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    wait…… is that it?  1 question?

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       Ah ha!  page is being updated with more sections.  ok, carry on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1239683338 Christa Pettis

    Do I really have to look at Santorum’s snotty face.  Freaking gag me.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/Subzeroblack68 Jacob Martinez

      i taped a pic of Megan fox over the right side of my monitor :p

  • http://www.facebook.com/ndxTycooN Josh Hughes

    Dear Mr Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, School is in session so listen up!

    • presence

      School is in session indeed.  I really liked the fact that they were sitting down in this debate.  It created a more comfortable scholastic atmosphere. 

      Ron reminded me of myself in grade school maths class; the teacher would ask a question and I often knew the CORRECT answer before she even finished… nonetheless I found myself waving my hand in the air and preparing talking points while she gave the other students a chance to make a fool of themselves.  When you take a constitutional approach to politics the correct answer does lend itself (more often than not) to a black or white solution , like mathematics.  Hence Ron’s one word to describe himself:   CONSISTENT

      I also enjoyed Ron’s demeanour in this debate vs. the others, he was more confident, a bit more cynical, and fiesty.  He was AWARE of that 3 man camera vantage that often excludes him.  Rather than quietly staring at his podium in disbelief… he was fidgety, smirking, and flamboyantly writing and visibly circling his counter points.  He made a scene that the producers couldn’t help but put a camera to.  (I didn’t watch the above clip… I watched the full debate on youtube, which may have shown more of this)

      If there was one consistent element of Ron I wouldn’t mind if he’d ditch… losing 10% of his politeness and audibly interjecting when necessary.  Its long past due.

  • Asdf

    Ron Paul, teaching the other candidates logic, reasoning, and wisdom.   Santorum’s already made a fool of himself by yapping when he doesn’t know anything.

  • Steve

    Santorum is so full of shit his q-tips come away brown.

  • Asdf

    What the fuck are they booing about

  • Educatedmongoose

    what was Ron’s 1 word description of himself?

    • rpflix

      I wrote it above the clip.

      • Educatedmongoose

        I was hoping he would say that. (or principled…). btw thanks for grabbing these. I usually don’t waste time watching the actual “debate” and just come here to see the 45secs or so that they let Dr. Paul actually talk.

        • jim

          i was hoping he was going to say “constituttionalist” but yeah consistent was good…

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=776203451 Jo’Ann Cruz Chinea

            Yeah… I thought so too. But I’m happy with what he chose. He is Consistent.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=564267176 Corey Juklien Hanke


      • Love Liberty

        Who didn’t see that coming? I’d be willing to bet that every Ron Paul supporter came up with the exact same one word description! I know I did!

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000215923928 Damon Stahl

          could have said honest, consistent, or incorruptible

  • IanG777

    I have been through the immigration process with my wife. It is hell to enter into the US. It has to be made easier not to allow everybody in but to encourage Hispanics to do the right thing. We really do need to appreciate those who pick our crops and mow are lawns for us and are willing to suffer for a few bucks. If we are so worried about jobs getting taken from us it is the legal immigrants who get decent jobs anyway.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RSF5N5VFXK7XLYNOOQIUC5UH34 WeDidit

      Easy for the legals, hard for the illegals. It just makes sense. The legals end up paying taxes, so should also be objecting to the illegals taking from their money they paid in. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Canadian-for-Liberty/100002061803087 Canadian-for Liberty

      Having personally went through the immigration process in the US, I completely agree that it is a complete nightmare. I am, like many of my friends in exactly the same situation, a young professional, who’s graduated from an American college, had a good job upon graduation, contributed and paid all taxes, never committed a crime or broke any immigration laws. Yet, I still couldn’t stay and was always treated like a criminal. I ended up moving to Canada because it is much more welcome to immigrants like myself. I am still being treated like a criminal each time I cross into the US and try to avoid going there as much as I can. I completely agree with Ron Paul that this policy is a direct result of the country’s economic situation. If the economy was healthy and there were jobs at least for Americans, the country would be asking for workers to come in. I’ve learned that all roads lead back to the Federal Reserve one way or another.

