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  • Paul Makowski

    remember to  chipin above so the show can buy a render farm!! Keep up the great work

  • flo

    Couldn’t hear the guy talk.

    • rpflix

      I can hear rather LOUD. Check your speakers.

  • Allan

    All this election fraud and rule-breaking needs to be covered by the MSM (although it probably won’t). F*cking ridiculous!

    • Dozguyz

      Maybe the Lawsuit for slander or threatened by cops to affect your Vote will.

  • kikisdragon

    cant hear Brent 

    • rpflix

      Your RIGHT speaker is not on then.

  • gus

    I sure  wish the interviewer would stop interrupting.

    • rpflix

      That’s not interrupting, that’s moving the discussion to what’s important – there was a lot to cover, and a lot that was unnecessary. We don’t have 3 hours. And if we did, you’d complain it was too long.

  • Brooke Longobardi

    so interesting 

  • Matt Shirra

    We need people to start wearing hidden cameras to these events!

    • Dozguyz

      Thats what they did other wise the OFFICIAL LIE would hold water But it don’t.Thank you whoever did it.Sucks we have to prove our innocence But Thank God someone did.To Bad we were slandered around the Globe.

  • Stephen


  • Camden Neves

    Audio is kinda fricked up

  • Adj_168

    I do hope that ROMNEY knew_ that this whole election was designed for him to win the BEAUTY CONTEST Nationwide! Except_ that he was designed to Become the President of the United States of America_ But it is the One and Only Dr. RON PAUL!!! How? Because_ It is THE WILL of THE PEOPLE that WILL Decide in the END!!!

  • Adj_168

    I do hope that ROMNEY knew_ that this whole election was designed for
    him to win the BEAUTY CONTEST Nationwide! Except_ that he was NOT designed
    to Become the President of the United States of America_ But it is the
    One and Only Dr. RON PAUL!!! How? Because_ It is THE WILL of THE PEOPLE
    that WILL Decide in the END!!!

  • Thegiles

    Firstly, I’m a Ron Paul supporter. I live in South Africa, and because the US affects the rest of the world, I think that the best thing that can happen for the world at this time is for RP to become president.
    Secondly, I saw the footage at the caucus. I was so disappointed by what I saw. Regardless of what shenanigans went on, like cameras needing to be turned off, failure to recognize people, etc. the people in the caucus, presumably RP supporters were acting so chaotically that any comments floor neither the floor nor the podium were able to be heard properly. In the one clip, the woman videotaping actually votes aye AND nay on the motion, because no one can hear anything. The behavior was so uncivilized that even if I was chairing the caucus, I would also have dismissed everyone because of the behavior. All you do by behaving like that is provide evidence for the establishment that RP supporters are hooligans, and they have every reason to dismiss the meeting because it can’t move forward.
    Your behavior was beneath you…

  • Caroline M. Corman

    America, when you cease being good, you cease being great.

  • american anthony

    i have an easy solutoin to the fraud .. have different voting sites for each candidate !!! ron paul would have to rent baseball stadiums and the others would only need a bowling alley !!!  you have to attack the fraud head on and call them out !!!! or at least hand out a sign to every person about to cast a vote for you so we can keep count !!!!

    • Iain

      Nice idea but the vote is supposed to be anonymous and private, with your proposition then your vote becomes visible and public, also how would you stop people from voting for two different candidates by showing up at two different sites, the oragnisation involved would be complex.

      On the one hand it is an answer on the other it allows for even more abuse (“they” know who voted for who). The real solution is public transparent voting boxes into which the votes are deposited followed by a public count in the same place as the vote was held which is filmed, no moving of boxes from one site to another, no back-room counting, no opaque voting boxes, no electronic voting.


    Stop us anyway we could-Is this guy a Shill? Zionists deceit love to be on both sides. We should (All) be wary of everything, this guy who was arrested REAL DEAL. Rest Open to your own discretion. GO RON PAUL> :) IMPEACH OBUMMER NOW!

  • Dwj7

    You guys all do a phenomenal job getting video out so quick, thanks so much.
    Want to send as much of the precious awareness out as I can to people who might frown and disengage from some of the production, but know all of us ‘hardcores’ will always look beyond this….however, we have to realize to be effective we are wanting to be always raising our game of ‘subversion’, and play the game by grooming and dressing as good as we ever have because we all know if we are looking at the lady’s or the gentlemen, whatever our message is is going to be judged in the first 6 seconds of what we see in appearance in front of us…agree the depth of the message is way more important, but if I can shower up and put on the “Sunday’s Best” would I want to in any way minimize Ron Paul’s message of Liberty when I feel better and more confident about myself and my message when I can make a conscious effort to put on my ‘suit of honor’ and go into battle for Ron and Carol and what is right…time to raise our game and take these creatures DOWN!!!! Through Subversion, let’s go People, we all have the potential to manifest each of our own highest intentions through the group mind, let’s do this thing!!!

