• http://twitter.com/PaulMakowski1 Paul Makowski

    Can someone explain what is going on?? I’ve never been to  a caucus…why are they standing their ground while people are leaving in the first video..

    • missmyelk

      from what I could hear in the video the caucus was performed errantly by the officials and the people decided then to hold their own caucus by the rules that are stated in their countly.  People trying to hold the POWER of this country and they have been shown that this is no longer America.

  • http://twitter.com/timothy_strong Timothy Strong

    Why did they arrest him?


    • http://twitter.com/Bhagnaal Nick Bagnall

      The arrest was made with the complaint that he was “tresspassing”.

      • http://twitter.com/ShadiHussein Shadi

        Is this due to H.R. 347?

      • former missouri delegate

        Isn’t he a public citizen on public grounds attending a public meeting that anyone can go to?  He wasn’t the one with the video camera (which I emphatically disagree with his arrest as well).  How could they call that trespassing?  He was not causing the disturbance.  It was the majority of the people.  They just couldn’t arrest everyone so they took him. 

  • Ian

    So why did they arrest him??? I’m confused.

    • http://twitter.com/Bhagnaal Nick Bagnall

      Apparently the ultimate reason they gave for arresting him was “tresspassing”. Now even if I was a corrupt insider, that’s no holds barred, blatantly and absolutely crooked.

  • JJ

    The end is here…

  • Joe McPlumber

    This is beautiful. I love my country.

    • Joe McPlumber

      And also my countrymen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Nolan/100001971002331 Gary Nolan

    Welcome to the Police State:  The United Socialist States of America.

    Corruption and fraud is rampant.  Pitiful.

  • Ann Crosby

    This is so unbelievably disgusting!!!  WHO ordered this to happen?  WHO had the right to cancel out the entire caucus for St. Charles County? 

    I truly hope that St. Charles residents GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE ST. CHARLES ELECTIONS OFFICE AND PROTEST!!  So that their caucus can be rescheduled and they get a chance to vote and be represented by the delegates of their choice!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1803191557 Chad Yost


  • http://twitter.com/PaulMakowski1 Paul Makowski

    what was he charged with?

  • Steven Bartels

    We are truly shaking the GOP!

    We are AMERICANS! 
    We never retreat! 
    We never surrender! 

    We fight for freedom in a peaceful manner until the time comes to nourish the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    • Tonythebrain

      Violent overthrow of a state only repalces it with another violent state. It’s NEVER the answer. Just sneak out of the country en masse and then they can’t fund it with our tax (extortion) dollars, and then it collapses. Then move back and DON’T set up another state…problem solved.

      Even if you’re a statist however, violence isn’t going to fix anything. Today’s Republic is tomorrow’s Empire, and today’s Empire is tomorrow’s Republic…it’s an endless cycle of stupidity and sociopathic led violence. Stop the cycle by NOT overthrowing the state, but allowing it to collapse like the Soviet state…but don’t make their mistake by replacing it with another state!

      Look to Tom Woods, Robert Murphy, Roderick Long, panarchist synthesis, and Voluntaryism in general to see what we really need.

      Partriotism is NOT nationalism. Nationalism, despite all our brainwashing over the years and nostalgia, is nothing but a mental disorder…the symptom of statism.

      • http://twitter.com/zolphins Zolphins

         Everyone please send GOP email at INFO @ GOP DOT COM to let them know you are ashamed to be a republican after this mess

      • http://twitter.com/scrxbandit david

        The collapse of the US means LA doesnt get water, food doesnt get transported and liquidity vanishes as the dollar collapses. That is not an option. Ron Paul is the solution.

      • Shannon Perley

        I think I’ll take Thomas Jefferson’s advice instead of yours

      • Kellys

        !776 seems to have worked for a while or does that not count? Why move to another country, this one is mine.

      • Preston Reid

        If violence is wrong, then this government is illegitimate. Violent revolution gave this nation life and it may be the only solution available to keep it alive. 