    • Airborne82ndporcelli

       Ill probably end up marrying my Mexican gf. I am sure this will be hell perhaps it will get better by then. especially because Paul will be in the white house. Then I would really want her to move here. To see America’s true greatness once again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bethany.wolverton Bethany Wolverton


  • DennisShea

    Don’t you just fucking love how they completely disrespect Ron Paul by not only putting him last behind GINGRICH.  But by referring to him as “The delegate Hunter” If I wrote that script i would’ve chosen “Our Savior. If Ron Paul Doesn’t Get elected I’m Gonna just Off myself, wtf is the point in living in this world anymore. Ron Paul = Hope And REAL change. Why won’t these people WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DennisShea

      They called them out in the right order though! xDDDD

  • Pauly

    go to Drudgereport.com and Vote!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dricherson Doug Richerson

     Take heart Paulbots, CNN confirms that Ron Paul is second in delegates in the race. Throw in the fact that he not only beat Obama in the Des Monies poll a few days ago, but he beat Obama by more than the other two candidates that beat Obama. Wake up America. The Revolution has arrived. Freedom and Liberty have a fighting chance now!

    • Ourobos

       Do you have a link to this data from CNN?

      • johnb

        They confirmed it during the debate..watch the interviews afterwards.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000215923928 Damon Stahl

    boooom thats how u debate

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RSF5N5VFXK7XLYNOOQIUC5UH34 WeDidit

    Like A Boss! Bam! In their face!!
    No one but Paul!
    (was Gingrich kissing up to be his VP?)

    • DennisShea

      i agree i think newt relizes he has no chance and that ron paul is going to win

      • Lichtfuss58

        Then I hope Newt endorses Dr. Paul when he drops out.

        • Airborne82ndporcelli

           That would really help. If Newt dropped out I think most of his support would go to Ron Paul and Ron would take the lead.

          • johnb

            they all need to drop out and get behind Paul, he’s the only one that has a chance against the democrats , Nobody has any dirt on RP, the only thing the demo’s would have is some papers that somebody else wrote and try to claim him as a rascists but I’m pretty sure America is not taking the race card anymore as currency.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/RSF5N5VFXK7XLYNOOQIUC5UH34 WeDidit

            I still see a lot of detractors using the racist accusations, pulling up old links. I have criticized Newt in the past, and he has a slippery side that needs to be closely watched, if he were to be offered a cabinet position. People keep suggesting that it could be a Mitt/Paul run, but I would consider that intolerable.

            Possibly a Paul/Mitt run, and allow Mitt to step to one side of his Wall Street banker connections, and enjoy being a part of a positive overhaul of the federal government. He could take his part in history. 

            Otherwise, Paul (as he has said repeatedly) will simply retire and allow Obama to trounce Mitt, creating an entirely different path for history. A grim history that will someday be viewed with teary eyes and “could have been, should have been and what ifs”.

  • AndrewF

    Dr. Paul did a great job tonight- he is really getting better at articulation. Santorum is going down!

    • Wevez

       Yea, he was better but not on the Iran question. He was moving all over the place at one point

      • almondblossom

        I thought he was fine on the Iran question…there’s so much to say, so little time, and so many sleepy people to wake up.

