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    hahahaha take that Cameron!

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    Like A Boss.

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    I cannot stand that carl cammeron….He makes my blood boil.  It is good to see him have to admit Dr. Paul is The Boss.

  • Iansnowmedia

    Isnt this the clown who was rude to Ron in the debates?

    • http://twitter.com/BWSchlundt Bryan Schlundt

      Yup, Mr. “…electability. Do you have any, sir?”

      • http://www.facebook.com/len.snow Len Snow

         Thats the guy. HAHAHA This is Classic. I’m surprised he didn’t choke!~

        • on the move

          “….integrity. Do you have any, sir?”

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    I could throw myself on the floor over those comments.  I’m sure Cameron was pissed at the producers for having to say it.  How’s that for electability you sniveling fucking weasel!?!?!

  • 1used2teachkids

    Reliability Sir, do you have any?

    • http://www.facebook.com/thefish103 Dan Fisher

       HA!  I would pay a whole lot of money to hear someone ask him that question live.

      • Vote Real – Vote Paul

         I love seeing these establishment idiots eat crow. Almost restores my faith in the America political system…, ALMOST! Ron Paul 2012 – Like a BOSS!

        • PLC54

          Both of these guys are SOB’s in my eyes for not playing fair. A true journalist’s profession is to report all news fairly and impartially….or am I living in 1950?

    • Slipmatwax

      Hahaha nice one teacher!

    • stan

      Can you think where Ron Paul would be without the Fox news blackout. I only watch -they choose,-then you can decide; when Ron Paul is on,like on Neals show. At 73 I watched fox for years,scense I know longer watch fox unfair &  unbalanced programs like Sean & his ilk,I have noticed that I am no longer a war monger and no longer believe our troups should DIE for money or Isreal. Hallaluyah !

  • anonymous

    I love democracy…and Ron Paul

    • SmartL

       I love this democratic Republic.

  • rr71

    Hah,hah!..eat it Fox News! Eat it!
    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • http://twitter.com/littlepinktoe Flo

    Ron Paul Presidency soon.

    Does anyone know if Romney is truly eligible to be president since his father is not a US citizen? also Marco Rubio, since both his parents didn’t become citizens until after he was born.

    • Sam

      It all depends on the meaning of “natural born citizen”. The original meaning was the person had to be born within the US AND both parents had to be citizens (http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html). But today, the meaning has degraded (by today’s justices) to mean the person only has to be born within the US. So by today’s lax standard, yes, both are eligible. …but neither one should be eligible by the original meaning (which would also make our current President illegitimate).

      • Sam

        The link accidentally grabbed the closing parenthesis as part of the link, so when you get the “page not found”, backspace out the parenthesis from the address bar, and hit return. Sorry. I wish I could edit my post to fix that.

        • http://twitter.com/littlepinktoe Flo

          Thank you Sam. I’d like to know what Ron Paul thinks about this , wouldn’t you? I still don’t think Obama is eligible and both birth certificates posted online are forged.

          • Sharon

            Apparently Congress doesn’t have the gonads to kick him out.  There is a vice-president to take over.  In the 70’s Nixon’s VP was essentially fired, then Nixon was about to be impeached.  I think the senate appointed Gerald Ford to be the new VP, then when Nixon resigned, Gerald Ford became the first president to take office without having been elected to the presidency or the vice-presidency.  Obama is an unconstitutional president and should be removed from office immediately and should have been as soon as it was determined that he was not a US citizen.  Of course that should have been done before he was ever allowed to run for office.  I thought all that talk about him not being a citizen was by people who just didn’t want a black president.  Now, it seems they were right and had nothing to do with his race.  This is not something that should be debated.  It should be done immediately.  I’d do it myself but I’m pretty sure I’d be shot for trying to to that.  I sure hope this comes up in the election if they don’t get rid of him before that.   The people of this country need to know that their  “president” is NOT their president.   Now I understand why some refer to him as Mr. Obama and not President Obama.  What an irresponsible thing for him to do to his daughters.

          • ghendric

            I voiced my opinions about that to Congress and  the Republican Senator in my state wrote me back with one of those rubber stamped form letters stating that the consensus was Obama was a natural born American citizen and that he was legal.. (yeah sure)

      • williethemayor

        willie believes,  the just of the  14th amendment  had to  do  with  post slavery, i.e.  blacks being born from  ex-slaves ???