        Remember: When ballots fail, bullets prevail.

      • Steven Bartels

        Yes, I totally agree with nonviolence. But this is something I’m not going to run away from and you cannot run away from it either. Look at the American Revolution, they could have just let the British Empire crash because they started the fractional reserve banking system in the first place. But, they didn’t crash. And we wouldn’t have America if we didn’t fight away from them.

        Quote from Thomas Jefferson “Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

        I do look at what those people say about getting back our republic. However, what if that people that are controlling will kill everyone that tries to stop them even if that means that will have no one to control?

        What about self defense?

        I am NOT advocating violence at all. I don’t want violence, there is already more than enough of that to last this world until the world is gone.

        What I am saying is, it might come down to that if you want freedom, liberty, this country to be a republic again that follows the Constitution.

    • http://twitter.com/zolphins Zolphins

       Everyone please send GOP email at INFO @ GOP DOT COM to let them know you are ashamed to be a republican after this mess

      • Brockstar04

        I sent an email. everybody should. 

      • Brockstar04

        Email I sent.
         Im quite frustrated with how you conducted the St. Charles Republican caucus. Firstly you didn’t let the people set the rules as I know thats how a caucus works.  Also not allowing recording devices makes no sense at all what are you trying to hide? We live in a modern world and thats something you will just have to deal with. 

        The amount of police at the scene was completely unneeded, As it only displayed how much more control you kept trying to keep over everyone.

          Im very ashamed how someone was arrested for using their first amendment right to speak out.  Let me give you the definition of the word Caucus as I’m sure you are unaware of  what it means.

          Caucus:- a meeting of the members of a legislative body who are members of a particular political party, to select candidates or decide policy.  
        Stop the nonsense and know you cant mold democracy. have a nice day. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001265934153 Camden Neves

      You can best bet whoever likes or pays respect to this notion will be monitored by the feds.  Its a scary time we we live in.  Just imagine if our last free refuge is taken away (internet).

      • loony

         unfortunately that is already happening as well on june 12th (isp’s are going to start ‘monitoring’ your online activity, and restrict what you’re allowed to read and see.) these videos only highlight what is happening EVERYWHERE.

        our elections have been hijacked!

      • Preston Reid

        Let them monitor. BTW, there are so many Ron Paul supporters among the military that one wonders whose side they will be on in the coming fight. Even Leon Panetta won’t talk to the Marines unless they are disarmed. What does that tell you?

    • Preston Reid

      The time might be sooner than we know.

  • Daniel Clayton

    So I was there today, participating and watching this unfold. The short story is that Eugene Dokes, who was the St Charles Central Committee chair, had preseleted the people he wanted to run the meeting and rules of the meeting. So when the Paul and Romney people protested following Roberts Rules for the caucus, they were inappropriately ignored. Eugene is either uneducated on what his role was or he thought he could control this part and didn’t have to open it up to the people. Paul and Romney people together were 70-75% of the 1000 people there. We had negotiated Stafford to be chair of the meeting and two Romeny people to be rules and secretary. However Dokes just skipped right over asking the people if that was OK…

  • Ann Crosby

    Hey guys, Anyone who wants to contact the St. Charles County Elections office — the Director’s name is Rich Chrismer and his email address is   —   election@sccmo.org

    We can respectfully ask him to publicly respond as to what happened, and WHEN and HOW he is going to hold a caucus for the people of St. Charles County.  They were silenced and if we don’t speak up, they may not have a vote at all!

    Let’s be respectful in order to set an example of how the democratic process truly works in our country!  Thank you.

  • ghendric

    I am DONE with the GOP…

    • Preston Reid

      Me too.

  • constitutionhugger

    Wow. I liked the one where they are in the gym all chanting with one voice.  It reminds me of the Occupy Wall Street people.   The American people have reached a point where we are fighting back and the establishment is not used to it.  Fasten your seatbelts or get our of the way.  I’m really inspired by these folks. 

