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  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    More real reporting awesome and refreshing. 

  • Paul

    finally someone with the truth

  • swiuv davis

    Cant understand how no one notices inflation. Just got back from the store. Bought a $5 loaf of bread. $20 slab of ribs. The feds killing the middle class. 

    • DennisShea

      That loaf of bread is probably worth like 20 times that

  • Overcome the Media Blackout

    Why doesn’t Ben Swann just come out and say he endorses the good doctor. Pretty clear from all these videos where he actually tells the truth about the economy..

    • Corysgood88

       because he reports the news non-biased, he does endorse the good doctor and in fact is a libertarian but he is trying to sway people who aren’t dr paul fans to understand why they should be, so if he endorses him those people might not pay attention to what he has to say.

      • Jose Maldonado

         endorsements do not matter anyway. they are just for show

  • Steven Bartels

    That would have been awesome if he ripped the dollar up when he was talking about the fiat dollar. It would have increased the value of the dollar by .00000001%.

  • Guy

    Ben Swann: White House press secretary

  • Kftaylor2

    I am in love with Ben Swann! Almost as much as Ron Paul, lol.

  • Louis Nardozi

     I’ll bet a lot of you are wondering the same thing I’ve been wondering – did my vote get counted? Despite turnouts at rallies that dwarf anything any of the other candidates have done, Paul is still mysteriously trailing at the polls, despite capturing a majority of delegates. The delegates can be explained by our dedication, but not the lack of votes. It’s really gotten to bother me, so I rolled up my sleeves and made a website where you can register that you voted for Paul, the county, city and precint, name email etc. that also verifies you’re a person and not a bot, so they can’t use THAT against us. I’ve been up till 3am for the last two weeks getting the various pieces to work smoothly and scale so Super Tuesday won’t be a problem. If we all agree to voluntarily disclose our votes, the cheaters won’t be able to cheat any more. Please help spread the word about in time for Super Tuesday. Tell everyone you know, and get them to +1 it and like it and Digg it, etc. I’m getting nothing for this, I’m paying for it myself and I did all the work myself. Your email will never be used or sold to anyone, not even Dr. Paul. But hey, he’s already GOT your email, doesn’t he ?

  • Michael

     Ben…Great Job!! I am far from the sharpest pencil, and I got it. Thanks

  • Jose Maldonado


  • Igot_it

    The government is all full of rot

  • Wehomeserve

    Yup. The US currency will be in tail spin for years to come. Gold is on a one way ticket up for years to come. Some countries are purchasing Oil in gold currency now. Watch out folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride. In Canada, we too do not count groceries and  fuel- energy costs, in our inflation calculations. Both governments could never afford the adjustment to social service costs, pensions, that are tied to inflationary increases. Both countries would be more bankrupt then they already are! They could not stop the bleeding of cost increases to those on Social Service Payments. The spin continues! And on, and on,.. It must implode someday soon! 

  • mjc10

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that his education is not in economics.   Media for the trailer trash.


Ben Swann: The Fiat Dollar is the Real Reason for High Gas Prices



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