• Joergfelsch

    Dr. Paul should right NOW declare that if he doesn’t get the nomination, he will be running again in
    2016. That will get him back in the MSM pronto. Interviews galore.

    • Ja Ke

      He doesn’t like to speak in absolutes. How could he declare something he isn’t sure of? In all likelihood, he will not run again, and even if he might, he certainly wouldn’t be close to having made that decision now. Tainting the purity of his honesty would take away his credibility, regardless of if it helps him get elected now or not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mindy.maucelli Mindy Maucelli

       Nope, it won’t. The only way the media will cover ANYTHING about him is if he drops out. That is what happened last election. They did this very same thing to him. But as soon as he dropped, they had him all over the media. (which is WHY he now has all this support) it was GENIUS!

    • Tonythebrain

      He’ll be far too old at that point…people are already hating on his age. It’s unrealistic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shane-Mayfield/1282368697 Shane Mayfield

    There is not one doubt in my mind who to vote for and that is Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who is even for Americans. The others are for everybody except Americans. How any of these other candidates can even be considered for the job is beyond me. The others want to continue to tax and spend, give our borrowed money to other countries, police the world at our expense, control our every move from craddle to grave, treat us like idiots who can not take care of ourselves without there constant vigilance, strengthen the already giant monopolies of the media, hollywood, banking, federal reserve, defense machine,and retail prices of everything, for the wealthy elite.Our country has been taken over by outsiders who do not have our best interest in mind. Israel has more power in our country than all the teachers associations of america put together. Inorder to run for a major office you must have the blessings of the american israel political action group or there media will exclude you as being unelectable and proceed to destroy you in the eyes of the voters. You have only to look at what they did to president carter when he came out with his book about “the truth” how Israel is mistreating the palestinians. ..He was attacked by the american media from all sides, which is proof enough for me to be in favor of immediate break up of our media monopoly with redistribution of stations to insure freedom of speech for all. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has not agreed to attack Iran at the demand of Israel. Therefore he is considered unelectable by the media and all the people who live by the word of the media. If the jews want peace , they should agree to give up there atomic bombs in exchange for Iran stopping there atomic adventures. If either country needs atomic energy for utilities, they should be allowed to buy atomic power plants from the major powers, with the main goal being to do away with atomic weapons as soon as possible for all. The day of aggression must be over for all and we must learn to be happy with what we have and never covet what our neighbor has

  • Kduanelee

    I love this man!

  • Diana

    Please change the mis-perception that just because thousands are showing up for rallies on college campuses,
    not ALL of the people in the audience are students!  There are MANY older people working very hard to spread
    Dr. Paul’s message…and have been for years!

    • Philip

      I agree with you, Diana. I’ve noticed how Dr Paul’s support comes from all age groups, and this should be emphasised. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Smith/100000173561075 Jack Smith

    The MSM media will have to start covering Ron Paul’s campaign, those huge crowds mean something and to believe that Ron Paul is going nowhere is just plain ignorance, and speaking of ignorance, the ignorants will be the ones voting for Romney.

    Let’s hope the American people open their eyes and vote for the right person, Ron Paul.


  • moebears

    He exercises twice a day…love it. Go Dr. Paul!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mindy.maucelli Mindy Maucelli

    He CAN WIN THIS! Please vote people at your primary!

  • http://www.mask-inc.com/ Moga

    I think that Dr Paul should immediately go ahead and move over to the Libertarian Party…with full speed, at least do so by mid June or July.  The MSM and polls tell tale of deception as far as the number of supporters who are with us for Dr Paul.  The Republican Party itself pays no attention to the crowds, his consistency, his ethics, and his honorable statesmanship.
    Moving to the Libertarian Party now would guarantee his name on the ballot in all states. The key is making sure his NAME IS ON THE BALLOT!  There are Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and others who support Dr Paul.  If his name isn’t on the final ballot in November, he would have to rely on write in……and that just won’t happen.
    We must ferociously admire him for his courage and fortitude.  The Parties and MSM are running scared of him, THAT IS WHY he is ignored and shown little respect on these medium as THEY KNOW THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED ….especially if Dr Paul becomes our 45th President.


  • Johndenton46

    I understand that from capturing all the Colorado delegates Ron is assured of prime time visibility at the convention. Well done. 

  • Guyana Spice


  • Jason

    Those who do not love this man are evil. He is as pure as the day is long. God bless him. I”m thankful that his messages are being heard and his ideals may change a generation. God knows it”s needed.

  • Karenropson

    Because of voter fraud here in Canada, we now have a man in charge who is a lover of big Corporate companies. I think he was trained by the North American Union and strategically placed in our Gov. to make sure the NAU can begin controlling our naturally resources. It has already begun. The first to be attacked was the fishery. They succeeded in passing a bill that will destroy the habitat protection provisions in the fisheries act. This was done without the publics knowledge. Now, oil companies won’t have the red tape to go through when building pipelines. They have no consideration for the enviroment, or any future generation.
    This is why it is so important for Americans to make sure voter fraud doesn’t allow for a man like Mitt Romney to gain power. The only hope for a free civilization is for Dr. Ron Paul to become the next President of the United States. Maybe his will will cross over the borders and bring an end to the endless greed of large corporations. he is your only hope and the hope for peace around the world.