lie sold to us as truth.  They use our words against us and they count on our apathy and confusion, that works against us…so we really need to get our heads out of our asses and put Ron Paul in the big seat…and we need to start giving a crap…otherwise we’re all dead meat!!   And we really should stop demanding government regulate behavior and morals…because when our rights are taken from us…we become slaves.

  • Campandrew119

     I think it’s enough to be aware of that possibility, but not to entertain that thought.  I have no intention of voting for either of those two cheats and will write in Ron Paul if he’s left out in the cold.  Romney and Obama are the same people, maybe one likes his ice cream in a gold dish, while the other likes it spoon fed to him by the poor…to hell with them both!!!

  • Grand Abbot

    I could listen to this for HOURS…

    ENCORE! ENCORE! More logic & truth!

  • Mousepd

    Oh My God.    LMAO. Jerry is the Man!

  • RJ


  • Alexander

    AWESOME HAHAHAHAHAHA :D:D:D Jerry’s the man :D

  • Jingles

     5:37 What I have always wanted to say to typical Republicans…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/JOse-MUrillO/567562539 JOse MUrillO

    Jerry Doyle is the f*&^%$&% man!!!!

  • Ben…

    The RNC is gonna be great this year. Ron Paul supporters are coming like a waive people!! Get ready and get your life vests out, cause the establishment tools will drown in the waive! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • Goldstandard

    Tell him how you really feel, Jerry! 

  • murpholas

    what a legend!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Maldonado/562036445 Jose Maldonado

    How can anyone listen to Rush when Jerry speaks gold! 

  • Vince

    Pretty sure “Jerry from Georgia” is one my neighbors. If I had a nickle for every time I heard “I don’t like Mitt but at least he isn’t Obama”, I’d be doing pretty darned well. My soul will not allow me to cast a vote for Mittens.

  • Watch Dog

    People if you want a change , there is only one CLEAR choice Ron Paul , any other vote is a vote for the SAME
    go Ron Paul GO