      • http://www.facebook.com/SWAGJLB8 Amanda Ann Deur

        Amazing how even the supposed experts can’t discern “Native born” from “Natural born”, next they’ll confuse “Naturalized” as well so anyone can be President.

      • http://www.facebook.com/SWAGJLB8 Amanda Ann Deur

        Obama used a foreign passport when he went to Pakistan, which also removes his U.S. citizenship if he ever had any. There’s no way in Hell he went there as an American, at that time it would not have been allowed and he wouldn’t have returned alive if he did. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/SWAGJLB8 Amanda Ann Deur
      • phylax

        Romney has to be a Natural Born Citizen, his mother and father just have to be citizensof the U.S.when Mitt was born.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SWAGJLB8 Amanda Ann Deur

      Nobody knows if Romney’s dad was a U.S. Citizen in 1947 when Mitt was born, which is crucial. Obama is blatantly ineligible because of his Kenyan British subject father but nobody seems interested in that. IF Obama were exposed as such and removed from office, everything he did since 2008 would be nullified and the taxpayers would not pay him squat or pay for his protection as a former President for life.

    • phylax

      His father was born in Mexico but was a citizen of the U.S.  Obama’s father was never a citizen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/petecox114 Pete Cox

    faux news has zero street cred.ron paul is going to win alot more .eat crow assholes.RP12

  • ghendric

    Wha??? Did hell just freeze over? Fox News said that??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Kendrick/100000074086006 Eric Kendrick

    God I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see their faces when everyone is reporting on the Convention!!!!! I believe we will win this and hopefully their will be hundreds of Ron Paul supporters out side of the Convention to maybe sway some of the other Un-Bound Delegates!!!!!!!!

  • Etoyep

    I love it! I can’t believe Fox is acknowledging Ron Paul’s existence, let alone telling the truth about him.

  • http://twitter.com/stephenbader Stephen Bader

    The MSM is starting to come to the reality that Ron Paul WILL come out on top. There is no stopping him now, and they must comply with that fact. 

  • Libertylovinlady

    Can you hear it friends?! The sound of little pigs flying and hell freezing over and a Revolution coming!! I love it!!

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    Haha, did you see that RAT Brett Bear??? R[??????????????]ution!!!!! Baby……. R[??????????????]ution!!!!!!

  • FlaCityCartel

    This is it folks…. the big break we supporters have been looking for!? Gingrich is almost certain to drop out of the race this week, thereby fortifying Paul’s position as the counter choice to Romney and Obama!? Now is the time to galvanize behind Dr Paul….. Ron Paul 2012 !?

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  • http://twitter.com/LibertyRoll Liberty Roll

    YES!! Ron Paul 2012.   Voting tomorrow here in NY where it is no longer a winner takes all state.  Hoping to send some more Ron Paul delegates to the convention from my area.

  • Slipmatwax

    Ya, “The first in the Nation” you shit-for-brains puppet Cameron, if the beauty contest wasn’t rigged in Iowa and New Hampshire, we would be talking a different campaign now wouldn’t we? The Ron Paul effect can be devastating eh?

  • Ripleydallasbishop

    Lets just go to Tampa now! & give Romney the wooden spoon for being the loser without a cause.

  • Joergfelsch

    This is just the beginning…..”could be very well on top” ?
    He is the winner ! Just kick yourself in the ass and SAY IT already.
    This whole thing will blow up in the MSM’s face.
    “BLOWBACK” Baby

  • Grand Abbot


    I wish I had some brass knuckles and close proximity to these two gentlemen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SWAGJLB8 Amanda Ann Deur

    Americans know about the C.F.R. member founder of Fox and the Saudi Prince connection to Obama’s Harvard education. Ron Paul is the ONLY Presidential candidate who is NOT a C.F.R. member and the C.F.R. main stream media intentionally ignores and belittles him because of it.

  • Friends

    Ron Paul’s Revolution is still going strong.

  • wwhaas

    that’s right freakshow!! RP2012!  this election is just the start.

  • ghendric

    They should rename Fox News to Fox Lying Opinions because that’s all we get from them… the fact they had to say Paul might have won Iowa probably made somebody’s head spin in the news room…

  • Wwhaas

    shucks, i’m goobers dumb brother!

  • Wwhaas

    he should love the freedom to smoke his weed