• http://twitter.com/SWFL_Patriot Florida_Patriot

     This speech just hurt my heart because he is speaking to a group of people who just don’t get it… they think they do but they don’t. They cheer at the idea that Gingrich or Romney or Santorum will be the ones to preserve the republic so it’s fruit can be reborn in Europe but yet those candidates are the aphids on the vine of our fruit. Daniel Hannan KNOWS that the only candidate who cares about the constitution he praised for 20 minutes is Dr. Ron Paul but yet he can not speak it at CPAC. And, the people in those chairs cheering think they love the constitution but they don’t understand it and thus can not save it. My heart breaks for what is happening.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYT2C3EY3VAKQOOYFTOG4NXWTU Stephen

      Exactly my thoughts! People need to wake up!!

    • ian
    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=688046780 Anonymous

      I agree with you whole heartedly. Most conservatives are so blinded by the propaganda being pushed down their throats about Iran and Syria and Lybia and Iraq and Afghanistan and all these boogie men that want to kill us. There is only two ways to stop the wars we are in. Either wipe the middle east clean of every single person there (because just one person left is enough to retaliate for what we’ve done.) or do as Ron Paul says and bring our troops home. The latter requires a lot of mending of relationships with countries and people that we have pissed off for over 60 years, but I believe it is the only way.

      Ron Paul for President 2012.

    • Pauler

      You are so right my friend. So, damn, right. 

  • g6

    WOW!! It would not have been any clearer, if he had said “America needs politicians like Ron Paul”. This Brit is holding up a billboard waving at a nation that is racing toward a cliff, and saying, “turn back, don’t come this way… Its NOT too late to avoid our fate”.  We “STILL” hold these truths… WOW.

    • RJ

      The sad thing is they think the title “Conservative” dubbed by the corporate media actually means conservative in the real and truthful sense. SO completely blinded!

      Ron Paul is TRULY the ONLY one who understands what this country was founded on.

      But I love Daniel’s attitude and inspiration! Let us strive to follow in his footsteps in spreading the TRUTH and being proud of it!

  • Acolyer1

    An Engilsh man gets it but CPAC did not.  So sad

  • Matt

    Audience: Yaaaay I love what your saaaaying!!!  Ok gents lets go vote for Romney…  (fail).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=4905714 Brian Parsons

    He endorsed Paul in the ‘For Liberty’ Documentary.  Too bad what he said went over most of their heads.

  • ex-dem_in_pa

    totally inspiring speech, a must listen for any true patriot… bit of a shame they couldn’t have notched out that high-pitched squeak throughout the recording though.

  • ThatLibertyGuy

    Daniel Hannan just got added to my daily prayer list.  Trust me, there is no way that speech didn’t find some good ground in that audience.  Talk about ‘starting brushfires of liberty in the hearts of men’!

    • Europe

      How about adding the other screwd people to your prayer list. This guy does not really need it – he is clear minded. Pray for Newt, Rick, Romney, Barrack, Merkel and Sarkozy to clear their minds.

  • choppa

    This guy should just come out and say he wants Ron Paul to be president. Jesus Christ!

    • Complexphenom

      He has done so and said so in the past. I have no doubt he was thinking of Ron the entire time.

  • Astrongchristian

    Its the booby tube that did it. People can no longer think for themselves. The TV does their thinking for them.
    I hear it at work all the time. The conversation always revolves around what was last night’s drama sent out by the tube.
    Their minds have become dull and they have stopped their ears. They regurgitate their TV announcer’s speeches.
    The television moguls know how powerfully their medium can program the human mind. That is why there are over a hundred
    channels of programming. They have succeeded in putting the human mind to sleep. That is why the corporations took
    control of broadcasting. People will turn on the TV any day over picking up a book to read that might take a week. Daniel
    spoke words of truth, a rousing barrage of truth. These kinds of speeches should stir the soul to passionate action, but
    if the hearers go back and turn their TV’s on it will die out.

    • ex-dem_in_pa

      The education system bears at least as much blame as the media, and in particular the teacher’s unions.  That said, I hope you’re not proposing government-run broadcasting would somehow be more egalitarian or beneficial…

      • Witchwindy

        You are correct it IS the school system of this country that is mostly to blame.   Our manner of schooling is detrimental to the intellect of those who attend. The children are grouped according to age, so they learn to trust only their peers and they are daily indoctrinated in the idea that government is the “be all, end all”, the only answer to every problem.  The droning of the teachers, teaching to the test (instead of teaching critical thinking skills and encouraging a child’s personal interests) destroys a child’s natural curiosity, creativity, and joy in learning.  The lack of physical activity and the mandatory daily 6 hours of imprisonment* are detrimental to the health (obesity) and independence of the children. 
        No wonder we have such an ignorant population, the school system was designed to bring about that result. Those who rule do NOT want a truly well educated, thinking for themselves, populace; they want the populace to think of them as superior instead of recognizing they are just men with faults and failings like everyone else.  Such an educated populace endangers their positions as “rulers”, an educated populace might just elect people like Ron Paul who would refuse to “rule” and restore our free Republic.
        “Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.” — Thomas Jefferson
        History HAS clearly answered that question with a resounding ‘NO!”.

        * What else do you call it when you are forced to spend 5 days a week, 6 hours a day in a certain room, in a certain building without your informed consent (and in many cases against your will)?

  • Rick .

