• JJ

    It’s too bad that he can’t talk more openly about the BLATANT rigging of the elections without the media trying to label him as a conspiracy theorist. He gets thousands at every rally but only hundreds of votes. Meanwhile a clown like Santorum brings in a couple hundred to his rallies but somehow gathers thousands of votes?? It doesn’t make any sense. Wake up sheeple!! It’s all rigged!!!

    • http://eightfacets.com/ HonestMedia

       There are many of us watching from overseas and some of us have lived in countries where voting was totally rigged. But it was never as blatant as what we are observing in America right now. They are petrified of the only honest candidate for President, and remember Weapons Manufacturers own the big Media companies, so they are desperate for Romney or Obama, or even limpest-of-the-limp Santorum, so that the wars and arms purchases continue. Why are people not demanding to film the counting of votes in every caucus in every precinct in every county in every state?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P5IXYRWJZR7X3ZKIBCSSEDJG4E Jeremy Ryan

     In Iowa the GOP chairman resigned. In South Carolina 1,000 dead people voted.. In Nevada the GOP chairman resigned. And it took 3 days to count 30,000 votes in Nevada. Strange….. There`s no way Charlie Webster will make it past this year as the Maine GOP chairman. Bet your bottom dollar there`s fraud going on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1181617897 Brad Skidmore

      When there are 4,500 people who show up to the rally for Ron Paul, and only 150 for Santorum and Santorum wins?

      yeah its fraud…

      And when shit like that happens… this should be the response…
      The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

    • Airborne82ndporcelli

       funny how Paul turns out crowds in MSU with and Idaho of 30,000 people and some how only gets 5,000 votes, doesn’t make sense.

  • Truth Wins

    Sometimes nice guys finish last but you can still deal with integrity as Dr. Paul does and not be so nice.  Then cause the reporters to back off onto their heals.  Now, when these robots keep asking questions about the other professed Americans running for the nomination, he should ask them questions back about the candidates.  If they ask a question about poles and numbers the reporter should be asked what do they think about their such and so vote or what do they think of them supporting the actions against the constitution.  Be specific.   To ask them what they think or simply ignore such questions from them about the others might put the reporters in their place.  Keep others around with cameras to shoot and post as they might not start reporting what he asks.  The media needs to be held to a lower position and not be allowed to think they are the gods of communication.  Also make plugs for people to keep going to certain web sites or to go study the issues and where.  They keep trying to spin doubt and trying to tell them how well we are doing is just tipping the hand and the wicked will try to thwart that. 

    Fight back the noble wars as they are out to take and keep the minds of people …  Blessings to you all.

    • 17872012


  • Rpwork

    The more I watch this race the more I understand that this is more of a race to the end as there are many variables that can upset this GOP apple cart and give Ron Paul the win!

    • Tonythebrain

      You think they’ll let us win? I’m beyond that already. If they’ll fix votes and murder American citizens w/o trial, what makes you think they’ll allow us to win even IF we get the most delegates?

      They’ll just bar our delegates from the convention.

      There is no choice. It’s the illusion of choice. Keep up the fight just wake up the people to the corruption…tell them we can win if you think it helps (I do). But don’t delude yourself into thinking there really is an election going on. There isn’t. That’s plain to see.

      • almondblossom

        It’s our one last hope, so we have to try.

  • Dennisbdrake

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  • Rdavis7085

    Here’s my prediction: Obama will win by fraud, (that’s why he’s not campaigning strongly).  The America people WILL revolt and the Armed services WILL reject him as Commander-in-Cheif. There will be a coup-d’etat.  This is exactly why the 2nd amendment was penned.

    • Tonythebrain

      I’m voting for Obama if Ron doesn’t get nominated. We have to…if the Republicans win w/o us, they will ignore us. On top of that, we can’t run Rand until 2020 or 2024 if Repubs win w/o Ron. If the Repubs lose, on the other hand, we can run Rand in 2016!

      Why delay our movement 8-12 years when you can try again in 4 years?

      Game Theory mathematics and good strategy say vote for Obama and make the Republicans lose…it’s more important than being able to “sleep at night” for voting for a neocon warmonger or the emotional “feel good” of writing in Paul or voting 3rd Party.

      We have to vote rationally, not based on emotion.

      • Www Ronpaul54321

        If…If Ron Paul does not win the GOP nomination, he will have
        to run as a third party candidate. There is no other option for him at this
        point. Ron Paul is a man of principal and character that has amassed the
        largest following at the pinnacle of his career. Because of his long standing
        record for being steadfast with his principals and his everlasting devotion to
        followers, Ron Paul will never conform principles for establishment political
        posturing. Because of this Ron Paul will not quit.

        Do not be confused by individuals pondering the ideas of supporting
        Gary Johnson or any other individual or group. This is an effect of the MSMs
        over reaching power and the confusion it propagates to even the most devoted

        Don’t be waivered, if the powers-that-be excludes RP’s name
        from the presidential ballet, write him in…write him in…write him in… write him
        in… The lesser of two, three or four evils is still evil.