      • Anon

        His response to the Iran question and going to war was by far his best argument. All the ignorant boos showed the arrogant “patriots” so hell bent on warmongering and so willing to vicariously kill without provocation and in the name of “security”. Yes, his articulation is not always the clearest but his message completely disintegrates the false pretenses and illegitimate reactions woven into the messages given by the other candidates. Ron Paul is the truth teller, the honorable one, the champion of liberty, consistent, and the only candidate with integrity.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RSF5N5VFXK7XLYNOOQIUC5UH34 WeDidit
  • Tyson Bruce

    Judging from the Republican debate tonight, you’d better get all your peeps pullin’ levers for Ron Paul. Santorum, Romney, Gingrich and Obama are all on the same page when it comes to sending you and your homies to Iran, Syria and who knows where else. It’s literally insane how everyone but Ron Paul is beating the drums of war.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=776203451 Jo’Ann Cruz Chinea

    Romney’s top “donations” to his campaing, just like congress votes to benefit their “friends” the corp/lobbyists.
    Goldman Sachs     $521,180
    JPMorgan Chase & Co  $356,400
    Morgan Stanley     $297,550
    Credit Suisse Group  $296,160
    Citigroup Inc     $280,050
    Bank of America      $245,900
    Remember that he stands for NDAA, the Patriot Act, more wars. Also remember to kiss your children one last times before Romney, Santorum or Gingrich send them to wars (for profits). Educate yourself… Read and learn about Ron Paul. The only one for The Constitution of the United States and your Rights! Media blackout is not giving him a chance. Only those who are wanted by corporate and the elite are the ones you see and hear about. SAY NO TO WARS – VOTE Ron Paul 2012!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Marenger/117900340 Dustin Marenger

    “because hes a fake” 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWDQE62ZSOBUAVZVNY5DUKCJUQ G



    Thank you so much for your service. I am most appreciative of your work. I will be donating to you this Friday.  Power to all of us. United we stand. Dr. Paul did outstanding in my book tonight. He has learned to speak faster than the others getting the message out as fast as his mouth can move. THANK YOU!. More will learn about the movement of PEACE and the intllectual revolution.  No wonder they are so afraind, we have a message, FREEDOME FOR ALL. RON PAUL 2012

  • Hausmuller

    The story is simple: more ignorant you are more difficult is to understand what you are talking about. That’s the trick many mediocre mathematicians are playing at interviews, conferences or seminars. It is easy to fool the idiots but we are not all the idiots, and we know that the most wonderful ideas are simple, beautiful, and easy to explain. I love the logic of Ron Paul and the simplicity of his arguments. I feel sorry for all those poor fools who fall into the traps of rhetorical garbage. Never forget, in the final count w deserve what we get, that’s the democracy.

    • lovely1000

      Good point.  Listening to Ron Paul I always wonder if he is too simple for people.  People’s minds are so programmed to react to the every part of an argument besides the logos, it’s scary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RandACottrell Randy Cottrell

    You Sir did a fantastic job at covering Dr. Paul. Thank you for all you do!

    • rpflix

      Thank you.

  • HonestMedia

    Thanks RPFlix. And wow!! Ron Paul is becoming more and more the President each debate. Audience response was pretty darned good. It is getting even more exciting at this point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=721622478 Rob Phillips

    Paul destroys Santorum right off the bat and then lays down the law (literally) in response to all questions. He rocked tonight!

  • lovely1000

    Rick Santorum is the perfect example if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  Now Ron Paul…That’s a stand up guy….

  • dianna

    Ron Paul whipped all their butts tonight…..so, why can’t the voters see who the best choice is??? He is so passionate about our country!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Canadian-for-Liberty/100002061803087 Canadian-for Liberty

    Amazing job by Dr. Paul as always! Huge thanks to those, who recorded and put this out. I can only watch the RP highlights – watching the whole debate is way too painful.

    It’s still interesting that RP would get boo’s for saying that the US policy encourages Iran to get nuclear weapon. Wouldn’t the US be threatened if Iran had 45 military bases surrounding the US, if Iran gave money and weapons to US enemies, if Iran cut off gas and food supplies to the US, if Iran overthrew a US government in a covert operation installing an oppressive dictator, if Iranian military ships in the Gulf of Mexico accidentally shot down a civilian aircraft killing 290 Americans on board (search “IR655″) and I’m sure I’m missing more. How in hell do you boo to that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Canadian-for-Liberty/100002061803087 Canadian-for Liberty

    Amazing job by Dr. Paul as always! Huge thanks to those, who recorded
    and put this out. I can only watch the RP highlights – watching the
    whole debate is way too painful.