    Daniel supported Ron Paul, in the ’07 campaign, and has been quoted in RP’s current media. He’s one of us!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    This guy is awesome wish there were more in parliament like him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    It is funny to me that Daniel Hannan gets our country better than most Americans. This is fantastic and I hope you people will look at this, thank you Daniel for getting it.


    • RJ

      Sometimes it really takes someone from the outside with a clear and unbiased picture of the TRUTH.

  • Guest

    I couldn’t watch this even to the halfway point. Hearing him flatter a roomful of deficit-spending imperialists on their “love of liberty” was bad enough, but his claim that “culture is a product of institutions” marked a complete break with reality. That’s the kind of thinking that leads to efforts to “bring democracy to Afghanistan.” If we go and build the institutions, they’ll instantly change their culture, presto!

    Culture is the product of race.

    • Miss_jdoe

      Culture is not the product of race. It is the product of the moral character of the people, The institution was created by people whith a certain way of thinking, the instatution helps salidify that way of thinking. It’s like which came first the egg or the Hen.

    • rumor

      Culture is just your operating system.
      It is up to you to choose your own software.

    • RJ

      By institutions he’s not referring to the feces-infested fungal rot that is created by an out-of-control government. He’s referring to the institutions that were by and for the citizens. Things like their early education (2nd graders were being taught things that 7-8th graders learn now, and they were taught solid moral truths, and even were taught to know intimately who Jesus Christ was and the Creator himself…not the relativistic ideology and morality of people like John Dewey), their morals (reflected in their deep understanding of spiritual things), their laws, and virtually everything about society and how people approached and interacted with government.

      The founders understood to preserve a republic, you had to have a moral citizenry, which most of them deemed to stem from the teachings of the Bible. Even Franklin, generally considered the most “pagan” of them all, held to the need for founding their country on the principles and foundations given by the Scriptures. THIS, I believe, is what Daniel is referring to.


  • Flyingcloud

    Very inspiring, he is on my list of people I’d love to meet. How awesome it would be to converse in person with this guy!

  • Meha Gibbs

    This guy is amazing. Unfortunately he is talking to deaf people.Beside Ron Paul there is nobody remotely close to our founding fathers.Republican party is hijacked by neocons and jews.Ron Paul 2012.               

  • Ross Pomroy

    The Pub’s had the majority in the Mid 90’s. What happened? Stop voting for Barrabas. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • Philip

    Am proud to say I am British! Daniel Hannan is one of our true libertarians.

    Please, please, please will all you lovely Americans elect RON PAUL to be your next President!

  • Nico

    Do not let this one hijack the Ron Paul momentum. He does not speak about the monetary system and the privately owned banks. Follow the money!!! The people, the states, Washington,….. The world bank!!
    You were slimmed upon!

  • goRon

    Sometimes SHEEPLE have to lose all LIBERTY before they know what it actually is and how to preserve it a shame you say YES but this broken system has been well constructed by the ESTABLISHMENT for the last 99 years. It is very hard for SHEEPLE to figure it out on their own when the schools ENDOCTRINATE the MSM dumbs you down SPORTS and AMERICAN IDOL ETC. keep people entertained.That being said there is a long ROW TO HOE keep doing your part in your little world and DR PAUL will do his . GOD SPEED and  GOOD LUCK RON PAUL FOREVER

  • 2nephi32

    By far, the only speech worth listening to at C-Pac (oh- loved Rand’s as well).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Schooler/100003032488972 William Schooler

    I think he is literally slapping the dummies right in front of them and does a deep tissue slap, listen to the silence as they gasp for air as he builds his story to suck them in to the trap some of these idiots are creating.This guy is a genius, HEY STUPID THIS IS YOU I am talking too!!! and they are laughing at it questioning their own thoughts.

    Drive it Home Daniel, what true wit.

  • Dora

    This guy is BRILLIANT,I wish more Americans had half of his COMPASSION & INTELLIGENCE because this what our COUNTRY NEEDS..I f we don’t stop allowing the GLOBAL ELITE to make our decisions the poor & middle class families are going to DIE at alarming rates.They’re already losing their HOMES & JOBS.Ron Paul is our only and last hope before we go over the cliff….

  • Preterist

    The time for another revolution is surely drawing near.  If we cannot save our Constitution inside the system, the time will come when patriots are forced to change it by less peaceful means. Patrick Henry Lives

  • Brian

    This guy is speaking way above the heads of the CPAC folks.  A good speech!

    • Brian

      Seriously though, I bet there were 3 people in the audience that knew what an MEP (or the EU) is!

  • Sorien

    “..secular miracle..”

    At least ONE conservative knows the truth!  Eat it, dominionists!

  • Abigail

    They are cheering, but they don’t get it.  He is supporting Ron Paul.

  • macforce1

    FloridaPatriot, I am so proud of you and the comments you shared with us for those same echo in my home and neighborhood as well, who as the peoples hope today of a nation founded on passion and patriotism with a desire for freedom and justice for all who now watch those in that audience stand and cheer but however failed to hear or heed the message and it seems so wrong and depressing to waste the moments that we the faithful few though not mighty in stature or great in number still hold true the throngs of liberty and the prayers that these things may change, for what we still have left is still in my eyes is the image of that our Father in Heaven hears are crys and our love for this country and the Little Big Man from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul with all of his unselfish, unchangable, and exetremly devoted principles have been passed to yet another group of followers with that same passion and devotion to his great cause and we will not one day be deterred or swayed from our mission? RON PAUL 2012 

  • RJ

    This guy is good!