      • Www Ronpaul54321

        It sickens me when a Ron Paul supporter says they will
        vote for Obama if RP is not nominated by the GOP or does not run as a third
        party candidate.

  • Imcal101

    Here in my district in TN Ron Paul signs everywhere huge turnout during sign wave yet rick santorum won and not even one sign
    Anywhere in the county? I’m miffed because of the small number of votes he got state wide.

    • Durderr

      Same in Alabama … So far, after talking to maybe hundreds of folks, I’ve met maybe 2 who aren’t voting for RP (b/c they don’t believe he can beat Romney). Haven’t met a single Romney fan.

      Maybe the GOP didn’t want RP to run against them(b/c they’d lose votes), so they set him up to run as GOP. BUT, they didn’t want him to win either (b/c his vote can’t be bought by their rich donators).
      It’s all about $ & power to them but not RP.

      Ron Paul is a blessing to this country & I pray people open thier eyes & vote for him. I thank God for his intelligence, integrity & endurance to battle corruption. Finally a candidate who can’t be bought & has our best interest at heart.

      • Durderr

        Oh, and Ron Paul fans are a blessing to this country too! Thanks for helping battle the corruption too!

  • Emory E. Burnum III

    In Douglas County, Georgia the GOP successfully kept out all the Ron Paul supporters but one. They introduced their slate of delegates and we were told if we vote to accept the committees report we would then have a chance to vote on delegates from the floor. All the names on the slate were insiders and their wives except one so we all voted no but we didn’t have the majority and we lost the vote. After this, to get one of our people on the list we had to nominate them and choose a person from the slate that would be replaced by our nominee and we needed 2/3 to do this and if you challenged a name and failed you were no longer eligible to be a delegate or alternate. After our top two people were defeated we realized we had no chance and all challenged to be alternates. To be an alternate you had to raise your hand and hope to be called on by the Chair before all the slots were filled. Then we voted to accept all the delegates that were on the slate and we lost the vote again. 

    • Guest

      This is the type of info we need!

  • john Doe

    The best answer I can think of is demand on paper ballots no ” Diebold ” voting machines. Get involved  !

    • http://eightfacets.com/ HonestMedia

       And observers filming the vote-counting.

  • jeff edick

    No worries here, I’m writing in Ron Paul when he doesnt appear on the ballot here in New Yorl, again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lori-Stephens-Mills/1124006373 Lori Stephens Mills

    Listen to our commander and chief,,, become delegates and lets take this country back!!!!!

  • Daniel Burns

    these questions are idiotic. insulting to a man like Ron Paul; if you had the PRIVELEGE to ask a great man of his intellect something, wouldn’t you take the time to think of some good ones that don’t waste his time?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rugbydre13 Andre F Ferrigno

    THIS ONE IS A MUST SEE…. WATCH THE WHOLE 45 MIN….. FREEDOM IS HERE !!!!……  Does anyone in the Ron Paul organization know about this???  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yevwWMaeaks

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    I am one of Ron Paul’s Delegates for Missouri and ill be there for him :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Nowitzky/663694715 Joshua Nowitzky

     I will be writing Ron Paul’s name in no matter what the outcome of the GOP nomination, I will never vote for a lesser of two evils again.  And I won’t ever support the neo-conservatives who have corrupted the Republican party with their lies of big government and war mongering, and merging the state and corporate powers.  The GOP is fracturing their base by these actions and a part of me thinks they don’t care as long as they’re getting paid by the ones who received the bailouts, war profiteering, and lobbyists.  Either the GOP needs to be gutted of all corruption and neo-conservatives (who are also corrupt) so it becomes the way the Republican Party used to be or we need a powerful 3rd party to challenge the two corrupt parties at their own game, a party for the people again.  I really hope Ron Paul finds a way to beat the GOP and media bias but I’ll have his back and Rand Paul’s back in years to come regardless.  But even if they both die and when they die, the idea won’t die, perhaps more people with the same constitutionalist philosophies will rise up and win senate and congress seats around the country and eventually turn the tide.  Even in the days of Spartacus people rose against tyranny to fight those who would enslave them and we’ll need to do the same in times to come, and I hope we can do so civilly and legally.  I also hope the NDAA doesn’t lead to martial law and full out war with American citizens because the civil and legal routes will be lost and we’re back to “give me liberty or give me death”.  Sad how history can repeat itself and hopefully it doesn’t through NDAA.

  • Rplante1

    Caution on write in if candidate is allready on ballot!  Some, or all,  states will not count a write in if the candidate is all ready on the ballot.  Check your state rules on this or you could be throwing away you vote!  On the other hand an absentee ballot, if you request one, will be counted.  Check it out.  I’m sure the Romneyites would love to see the Paulites votes discarded becaused they were ritten in.

  • Rplante1

    written in.   Sorry, missed the W

  • Peter

    Unless your in with the establishment, you have no chance because they bully delegates.