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    title says brett

  • Gongar

    We know they are cheating but what are we going to do about it? Knowing is not enough!

  • http://twitter.com/michaelpshipley Michael P. Shipley

    Wow this is amazing stuff. Thanks to Israel Anderson for reporting on this and also thanks to Steve Jobs for allowing everyone to be a reporter. Now the world can see how the GOP, from top to bottom, has been infested with con men. Time to take out the garbage.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alan-Zapota/100001509446811 Alan Zapota

      Guess what? The Dems are just as bad! Apparently, Obama actually had opposition in a number of primaries, and other candidates won some delegates, but the DNC people told them their delegates were going to Obama regardless. The only specific instance I know of is in Oklahoma, but I’ll bet there are more.

      Sound familiar?

  • CjScerpella

    I like at the end of the video when the guy says that he can’t publicly support the actions of that Chairman and says he is running for his own office, and then says that people will think they’re in a conspiracy. Isn’t he admitting to a conspiracy? He’s talking about a small group of people changing the game(illegally, against their own party rules) so that they don’t get outrun; but he doesn’t get that that is how a democracy works and in the case of the caucuses, the loudest voices get heard and have every right to. 

    • ghendric

       re:” but he doesn’t get that that is how a democracy works”
      Sorry, don’t mean to nitpick but technically, America is a Republic not a Democracy.. However; we use democracy to elect our officials.. you should have worded it like this: “but he doesn’t get that that is how democracy works”.. surprising how the letter “a” can change the whole meaning of a sentence.. I can see how over time people started thinking that America is a Democracy and not a Republic..

      • CjScerpella

        Oh I totally agree. My point was saying how we are a Democracy now and have fallen far from our intended Republic. I just find it funny because we in the Liberty movement are playing by their rules now and all of a sudden they don’t like the process when it doesn’t benefit them. 

  • craig

    I played the video and tried to immediately replay it. The message I get is that it has been “removed by the user.” This should NOT be so. This vid nails these people to the wall. Please repost it ASAP!

  • Tammy J Femrite

    Thank you. Just Thank You! It’s almost impossible to sift through the media blitz that keeps any relevant issues from being questioned or relevant questions from being answered. Your efforts to make these videos accessible is sincerely appreciated.  

  • Complexphenom

    why does it sound like this is set in a hanger? too much background hum. thanks for the content though.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doug-Dale/642561770 Doug Dale

      Sounds like there is a ground loop in some of his sound setup. Maybe a cable is introducing hum, or maybe he’s got a ground loop in the ground between 2 devices. 

  • Singapom

    Israel – you are a hero for doing this: great show and wow – what a clip: the person who recorded this also needs a medal.  Unbelievable – and how many times across the country has this been happening but not documented?  Looks to me like Clark County will be getting some interesting new State reps pretty soon…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lori-Stephens-Mills/1124006373 Lori Stephens Mills

    ALL your hard word paid off!!!! REALLY GOOD INTERVIEW!!!!!!! Again! 

  • MFGlobalSUX

    I hope more people come out and expose this kind of activity. Our election process must be protected and made to be transparent at all times.

    I think the sound in the background may have been the microphone picking up universal-noise.. probably from the political turbulence that we are currently experiencing.

    Another fantastic interview! 

  • Patric Henry Lives

    There is no sound in the video clip.

  • Nickloflin7

    You idiots are promoting to your selves START promoting and recruiting non supporters

  • Amasfl

    Great vid! Israel, thank you for your great job!

  • Raiderrob67

    Even if Mr.Dokes and Mr.Spencer had good intintions(which I dont belive they did)the methods that they used where clearly wrong.I would go so far as to say they where leglagent in recognizing that there actions could quit possable had a far worse out come.They knew that in light of all the video avidence of missconduct at other caucoses,people would be recording this one.because of there attemps to control the out come of the caucos and the fact that they dident want there to be video evidance they attempted to ban recording devices.where there neglagence comes in is failing to realize that this ban on recording devices was going to cause some issues.(they may have even been aware of this fact and intended for such an incident to occure)if not for the restraint of the people that attende this fiasco,the whole thing could have ended in violance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doug-Dale/642561770 Doug Dale

    I don’t see the economic lecture he’s talking about? I found a similar one but it was a different speaker and was about why the fed was created not what it does. 