  • Ben Morris

    Israel, You did a great show on such short notice.  And it seems you are about the only one reporting on this issue.  A quick google search shows absolutely NO MSM reports about this, and other local reports seem to only show one side of the story (the temp. chair’s side).  

    I am so glad you took the time to do this Flix show!  Very well done.  Also thank you to Brent Stafford for joining your show and getting his side of the story out.  The videos in the other section are jumbled bits and pieces but telling his side of the story gets more voices heard, not just his but all the other caucus goers’ as well.

    • Dozguyz

      Joe Brazil is a elected official in St Peters and somewhere I read he called them Idiots.The New Jersey Ledger Compare’s Missouri to Russia.

  • Singapom

    1: Rehold the caucus 2. Independent investigation into the role of the police, who were controlling them?  Why four separate forces?  Police being used to stop democracy.  We just witnessed it.

  • Thomas Attwood

    are u serious wheres the audio

  • Singapom

    First – this caucus MUST be re-run, on camera, and according to the rules.  Second – there needs to be an independent inquiry into the role and behaviour of the police. This is in some ways even more serious that the blatant gerrymandering, because the police were used to intimidate, suppress democracy (stopping people talking) and then arrested Brent, without discussion and  for no legitimate reason.  Who was controlling them (and what affiliations do they have)? What orders were they operating under?  Why were there so many, from four separate police forces?

    • IanG777

      Please go to and sign the petition to get Ron Paul on 60 Minutes! We need only a couple thousand more signatures to get him on the show. Thumbs up so we can get him more support and put the only qualified candidate in office.

      • Karen Huffman

        60 minutes isn’t going to give him a fair shake. They are part of the msm that works for the globalist CFR agenda. I will sign the petition but they make not be willing to help him. They are Obama supporters.

  • Lori Stephens Mills

    Great Job!!!! I cant wait to hear how this all pans out!

  • JimJ Det

    Israel, your the best.  It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to step up and get what we deserve.  A government of WE THE PEOPLE.  We are each the  ”WATCHMAN”—in the sense that a watch person would sound the trumpet when someone came with the sword.  BLOW THE TRUMPET.  Ron Paul 2012 to Restore America NOW and FOR LIBERTY.

  • Wyominboy

    Thank you from Idaho, Brent Stafford and all you good people in St. Charles County Missouri for standing beside him!! You are all heroes and patriots in the eyes of this American Citizen!! Keep up the great work! I hope you get to reconvene the caucus and get a fair shake this time around!!

  • Outiwz

    Rick Santorum , Closet Communist?  Welcome to the Communist State of Missouri and the Communist state of St. Cahrles County.  Israel how about we find the trial date for this gentleman and every Ron Paul Supporter who can show up crams the court room and ride this judge and the gestapo out on a rail.  Let’s show support in the court room in St. Charles or St. Peters if these charges are not dropped immediately.  Let’s all e-mail the judge, the prosecuting attorney, and the Democratic governor.  Those were State Police and every one of them who participated needs to have this black mark permanently put in their employee files.

    In America the State Police shut down a legal assembly.  WOW, sounds like Afghanistan.  I think this man should sue the Republican Party, the State of Missouri, the temporary chair person, and the individual cities and counties involved for a violation of free sppech rights.  There’s a 95 mile fast ball under the chin, that should start a raucus on the mound.    

