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  • Michael Ediss

    Thank you!

  • Phil Efthemes

    Ron Paul 2012, Get em Ron!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Smile, Rand!  You look like you’re at your Dad’s funeral.  YOU AIN’T.

    • Anonymous

      He’s pissed because they rigged it.  They can’t say anything until they find the proof.

    • Ttttt580020

      He definitely looks unhappy. His claps are disingenuous and filled with frustration. But he also coughs quite a bit so all of that could just be that he’s not feeling well. It could be that he thinks they rigged it, it could be that he’s frustrated his dad ran instead of himself, or it could be that he’s just not feeling well. You can’t tell.
      Either way, I’m pretty excited about tonight’s outcome. Santorum is a joke. We got a strong second place among those that matter. This is gonna be Paul vs Romney.

    • Just me

      Every family needs muscle.

  • Steve Gritchen Jr

    can someone explain to me how santorum all of a sudden is relevant? when did this happen?

    • Bill

      the media told them this past week he was relevant. So the sheeple flocked.

      • Anonymous

        Did they really?  Ron Paul loses the Iowa Straw poll by slim margin to Bachmann!  He loses the Iowa Caucus by a slim margin to Santorum!  I don’t believe it.  CNN showed the caucus counting the votes.  The problem is when they tally the precincts.  CNN shows the total by county.  Why not show the results by precinct?

        • Dennis M S

          I am not sure how all this happened!

          I was hoping maybe he would do a 50% and pull a shocker…

      • Bkrug91

        so true

    • BeppoGuiseppe
    • Jevans1

      Santorum banked on Iowa his entire campaign, betting that a Iowa win would catapult his campaign….Bachmann did the same. Santorum went around recruiting rural Iowans and making them afraid of “liberal values” in the white house – as if that was the biggest issues of our day.

  • Tim Jones

    Absolutely Awesome. 

  • Vickmichele

    Amazing speech.

    Semper Fi

  • Ripleydallasbishop

    I’m still backing Ron Paul.

  • annajanek

    Ron Paul 2012  Liberty, Prosperity and Peace!!  Restore America Now!!

  • Lisa Spencer

    I love how Ron Paul always says OUR campaign.  He is the best =)

  • Hunter_in_Georgia

    Ron Paul is my president! :-)

  • david_in_chicago

    There is no way Santorum will survive the media attention.  He is just another flavor of the month.  Dr. Paul’s support has only been an upward surge.  It will only get better.  

  • Marcalvira

    Santorum? The fix is in…
    Anyway… RONPAUL2012!!!

  • Shawn4984

    former usmc i’ve never donated money to a politician before but i have ron paul. don’t give up. ideas like fredom and liberty are worthwhile. it’s been a long time since we had a adams or jefferson around. ron paul is like that support him win or lose

  • Pat Porter

    Thru happy tears, Thank You! for allowing us to see this man’s undying optimism. Heck, third but by only 3,946 votes.

  • Expungebob

    One of the best speeches I’ve ever heard from the good Doctor. Simply astounding how funny, upbeat, hopeful, inspiring and insightful he was up there. Ron Paul is not made for 5 second sound bites, so imagine my surprise when on all the networks at once on national and international television they gave him over 10 minutes uninterrupted by biased, targeted questions. GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! ONWARD TO NH AND BEYOND

  • Joe McPlumber

    I can’t comment on the Iowa caucus because i’m too distracted by the greatness of this man. My eyes are leaking.

    • Joe McPlumber

      Really i’m sorry for multiple comments but isn’t it astonishing that a man can remain obviously humble with a crowd yelling his name? Ron Paul understands that Ron Paul means something much greater than himself, and that’s just… well… dangit my eyes are leaking again.

  • Mala_woessner

    I love this guy!!! How could anyone support any of the others…makes no sense

  • James Tremaglio

    Ron Paul 2012 , last chance this nation has, hes top 3 now, only go up from here :)

  • Nico

    Santorum is put into position to marginalise/attack Ron Paul. If two dogs fight for a bone,… a third one runs of with it. I am from the Netherlands. Not only the USA needs Ron Paul, but Europe an the rest of the world as well. Please take care. I am with you all the way.

  • Joowon Kim

    He makes me happy.

  • Chocoholic1954

    I support Ron Paul

  • Jose Maldonado

    HE IS THE MAN! There is no better politician than Ron Paul. I thank you sir and we will fight for this election til we cant fight no more!

  • Airborne82ndporcelli

    Santorum is not a threat, he will drop back to his 5% once people see him for what he is like they did with Newt, Perry and Cain then they will have to chose Paul or Romney in the end. The conservatives wont pick Romney because he is a progressive Mormon and that will force them to look passed the media at Paul and will be the time they realize that he is the man for the job. All Ron has to do is hang in there. He will win a lot of States in 1st place mark my words.

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Ron Paul Speech After The Iowa Caucus Result “WE WILL GO ON!” – Jan 3 2012



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