  • Ann Crosby

    OK, here’s the email I sent to the Director of the St. Charles Elections office — please send your own version! ——

    Mr. Chrismer,

    By now you must have seen several videos that are currently going viral
    on the internet about the chaos that happened at the St. Charles
    Republican Caucus today.  I think we can all agree that the outcome was
    extremely unfortunate.

    It is very difficult to tell why one of the caucus members was
    arrested.  Can you please make a public statement as to why this person
    was arrested?  Certainly he was within his right to attend a public
    meeting.  Further, the rest of us who weren’t there have a hard time
    understanding the extensive police presence including a police

    It APPEARS that the police put up barriers to this meeting of caucus
    members (such as not being able to hear anything because of the police
    helicopter).  It APPEARS that the police arrested this caucus member for
    no apparent reason other than to stop the organizing process that was
    happening.  For the sake of the reputation of your County and your
    Elections Office, these problems need to be addressed directly by a
    press conference from you, with reporters present.

    Next, WHEN and HOW are you going to hold a caucus for the people of St. Charles
    County??  They were silenced at their legal and rightful caucus today and it is totally wrong that they may not have
    a vote at all.  You need to act and restore their rightful opportunity to choose delegates to represent them.

    Many of us who have seen these videos on the Internet expect you to set
    an example of how the democratic process truly works in our country! 

    I look forward to your response,

    Thank you,

    Ann Crosby

  • Concerned American

    I can’t believe what kind of country I live in right now. :-(

  • Sovereignty

    Well Done, I,m in Love with that Gal in the yellow shirt-Women who are AWAKE-ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL XX

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=701469218 Rob Reitz

    The SHIT HIT THE FAN in Missouri.  Let this be an example to the rest of the states people who support Freedom and Ron Paul – and let it be a message to the GOP and the ESTABLISHMENT.  Revolution is here – and it is us that the corrupt should fear…

    • http://twitter.com/zolphins Zolphins

       Everyone please send GOP email at INFO @ GOP DOT COM to let them know you are ashamed to be a republican after this mess

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Holguin/100000497495262 Mark Holguin

    Please organize.  Can someone please help and guide these well meaning patriots through the BS that is the GOP.  = big war machine.  The election process should be transparent.  Everyone must have video capacity.  Everyone…

  • Smfast

    Interesting? that the token Negro is undoing the very voting process that his and our ancestors worked so hard to secure for blacks, women and freemen.

    • Kellys

      Uncle Tom if there ever was one.

  • http://twitter.com/zolphins Zolphins

    Everyone please send GOP email at INFO @ GOP DOT COM to let them know you are ashamed to be a republican after this mess

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaxStreet1 Jaed Deaj

    New campaign song recommendation: Twisted Sister– We’re not going to take it. Excellent suggestion from a FB Paul supporter on FB, don’t you think?

  • http://twitter.com/Samuel_E_Amer Sam Amer

    I watched all of them at the same time :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001265934153 Camden Neves

    Wow..  Word has it this was a move by the SANTORUM campaign.  That fear monger will not get the nomination nor beat Obama.  Lets keep pushing for the doctor!!!!  Hang in there M.O

  • Tl7555

    These people are truly inspiring. We have to get the word out. I’m was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and the people of this State kicked Santorum to the curb in 2007. People should NOT let the sweater vest and the pearly whites fool them.

  • JEP

    For those of you wondering what exactly you’re seeing in the videos, his a post written by Brent Stafford at the DailyPaul.com


  • JimJ Det

    They cuffed the gentleman.  Didn’t see that they read him his rights….did you?  Even the Chinese tank driver stopped and did not run over the single person that stood in front of a tank related to Tianeman Square.  In the United States the police handcuff a citizen and lead him away.  Bad things are coming…..we may be in worse shape than we know.  The Establishment (go along) Congress and Executive Branch colluded and passed the NDAA…..look where we are now.  Where are we headed?  At this point nowhere good.  With Ron Paul we head in the proper direction and make the necessary corrections.  Everyone, do all you can to become a delegate (get yourself and everyone involved in your state).  Broker this convention in Tampa.  We need, Ron Paul the “WATCHMAN” NOW—-Restore America NOW.  Ron Paul 2012.

