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  • Peterjheins

    Video is not coming up

  • Johncmajor

    Hr 347 passed? We are been lead into a corner like cattle to the slaughter. 

  • Oxonce

    I don’t understand how Ron Paul can have these BLOWOUT attendances at rallies but then (apparently) gets trounced today in michigan and arizona (arizona claiming that the ‘economy mattered most in that state’, funny, the ONLY candidate with a logical economic plan polls the lowest?!  Is this blatant voter fraud and election rigging? I really don’t believe Ron Paul supporters to be lazy, but I just don’t see/hear the numbers for anyone else….90% of the people I talk to admit that Ron Paul makes a sh**load of sense – but the ‘numbers’ just don’t reflect it – I guess I just don’t see the masses of Santorum and Romney supporters…. anywhere…

    • Tim McGaffin II

       Total election fraud. No doubt about it.

    • Florence

       @556bba0635a09622cf414b23a367d86b:disqus Yes, very disappointing that Ron Paul didn’t get more of the votes in Arizona and Michigan today and I don’t understand how why. Romney doesn’t even get that many views on YouTube, or the others, it doesn’t make sense how Paul didn’t at least come in second. A lot of it I blame on the Media. It’s not right, it’s not being democratic in our election process for the media to do this and they’re unethical as far as I’m concerned. Well lets hope and pray that he gains more media attention so that his message and face gets out to all the people with more exposure soon.

    • ghendric

       Yeah, I don’t get that either… the news media is mind boinking us.. they’ve already picked their candidate and it isn’t Ron Paul.

    • Cjbirch80

      Its no different then here in canada, most people do not know about important things like bill c-30 (spying bill aka stop pedophilia) and c-11(copyright bill aka make mp3s illegal).  Or like the little thing like the party in power (the conservatives) are not conservatives hahaha :)   Unless we educate our friends theyll never know.  

      I think a few weeks later after a primary is when Ron Pauls message spreads. I takes a while to convince people and rallies a week before a primary is helpful but it does take time to share.   

    • Gare Enn

      “Misrepresentation” and vote doctoring is rampant at the very first step of the election process. The thing to do is to show up to the caucus, monitor and document the tallies, and make sure the correct numbers are tallied in the final result.  Also, ask any delegate-to-be who they support before voting for them.  The least you should do is show up and see for yourself how misrepresentation is both systematic (the system, not the people) as well as easily abused (the secret nature of votes keeps us all in the dark). Lastly, one-vote, one-candidate doesn’t represent what people want either.  We should be able to approve of any number of candidates.  There is much to change, and it can most easily be changed from the bottom-up through individual action and referendums by the people.  The 2-parties won’t do it.

  • nn002

    That means she’s celebrating her … 19th birthday!  For some reason I can hear a trio singing “A paradox, a paradox a most ingenious paradox…”

  • Dallasroondeau

    The Ron Paul message and a the gorgeous blonde beauty behind his right shoulder has a total crush on the good doctor!

    • Paul

       thats his grand daughter linda LOL

  • Less_than_tuck

    who’s the hottie on the left?

    • DennisShea

      i know right! that’s his granddaughter 

  • JDG

    Rand Paul 2016

  • Paul

    “restore the american public to the american people” ?? besides that it was a good speech

  • Paul

    I think instead of yelling ‘President Paul’ everytime, occaisonally they should chant “USA,USA,USA”….i think if people saw that it would draw them in a little more and have them see how patriotic the rally’s are! but thats just my opinion..

    • Brittany Meyer

       we did chant that before he spoke haha

  • JOse MUrillO

    usa stands for nothing at the time ! Ron Paul stands for something! so, President Paul, President Paul, all day.

    • Paul

       but people that arent interested in politics might want to join…like we all rallied together after osama died and yelled “USA!”…The way he wins is bringing in people that usually don’t pay attention to politics and are more interested in sports or entertainment….i think they are much more likely to look him up if they saw people yelling “USA” as well as “President Paul!” ….your opinion seems to be different than mine, but he has to change his strategy a little if he wants to win, granted he is doing well, but i think with a few slight adjustments he could really get a few more votes

  • Bru

    PAUL/PAUL 2012!

  • Lori Stephens Mills

    He is amazing!!!!! I truly dont get it!!!!!

  • DennisShea

    His Granddaughter is cute ;3

  • Brittany Meyer

    You can tell Paul never liked being interrupted by the chanting. Its so rude too, just let the man speak!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Newt is dying and needs to drop out. Then Ron Paul can have most of his votes.

  • Nathanjn

    God, I love this man.


Ron Paul Rally in Springfield, VA – Feb 28 2012



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