    • rpflix

      Sorry, I forgot to put it up. Here it is: http://ronpaulflix.com/2012/03/ron-paul-fed-lecture-series-what-does-the-fed-do-with-james-grant-23/

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doug-Dale/642561770 Doug Dale

        Thanks! I hunted for quite a while thinking I was blind lol. 

  • Treelynnbeck

    “They think we are in a conspiracy together.”  This is the height of irony.  YOU ARE IN A CONSPIRACY TOGETHER!!!  This guy obviously recognizes that what he’s doing is wrong because he has to stay on the down-low since he’s running for state rep, yet he also believes that shutting out the Ron Paul people who legally and rightfully showed up for the caucus is the right thing to do.  Totally twisted.

  • Jul

    Great reporting! Dr. RON PAUL stands for what everyone deserves, FREEDOM. It is rare to see a person of such integrity & moral fortitude run for President. He has an unparalleled understanding of economics, the constitution & history. He is the only candidate who has actually served in the military & he’s the only candidate who opposes unnecessary, costly wars. He knows the current policies destroying our economy- exorbitant debt & inflation (printing $ which debases it’s value)- put us at far greater risk than anything. One need only look at history & current events to see bankrupting a nation will cause it to fall. Only Ron Paul has the conviction & leadership ability to get our country back on track before it’s too late.

  • ghendric

    Has anyone said anything to this guy since this video has come out? I bet that ruined his run for Congress. At least I hope it did. We don’t need anymore of his kind governing…

  • Mizzes B.

    Its definately a train in the background…traffic as well ??  Is that all they can do to stop this movement of Humans that are “WIDE  AWALE” ?? :)

    Thanks for the Information,great video with Awesome  sound Effects :)

  • Stephen J

    Thanks for the videos! The one had some kind of audio issue that I couldn’t hear anything in my right ear…or perhaps I’m just getting old :) Ron Paul 2012-2020

  • Andresmdn

    Just fyi only the left channel audio on your voice pickup mic works. The right side has some kind of feedback

  • bowtiepolitics

     You should think about sheeple Camouflage, maybe they would listen instead of wondering to take the blue pill instead the red one…  LOOK THE PART AND GET THE RESPECT! YOU ARE .00001% OF THE POPULATION THAT WANTS FREEDOM, and with a show to boot, SO DO REPRESENT us.  And yes, I am a donor and campaigner with a suit and tie who is taken seriously!  We have the young vote locked, look like you want the old ones too…  Replace your t-shirts with actual clothing for now, please.

    • rpflix

      I do not wear T-Shirts, thank you very much. They are mock-necks. They are what I wear when I speak or make a public appearance, working, relaxing, whatever, they are my trademark, just as it was for Steve Jobs. It is not going to change. And it also wouldn’t change for another reason too: I don’t do fake. I don’t put on facades for people to try and impress them. What you want me to do is be a con-artist. You do that if you wish, but I am me, and me I will stay. 

      I suppose you want me to cut my hair too…. :

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NEOSV4VSFYFJ2YUACLI3RZHYWE ChrisC

    Finally!!  I’ve been screaming FRAUD all since January!!

    Thank you Brian Spencer!!  I hope you see some hard jail time in your future you SOB!!

    Something has to be done about this RIGHT NOW!!

    Enough already!  Ron Paul is winning by landslides and this is whats going on!


    Whoever got this on video is a TRUE PATRIOT!!

  • Matthew Johnson

    This show is really filling an important niche in giving us these election details, updates by the Ron Paul campaign, the caucuses, and the delegate race.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ndxTycooN Josh Hughes

    MUAHAHAHAHA!!! “STATE SAID I NEED TO LAY LOW” – EFFORT FAILED, “My credibility would be questioned because they think we’re in a conspiracy together” ROFL

    Gotta love it. EXPOSE THE CROOKS!

  • SiiouteSapphire

    GO PAUL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!