    Ezekiel 33:6     
    But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.

    WE THE PEOPLE are all the “watchman”.  Blow the trumpet!

  • Acrohn25

    The Republican party chooses to treat us like the “red-headed step
    children.” Our numbers are increasing every day. We are not just
    Republicans. We are Democrats. We are Independents. We are Americans
    standing up for our rights. If they will not respect us, then they are
    the ones, in the end that will lose. It is the choice they are making
    and that is all there is to it. Ron Paul or none at all.  You guys made me proud to be an American – great job!!

  • Mitt

    I can’t believe this is happening.  Romney (or perhaps the other guy) and Golden Sachs are leaving out no punches.  I did a web search and checked their site, they huge.  The media says they are in financial trouble, what a joke. This is interesting typing is slow, must be monitored life.  The globalist really are wicked and they will by “acts of nature” or other form be destroyed by the mighty hand of God.  They cannot control the universe. War mongers.  They are the terrorist … now there are drones … way too many people working for the corporation governments. They are arrogant drunk on power asses.  

  • Bdubya

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    This Idea will not be stopped.  It’s time has come

    rEVOLution 2012,

  • Alan Manfredi

    This is exactly why we need Ron Paul as president. My God, This is America ? WOW

  • Bktmultimedia

    You know what, I like Ron Paul. I stood up for you guys when my parents came home from THAT! They were going for Ron Paul for ME! Cause I am not 18. But you know what. Praising this is rediculous. This was embrassing! Clearly they are in chargee right now, so if you want change you have to play by their RULES. That Is the only way to win. I am ashamed to support Ron Paul, because of YOU that were there.

  • Jul

    why isn’t this on the news! there is evidence of voter suppression & fraud all over the country and no one is reporting it!

    • Gare Enn

      Maybe the reason why election fraud isn’t covered on the news is that nobody is interfacing with the news agencies the way an independent film crew would.  Maybe people need to learn the ‘news game’, and perform proper video and story submissions with exclusive broadcast rights (and charged fees) to the news stations.  Maybe the problem is simply mechanical.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lori-Stephens-Mills/1124006373 Lori Stephens Mills


  • http://twitter.com/timothy_strong Timothy Strong

     What I want to know is WHY did all the police support the three men with the microphone, and not the 2500 people who were being blatantly silenced.  Are they all Santorum supporters?

    • Sharon

      I would guess they were threatened or bribed.

  • http://twitter.com/timothy_strong Timothy Strong

    If we were to call the the sherrifs department and request a police presence to make sure that the GOP head was following the rules, would they do it, or would they still side with the GOP?

  • http://twitter.com/TheKnowBuddies Paul Napolitano

     I found this in the comment section of the ABC news report entitled:
    Police Intervene, Arrest Ron Paul Backers at Missouri Caucus

    Written by Caucus Attendee LORI MILLS | March 17, 2012, 8:21 pm

    AT ANY PUBLIC VOTING PROCESS! Here is the REAL story. I shall first
    start off this report by saying that Bryan Spencer, the Saint Charles
    County Republican Party Central Committee man who was tasked to organize
    the caucus told my fellow Ron Paul Coordinator here in Saint Charles at
    the last Saint Charles County Central Committee meeting, that ‘if the Ron
    Paul people come in and hijack the caucus, I will do everything in my
    power to throw out the entire delegation on a technicality.’

    This is exactly what happened, but first, let me clarify what Spencer
    means by ‘hijack’. There are no rules going into the caucus, aside from
    Robert’s Rules of Order. At the caucus, the temporary chairman opens
    the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Next, the
    temporary chairman opens the floor for nominations for a permanent chair
    in which the entire body of voters votes for. The newly elected
    chairman opens the floor to nominate a secretary. Then the chairman
    appoints a parlamentarian, the rules committee, and the credentials
    committee. The rules are voted on and then the body selects delegates to
    go to the Congressional District Convention and the State Convention.

