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  • Iconic Freedom

    shep is looking worse and worse these days…is this guy sick?

    • Brian Jensen

      yeah, his cheeks look weird

  • MrSpooky

     If a republican was in the whitehouse, would Faux News even be discussing this?

    • rpflix

      Of course they would be! They’d be telling us how good it is and that’s it’s the right and necessary thing, and if you didn’t agree with it, you’re probably a terrorist.

    • nigh_eve

      Agreed — while I think this is one of the most important issues facing Americans, I think the only reason Faux is harping on this is to discredit the current administration and put a republican puppet in his place. 

      And I guess Eric Bowling and crew thinks that the unalienable right to life, liberty and pursuit of property (endowed by our Creator) is only given to American citizens.  This seems to be the divide…

  • Maria Mitchell

    I hate that the Judge is on Fox News now and has to hang out with doofi like Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

  • Matthew_l_hays

    HOT lady in Red I’m with you judge! lol

  • Rpwork

    These appearance are AWESOME as the Judge becomes the teacher/expert on the constitution, giving Americans the much needed understanding of what the constitution is and how it is being violated by key government figures etc. He will start to stir more debate and provide legal references on extremely important issues.

    We should have been doing this a long time ago because clearly Americans don’t understand their own constitution or they would not allow the federal government to violate them all the time like they have been doing!

    You go Judge!  : )

  • Brian Jensen

    LOL Faux sounds like Ron Paul supporters talking to the Judge xD OH but he is unelectable. screw them!

  • Atayloravenger

    I’m Shepherd Smith and I’m a silly little catfish. 

    Got to love SNL. 

  • Paul Makowski

    JUDGE! like a boss!

  • Cristino Castro

    Im So Glad To See Somebody Genuinely LAUGH as loud and FULL as The Judge on Fox haha

  • Damon Stahl

    i think shepard smith is on the verge of a breakthough either that or he is a damn good actor that look of anguish and disappointment seems very genuine

  • Jeremy Ryan

    Obama killed anwar awlaki`s son on purpose. Collateral damage? Yeah right. He targeted and assassinate 120 pound child. Obama was afraid the kid might grow up and want retribution. What`s next Obama? A10 year old? 5 year old`s? Infants? Obama reminds me of Don Cicco from the Godfather part 2. Look it up or watch the movie and you`ll understand the similarities. Much like Don Cicco, Obama wipes out the whole family to prevent future mishaps.. We elected a thug.

  • Corey

    I’ve always liked Shepard. He just does reporting. Seems to just give the facts more…..then make sarcastic remarks here and there. 

  • ghendric

    Paul/Napolitano 2012!

    • EyeintheSky

      Agree 100%!!!

    • Tonythebrain

      we need him on the supreme court more than as VP

      • ghendric

        Actually, I think that would be better..

  • ghendric

    I love how the Judge laughs at those idiots on Fox… lol.. they don’t know how to take the Judge because they’ve been brainwashed for so long I don’t think they know what’s right and wrong anymore… classic reprobates…lol..

  • Wunamon

    All this fear of terrorism in America, violating peoples rights and even kill possibly innocent people anywhere across the globe by use of drones can all be stopped if the US just ups and leave these countries. The first step to peace is to leave. Second is to initiate reasonable dialogue between the factions. Third is to reach an agreement and fourth is to begin a friendship.

  • Lori Stephens Mills

    SO FUNNY,,, Judge speaks just like Ron Paul YET the media seems to hear it from him! He would be the BEST VP for Paul! 

  • Lazerhawk

    I LOVE the Judge’s laugh! even his chuckle makes me smile.

  • Mscharen

    I’m no Constitutional Scholar, but I do know that killing people without due process is wrong. I know that there is separation of church and state, and all of the other Amendments that apply to all US Citizens and those living on US Soil.

  • Matthew Reece

    If the government can kill citizens without due process, then perhaps we citizens should return the favor.

  • Winningathome

    Alright Shep! 

  • Tonythebrain

    I can’t stand that neocon botox monster Eric Bolling

  • Freeusup

    Judge, Love ya, but I am embarrassed by the hot lady in red comment.

  • Michael H Friedline

    This is wonderful, I can see everything worth watching on Fox for a whole week in 30 minutes!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    I want to break into the Fed, destroy their printing press and set all their cash on fire. Awesome!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    $200 A WEEK! What one person needs that much for food.

  • Rob H

    The judge is a constitutional juggernaut! 


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