    It’s still interesting that RP would get boo’s for saying that the US
    policy encourages Iran to get nuclear weapon. Wouldn’t the US be
    threatened if Iran had 45 military bases surrounding the US, if Iran
    gave money and weapons to US enemies, if Iran cut off gas and food
    supplies to the US, if Iran overthrew a US government in a covert
    operation installing an oppressive dictator, if Iranian military ships
    in the Gulf of Mexico accidentally shot down a civilian aircraft killing
    290 Americans on board (search “IR655″) and I’m sure I’m missing more.
    How in hell do you boo to that?

  • Ella00

    Can’t you see Santorum’s face . . . “I want to be like Ron Paul.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=701469218 Rob Reitz

    Hitting it out of the park President Ron Paul.. Anyone who would not cast their vote for you is a lunatic.. 

  • http://twitter.com/libertyswell Florence
  • Xdreamartist

    Ron Paul totally called Santorum out on his “christian” morality. AWESOME.

  • Mandeep206

    Dr. Pauls conventional wisdom center stage … Literally!

  • Wevez

    Santorum “I do not support it but I voted for it”


    Actions speak louder than words…

  • Box513

    Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Obama and the Republicans are idiots and totally wrong by thinking they need ultraconservative, hard, right winged candidates. I will vote democratic like many other Ron Paul supporters if he is not on the Republican ticket. Look at the other Republican candidates, really?????

    • Love Liberty

      If the GOP decides to keep their head up their butt and nominate any one other than Ron Paul, he may run anyway. Or you could write him in. I’m only voting for Ron Paul this year. I’ll write his name in if it’s not on the ballot!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    I love how Ron just runs Ricky over and over again hahaha. He will have to scrape him off his shoe later.

  • Steve

    Stick a fork in Rick, he’s done! Ron Paul rolled up a copy of the Constitution like a newspaper, beat Santorum over the head with it, stuck Santorum’s nose in his own feces (his record), and told him what a bad neo-con he is. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/iconic.freedom26 Iconic Freedom

      I hope you’re right about Rick, moreover just because I’m sick of hearing his whiny voice

  • Bryan Lonn

    Just bought another Ron Paul Action Figure to show future generations our next George Washington.

    • Steve

      I think he is more Jefferson than Washington but yay!

  • FreedomFighter

    Ron Paul 2012…..Don’t forget to check your states if Ron Paul is not on ballot, you can write him in. Ron Paul can and will beat Barack Obama.

  • Steven Bartels

    My debate was 24 minutes not 1-2 hours. Mmm, I don’t fee like I waste my time listening to the other candidates. Wait, there are other candidates running? I thought it was just Ron Paul and the other people just distracting people from the real issues.

  • almondblossom

    Why did they try to pass over Paul again last night?  Crazy.

  • Paul

    Did everyone see the CNN interview after the debate?!?!? Paul is 2nd in delegates right now officially! Even John King admits it! This fact needs to get spread around so people know how well he is doing!

  • http://twitter.com/libertyswell Florence

    Paul has all the correct solutions and [must] be elected. His solutions will not create more Big Govt programs as Romney, Santorum, Gingrich’s would do. Plus they all want more Wars and attack Iran for nothing they have done wrong. Israel Govt wants Iran destroyed because of friendly relations they have with Palestine and Syria. Israel wants the land they stole from them.

    To reform the Immigration is a great idea, it takes some in other countries, who are educated 5 years to come to US legally, to reform this is good. Our military gets paid regardless, so to bring them home and build new homes and communities for military along the borders where they can work, man and live is a perfect solution. More money from taxes, more jobs and businesses will be created in US to add to our economy, not foreign countries.

  • Shark Man

    It’s not too late to elect this man America! Soon it will be and you will forever regret your decision if you do not.

