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  • Ann Crosby

    OK, Tampa, are you LISTENING??? 

    Ron Paul is the teacher, and all the other Repub candidates are the students.  It’s so obvious in the debates, how they are both mystified and overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of what Paul says – they pretend they are not listening to him, but in reality, they are hanging on every word.  In other words, they are not qualified to become President.  Ron Paul IS.  If anything, he is overqualified, especially when compared to recent Presidents. 

    WAY TO GO, RON!!

    • Alan Zapota

      Excellent point, and it’s made obvious by the fact that all their rhetoric has changed to sound more like what Ron Paul has been saying all along. I don’t know which I find more annoying: the way Romney gives no credit to Dr. Paul, or the way Newtiepie panders to him. Either way, I hope no one’s fooled!

  • Lethargiccrash

    This video is accurate and addresses a very important factor in the election. I was born in 1984 and my generation is mostly left leaning, I used to be until Dr. Paul cured my apathy. Now I’ve intensely focused in on liberty’s finest authors that address austrian economics, libertarianism and today, and the fight for freedom and liberty. I carry that banner proudly and try to spread that message whenever possible.

    I’ve been able to convince most my friends and family to come the libertarian way by using facts, reasoning and logic; some people will never appreciate that and hang onto their hopes and dreams for change that will magically be paid for by somebody else somewhere through coercive force. They think: “so what if we are losing our freedoms for more security, we’re not the terrorists so we have nothing to lose”. I ask them what is terrorism and who defines it? What’s the point of living when you are no longer alive?

    Beware the left-right paradigm and the revolving door of approved and selected candidates that will continue the expansion of the state and the destruction of liberty. Ron Paul is not in that paradigm. I am voting Ron Paul, not a single other.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent rebellion inevitable.” – JFK

    • Rpwork

       Beautifully said! Thank you.

    • facebook-833095376

      Bravo Bravo!! You’re a brilliant young man! Good for you!!! 

  • Josh Hughes


  • Fdfdfa

    The only reason there is resistance to switching to personal freedom and smaller government, is that it will be more difficult for the joos to fleece america.

  • Paul

    “They see me rollin…They Hatin”  picture was hilarious!

  • Rpwork

    This is so true! We have a lot of work to do still – Ron Paul is doing a great job at every opportunity to show that something can be done about America’s apathy.

    He is VERY encouraged by our support – young and old. We are winning in turning the tide and we just need to continue with a stronger shoulder to shoulder effort – we can win this GOP and the election!

    Let’s kick up a notch!  : )

  • Justin Page Wood

    Great video.   Shorten it.  Clean it up.  And this’ll be a great way to get more people in the GOP to understand what’s going on. 

  • Matthew Reece

    The Republican party has no future without Ron Paul’s supporters. Either we are heard and take the GOP in a libertarian direction, or the Republican party fades into nonexistence and is replaced by the Libertarian party, but it will not be both.

  • Ellen Hillwig

    This is so true both parties have been lying to all of us and it is leading to our economical collapse.  They are all more interested in lining their own pockets and getting reelected than the American citizen and the country.  

  • B_quinlan2002

    Imagine what the lack of jobs is doing for the national morale. Not being able to find work does not bode well for ones self image. One looks around and sees all the wealth yet finds it difficult to impossible just to put gasoline in the car.

  • B_quinlan2002

    I had to pass up on a job interview on Wednesday because I did not have the gas to get there and back.
    GOP = The grand old parody

  • William Schooler

    At least some in our nation are paying attention, the GOP is the hard of hearing party by bad idea influence. Ron Paul is a true patriot, to denounce or not stand entirely strong on this issue will be the death of them by their own stupidity.

    I am so glad we have young with technology willing to use it to research and discover what they have to do. It is obvious they are getting it while the well trained baby booming plan BUSTs because of its cup runneth over of entire ignorance.

    I am of that generation and I am aware and my fellow boomers are entirely def.

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Awesome work!

  • Jev2DaMaximum

    Very well done video! Nicely put.  Captures my generation precisely.


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