  • grandpa

     Since the only real truly elected law enforcement officers is the sheriff of each county, in the United States.  The only way we will ever regain the control of the nations monetary system is to start at the County level. Think about it; Every state  law enforcement officer, every federal law enforcement officer is Hired, and/or appointed.  Including the FBI.  The Sheriff is elected. 
        Does anyone realize that with Every dollar of our money Now in circulation in the World is a debt?  Not only to you, but to the United States, and we pay taxes on it.  That is, that every dollar now in circulation in the world is a gives us a “Debt Money System” and that every Dollar in the world is a debt, not only to our U.S. treasury, as well as every dollar you think is yours.  Is it any wonder that our National debt is now well over $16 trillion?
    There is an answer to this problem.  Read it!  Article 1, Section 8, spells out in detail the responsibilities and the duties of the U.S. Congressman.  Article 1, Section 8, is still the law of the land and it gives the Congress the responsibility “to coin money and to regulate the value thereof, and with foreign coin!”  There is nowhere in this constitution that authorizes them to delegate that power to anyone else, much less an unconstitutional private corporation, the Call the “Federal Reserve System”, Who for the past 99 years have held full control over our nations monetary system.  They are no more “Federal” nor a part of the Government, then the Federal Express, nor the Federal trucking company, nor the Federal Can company.
         As I say, the answer to this huge $16 trillion debt is spelled out in detail in Article 1, Section 8,. If they would follow the Constitution as they swore to defend and uphold, it tells them how to establish a “CREDIT MONETARY SYSTEM”  where our money is no longer Debt to the government, but they can spend it into circulation, DEBT FREE, AND PAY NO INTEREST. 

  • LauraBinMD

    I was watching this video at RunRonPaul and half way through it stopped playing.  When I refreshed, it said that the video had been removed by user.  When I clicked directly on the YouTube link, it also said removed by user on YouTube.   I came here to watch it and it is still working.  Have you removed this video from YouTube? 

  • Roxargen


  • LJackman

    You can’t make this shit up….

  • LJackman

    They were in a public place, at a public meeting.  HTF can someone be arrested for trespassing while filming a public meeting in a public building?

    • rpflix

      When you own a Police State.

      • LJackman

         Good point.

  • Drdalev

    Just a suggestion, designate two or three people to bring mega phones into the caucus in case the establishment decides to unplug your mic or refuses to hear nominations or follow the rules. If they are intent on rigging the process then shout them down and take over by using volume.

  • Danielle Walker


  • Thomas Rummel

    HOLY F***! I am sitting here in norway and looking at this, this is fullblown marshal law guys! All you people need to wake up and DO something. The system you have is corrupt to the core!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    My caucus in Gravois was a little fishy too, which is the biggest caucus in St. Louis County. A few got in on tap.

  • Mark Kane

     It would have been great to hear Brent stand on that chair and say ” Ladies and Gentleman…can i have your attention….What you’ve just witnessed….and unfortunately took part in….. was an outright attempt….by a select few….to try and hijack this caucus to take your vote from you. At the very least…….these people should be investigated by the state party chair……….. and removed immediately from their position”

    That would have been a good start. They violated ever rule from the get go.

    Your a true patriot Brent…….Hats Off….

    Aberdeen, Scotland

  • amy

    Thanks for sharing so many great videos. Is it possible to turn the sound of the clicking sound (associated with typing on your iPad) to silent? It’s a bit distracting when listening to the video. Thanks again!

    • rpflix

      It is on silent. It’s something else you’re hearing.

  • Ratkodjakovic

    Brent you are the man… Remember the Battle of Athens in TN, USA… 

  • FU Frank

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. -JFK

  • Allan

    Anyone know where we can buy like 10 million Guy Fawkes masks?… I can think of 10 million people who’d wear them.

  • Pah38343

    I’d like to see the man who was arrested sue the shirt off of the cops backs who unlawfully arrested him. That ought to be good for a false arrest charge. AND sue the agency which they worked for whether it’s city or county.

  • Matt Rusin

    audio was too low :(

  • Patrick

    It’s to my understanding that all ISP services will only allow certain sites to be made accessable to people as of June. Will we still be able to access this site? If not, where do we go? What can people do?

  • Ray J

    Great testimony. They cannot and will not stop us. We will expose them and this Republic will survive.

  • Barryb4487

    This is not only angering but terrifying. Corruption is flowing, and flowing well… Thank you so much for this interview and thank you to Brent for standing up for what’s right.

  • Phillipsflooringcompany

    This is disgusting……………  Whats America coming to.  America needs you Dr. Paul 

  • Stephanie Lanier

    Please go to and vote for Ron Paul!

  • Karen Huffman

    Remember, Never back down for the cause of liberty says Brent Stafford; you are a true American hero.

  • Rpwork

    Thank you very much Isreal for all your (& your helpers) great work and the new site:

    What a brilliant idea and it looks great too – this could be the start of our own facebook!!!!! 

  • Rogerdeanwalker

    RON PAUL 2012 from albertans we love you

  • Joehoho

     I think you fixed it so it comes through both speakers now.  Thanks.


Ron Paul FLIX Show – Brent Stafford on St. Charles County Caucus Arrest – Ep4



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