  • Crzzymnn911

    Ron Paul: “Cuz hes a fake lol”

    Santorum: ” look im real”

    Ron Paul: “Congratulations”

    I lol’d so hard when he said that lol.

    On a side note i hate those smug smiles the other three wear all the time. Leave it to Ron paul to swipe it off their faces with truth lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1535553717 Brandon Aalberg

    newt , dont try to lie about your values to sway ron paul supporters, we,HATE YOU

  • http://twitter.com/vasocreta Matthew Wilson

    Only two things bother me about Ron Paul:
    1) He uses the word, “Illegals”. I know it is just an abbreviation of sorts, but it just seems degrading to me.
    2) When he wants to chime in, he does the little hang, hang thing.
    Beyond that…I so badly want this guy to be president.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000215923928 Damon Stahl

    haha congratulation santorum ur a douche

  • Freedomdefined

    “You know I have tried the moral argument, and I have tried the constitutional arguments on these issues. And they don’t go so well, but there is an economic argument as well. Matter of fact Al Qaeda has a plan to bog us down in the Middle East and bankrupt this country. That’s exactly what they’re doing; we have spent 4 trillion dollars of debt in the last 10 years being bogged down in the Middle… East. The Neoconservatives that want us in Syria, now wants us to go to Iran and have another war. We don’t have the money, today gasoline has hit 6 dollars a gallon in Florida, I might not get through to everyone, but I’m going to win this argument for economic reasons, remember when the soviets left, they didn’t leave because they couldn’t fight them, they left because they bankrupted there country. We better wake up, because this is exactly what we are doing to our country, we are destroying our currency, and we have a financial crisis on our hands.” -Ron Paul

  • Michelle Carey

    I feel that for the first time in a very long time, I can cast my vote for someone who believes as I do and votes that way. Rather than someone who is the lesser of all evils!!

  • Garhaerh

    His best performance every he finally blatantly snapped back and called out Rick and Newt on their distortion of logic and truth!!!   Now he should go after Romney and watch him crumble.

  • 2ThousandAndNow

    Best debate Ron’s had for sure. He got the most time I think he’s ever had, and he used it wisely.

    GET EM RON!!!

  • Ripleydallasbishop

    Whenever Dr Paul talks @ any of the debates Romney’s face is one of total confusion as not really comprehending. Of course when you don’t know the Constitution its understanding. GO RON PAUL!

  • Mini Redel

    Ron Paul is The Only Hope For Real Change.. Good Luck Ron Paul We Support You. Many Prayers for him to Save Our Nation.   (( Ron Paul Is The Change In 2012 )) 

  • Colin

    6:42 Lol look at Gingrich and Santorum squirming.

  • Barskor-dunlin

    Do something Amazing For Ron Paul Go to AmericansElect.org and vote for Ron Paul to get a second window of opportunity to get in the Presidential Race 2012! AmericansElect.org is doing the heavy lifting getting signatures and Paying to get on ballots in all 50 states so Wast not Want not a great chance like this we need Ron Paul in office 2013 so if you would vote for him Do it one more time legally at Americanselect.org and fight for him in the voting booth.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Bobby

    Ron Paul Pleading  17:46
    If your going to go to war with Iran then, Ask the people, Ask the Congress, for a declaration of war. (with passion)This Is War And People Are Going To Die And You Got To Get A Declaration Of War!

  • http://www.facebook.com/JLRoberts9914 Jerry Roberts

    I live in Pa. and hadn’t even noticed that we have a new governor, let alone a republican governor nor any change from the liberal that preceded him. They are two sides of the same coin. Walk the walk not just talk the talk. Cause there ain’t no change here, not in this state so why should we believe his lies.

  • John Smith

    The rest of these guys are so boring compared to Dr Paul.  They all say the same things, over and over.  Ron Paul is so refreshing.  What will we do when he retires?  I hope he has inspired enough people to follow in his footsteps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonyalbyrum Tonya Byrum

    learn the proper role of govt you three. listen to ron paul.