    So, the key is to organize your supporters into ‘slates’, which are
    lists of names of the supporters who wish to be delegates. Ideally, you
    want to have your slates full, this way, all delegates that go to the
    conventions will be your candidate’s delegates. It is the process of a
    democratic republic. Organization is the key going into the caucus, and
    we had came prepared with the only complete slate of delegates. The
    Romney camp and Santorum camp had incomplete slates. We could have
    potentially have walked away with all of the 147 of the delegates.

    So this is what Spencer means by ‘hijack’. There is no rule against
    having your stuff together and taking all of the delegates. It is the
    name of the game. We knew the GOP rules going in, and intended to follow
    them. We know that Spencer was encouraging the Santorum Coordinator to
    take all of the delegates if she had the numbers, so, it seems that he
    is okay with his guy getting the delegates, but not ours.

    So, when we checked into the caucus, we were asked to vote in a straw
    poll for the candidate of our choice. Bryan Spencer’s claimed intent on
    this was to proportion the delegates by the votes from the straw poll,
    but I believe different. I believe that the GOP had a plan in case the
    Ron Paul supporters showed up with good numbers, and throwing out the
    delegation was it.

    When it comes to a caucus, the body chooses the rules, not the GOP
    central committee. Before the temporary chairman (Eugene Dokes) opened
    the meeting, a set of rules was not proposed, but was made binding. One
    of the rules included was the ban on recording devices. I believe this
    ‘rule’ was put in for the reason of raising a ruckus. When that rule was
    read, it was very clear that everyone, not just Paul supporters, in
    that room opposed the rule. Boos ensued as well as Bryce Steinhoff,
    myself, Brent Stafford, and countless others tried making motions to
    overturn that rule and to put it up for a vote. Eugene ignored the
    motions, shouts of ‘point of order’, etc.

    After around 20 minutes of deadlock and an eventual submission of the
    camera owner to turn it off, he opened the meeting by appointing a parliamentarian, appointing the credentials committee, and the rules
    committee, which are all appointments made by the PERMANENT chair whose
    has been elected by the body, not the temporary chair. He completely went
    around Robert’s Rules of Order. This is why the GOP did not want the
    process recorded. Again, they completely ignored parlimentary rule to
    usher in their chairman.

    Next, Dokes opened the floor for nominations for the permanent chair,
    in complete opposite order than Robert’s Rule of Order states. At this
    time, the whole gymnasium erupted in the call for Brent Stafford to be
    nominated, which Dokes ignored. Dokes then made his own nomination for
    chair and then called for a voice vote. The entire gymnasium erupted
    again with the call for ‘division’, which is the term that calls for a
    standing or ballot vote, which was ultimately ignored by Dokes. Dokes’s
    voice vote result was that the “I’s” have it, which was clearly not the
    case. Dokes then motioned to close nominations, called for a voice vote,
    and nominations were closed without any recognition of motions from the
    floor. Then the new ‘permanent chair’ made a motion to adjourn the
    meeting, swung his gavel, and it was over.

    No delegates were awarded.

    Next, we tried to amass the people outside in the parking lot to have
    our own stump caucus to pick the delegates for the conventions. But the
    Saint Peters Police came over and arrested Brent Stafford for
    ”trespassing”, as well as Kenny Suitter, the man with the camera.

    I go back to what Bryan Spencer said to Bryce at the Central
    Committee meeting: ‘If the Ron Paul people try to ‘hijack’ the caucus, I
    will do everything in my power to throw out the entire delegation.

    ‘Did Ron Paul have a majority in the room according to the straw poll
    at the door? Did the vote counters see this and feared the Ron Paul
    campaign would be able to elect their chair and walk away with all of
    the delegates? Did the sight of the Ron Paul Coordinators and the Romney
    Coordinators brokering a deal worry them that Santorum would not get
    any delegates?

    I know for sure a few people on the Saint Charles GOP Central Committee are Santorum supporters

    Written by Caucus Attendee LORI MILLS | March 17, 2012, 8:21 pm
    comment section of the ABC news report entitled:

    Police Intervene, Arrest Ron Paul Backers at Missouri Caucus


    • Brockstar04

      Wow. Thanks for the great post. wish I can share this passage around?

  • JamesA84

    Arrested for trespassing (1st video)? Far from it, it’s public property. The only thing they can get arrested for is public disturbance.

  • Jondoe

    We are watching the begining of the end of the republican party. As the delegate process plays out and our superior organization is made clear the GOP will be forced to break all their own rules in order to stop Dr. Paul from obtaining a majority of delegates. This blatent cheating will occur nationwide, in local events such as this caucus, state conventions, and if not stopped by the GOP beforehand the national convention. The news media will do everything in its power not to report these happening, but they will become so widespread that the political landscape will be shaken.
    My friends we are about to kill the rebulican party, and becomee the first third party canidate to win POS.

  • Nosamsinned

    The traitors will be held accountable for their actions.

  • Ripleydallasbishop

    The GOP hierachy are scared, an it shows.

  • Gare Enn

    Maybe the reason why election fraud isn’t covered on the news is that nobody is interfacing with the news agencies the way an independent film crew would.  Maybe people need to learn the ‘news game’, and perform proper video and story submissions with exclusive broadcast rights (and charged fees) to the news stations.  Maybe the problem is simply mechanical.

  • Preston Reid

    Police State in spades.

  • Dwj7

    You guys are doing awesome in putting out this valuable information!!! Thank you so much and keep it up.

    Wanted to pass these great vid’s around to help them go viral, but it take soooo long to get them to load on most peoples computers that there is a large percentage of people who will unfortunately not make time to sit and wait to download, and these are the people we want to reach…being an IT neophyte, is there some way to sacrifice a little quality to enhance the speed and enhancing probability of more people getting the higher awareness we are all wanting and intending???
    Regards and respectfully from Volunteer HQ in Minnetonka, MN(I am just an occasional volunteer, not staff!!!),
    Dan J

  • Guest

    OK first I was there. Second this guy sates there was no one
    that seemed out of control or threatening in any way. Both of these are not
    true. Again, I was there. All these videos only state what you want it to state. The only people that seem to have video of what was
    happening all seem to be the same people that did not want to cooperate with the
    caucus officials. I guess there is no way to ever please everybody but where
    this group of people think that by denying the use of cameras or video
    recordings, it also violates my right not to have my vote recorded. That is why
    we have always had a secret voting, is it not? I am a firm believer that this
    state should just have a primary but have it after the proper date. This stuff of
    have a primary and spending all the money and it does no good is what is really
    silly. Have a primary and let all the people vote and make a decision. Not just
    a few that shows up at the Caucus.  However,
    so far all I have seen is a group of people that just want to railroad the
    entire system. I am a taxpayer and a; law-abiding citizen and I did not appreciate
    the way things happen. Because this group of irrational people I did not even
    get a chance to vote. Moreover, on that accord I should be the one that has had
    all rights violated!!!!!!!!! So THANK YOU RON PAUL SUPPORTERS THAT CAUSED THIS.
    Please notice I said the ones that caused this, as I know a couple of his supporters
    that was embarrassed to say they were part of the same group!!!!

    • Brockstar04

      So… When you say the “Ron Paul” supporters caused this, you mean the majority of the people present at your caucus? 

    • Brockstar04

      The people at the caucus are supposed to appoint leaders for the meeting. Thats why you had trouble with officials. They should read their own rulebook. 

    • OneToughMudder

      Your correct, RP supporters were standing up for your rights when people like you would rather take it lying down than standing up for yourselves and fellow voters when someone is trying to take your rights away to vote, which is what happened. I think you have a misconception that if everyone had sat quietly the outcome would have been different, i assure you this would not have been the case; the actions by the committee were pre-meditated driven by the fact that they knew exactly how many supporters for each candidate were there because we all put in on the registration form (so by the act of filing out that portion you yourself were violating your own rights to secrecy and the opposition to the camera rule is just a way for you to throw blame at someone and has nothing to do with your rights to privacy). Another thing you obviously failed to notice is there were almost just as many Romney supporters fired up about the blatant disregard for the actual rules of a caucus, I know this for 2 reasons, a large # of Romney supporters were wearing support stickers and I was at the regrouping that happened afterwords and spoke with many Romney supporters. I assume you weren’t there. So go ahead and bend over for the political machine but I wont, hope you enjoy the ride.
      I do however agree with you on the primary only idea and out with the caucus style voting but unfortunately that’s not how Missouri works right now so we have to work with what we have.
      Lets say that there were only primaries and the deciding votes were actually decided by voters, you are there casting your vote on the machine, just as your just about to select your candidate and man walks up behind you, insists you vote vor his candidate, takes your pen and selects a candidate for you. I’m guessing by your statements above that you would have just thrown your hands up and said that you don’t want trouble and leave with your tail between your legs. This is exactly what happened at the St. Charles caucus and I feel sorry for our country that its full of people who don’t have the guts to stand up for whats right and let themselves and fellow Americans be ramrodded by the system. Maybe this country actually has no hope.

    • alsoaguest

      I’ve been to a Missouri caucus similar to this one.  If they would have just abided by the rules and elected a chairman, none of this would have happened.  Am I right?  Don’t try to blame it on Ron Paul supporters.  There has been too much election fraud.  It is happening all over the nation.  It just happened in my area.  What are we going to do about it?   

  • Dwj7


    Wish all well and send thoughts of great intention for all those heading to the DISTRICT 33 BPOU Convention at Orono M.S. tonight at 7:00 Central time.  Marianne Stebbins, Dave Wahlstedt and the rest of our crew are going to persevere, go out and stand firm and represent!!!  Thanks to RONPAULFLiX for all of the precious videography you put out all day/everyday regardless of some of the production value, as if you have a problem with the audio or video, you go lead the charge and get some better yourself than what these guys are doing, am doing what I can as well, let’s all keep pushin’ the rock in the same direction and prop up our mutual bro’s when we can…We are going to take these frickin’ dark entities down, and we’re going to take ‘em down hard-core!!!

  • Steven Bartels

    I wounder if a person could leave the stand when in the video under the interview. If a person couldn’t leave then this really is a police state.

  • http://twitter.com/TheKnowBuddies Paul Napolitano

    Followup : Read The REAL story which IS in The Comment Section by The People Who Were There >> – GOP Party Central Committee Member Reacts To St. Charles Caucus> CBS St. Louis http://cbsloc.al/FQhEj5 

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Oh look my former highschool 

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    seems like the same system of arresting the political opposition that got Hitler into his position. 

  • Canadian For Ron Paul

    Despite OWS’s misguided efforts, the one thing that would be useful to borrow from them is the “Mic Check” for an event such as this. Many people were shouting “Point of Order” and “Division”, but unless you were in the vicinity of the person saying it, it sounded like it got drowned out. There was a chant of “Point of Order”, but I didn’t hear one for “Division”, but with the chant, it may not be obvious to some in the crowd what was being accomplished or what was going on. Someone should start a “Mic Check”, call for “Point of Order”, or “Division”, and if neither is recognized, should start reading out the relevant section of Parliamentary Procedure from Robert’s Rules of Order. I suspect that many people at these caucuses are not as well versed on Robert’s Rules of Order as the Ron Paul Camp.
    A “Mic Check” would have been useful for the Rump Convention that Brent Stafford tried to hold in the parking lot afterwards as well.

  • SumerianMan

    It appears we now have to arm ourselves, or at the very least hire real mercenary security to keep the state approved election stoppers (State and Local Police) at bay to insure the election process is followed by rules of order. Can you say Gestapo anyone?