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  • Gabriel Fair

    Does anyone know what that  “Florida Republican Voters” chart is showing?

    • dex

      Anderson Cooper was explaining it at the end of the clip.  They are a focus group of Florida Republicans who have not yet chosen a candidate.  Did it seem weird to you or anyone else that the females didn’t react positively to Dr. Paul when he said he wanted to repeal the Patriot Act?

  • Joowon

    Dr. Paul is amazing. I love how he changed the initially disappointed mood to like a better mood than ever. Crowd is cheering and I got the goosebumps when he said we are the next generation. I am optimistic in the future as long as we keep his message in our hearts! Thank you Dr. Paul.

  • ChampOnLiberty

    Funny he was 4th in a state known for dirty politics lol! An Newt was 1st! Ha! I love it!

    • Anonymous

      S.C. is rigged !! What an unconstitutional voting process they have there, no paper ballots and their all counted secretly !!

  • Michael Dolce

    that little kid rules

  • Craigers11

    liked all of it except for the last 7 seconds…..could have done with out that.

  • jayster

    This was a great speech! These speeches after the primaries are absolutely vital. They are 15 solid minutes of national TV air time and a great chance to communicate the message clearly without being cut off. Go Ron Paul!

  • J.C.

    It looked like the Florida GOP voters stayed in the positive area the entire time, correct?

  • David Stover

    I wonder how many dead people SC had to dig up to vote for Gingrich, Romney, and Anal Leakage…Er… Santorum! I just plain cannot understand HOW Americans could vote for the same people who got America into the mess we’re in. Are there really that many masochists in this Country?!
    The SOLUTION to our problems has been politely staring us in the face for over 30 years, and yet most Americans still go for the phoney baloney puppets of the Status Quo! Doctor Paul has woken me up to reality, and has shown me that YES, every Individual CAN make a difference. The more I study my Government, the angrier I become, and all the more I realize that Dr. Ron Paul IS our last hope to regain Liberty and Prosperity.

  • Tonythebrain

    The guy to the rear-left looks like Frank Luntz’s good twin…lol.

  • Kimberly

    I am proud of the 13% of South Carolinians who did stand up for personal liberty, personal responsibility and FREEDOM. For those of you who blew off your rights and did not vote, shame on you. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is on the side of EACH AND EVERY AMERICAN’S RIGHT OF CHOICE. HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO BELIEVED IN THIS COUNTRY ENOUGH TO PUT HIS OWN LIFE ON THE LINE AND SERVE IN THE MILITARY. HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE WILLING TO SERVE THE PEOPLE!

  • Chris Riley

    Ron Paul and Mitt Romney “The Tortoise and the Hair”

    After the recent last place finish of Congressman Ron Paul in South Carolina many of his supporters, me included, can’t help but feel a bit disheartened. But as I have to remind myself every couple of days and especially yesterday, this is still only the begining in a long battle to the nomination. While Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum are in a sprint for first place it seems as though they have forgotten that this is a marathon. They have been treating each state as if it were the winner take all of the nomination. While they repeatedly depleat all or most of their campaign funds trying to get any fractional edge they can in each state, Congressman Paul has been doing something very different. Instead of following suit and spending massive amounts of money focusing all time and attention one state at a time, Paul has decided to pace himself and start smaller cost effective efforts in states with primaries and caucuses yet to come. While this foward planning won’t help him much in Florida, a state like South Carolina where he is not expected to do well anyway, it will give him a huge jump start advantage when states like Maine, Nevada, and Minnesota come up in February. Another thing to take in consideration is that Gingrich and Santorum lack the funding and organization to keep a drawn out national campaign going. Only Paul and Romney have this sort of organization and the national funding to keep it going. They also are the only ones on the ballot in all 50 states. Newt Gingrich won’t even be able to vote for himself when it comes time for him to cast his vote in Virginia.   So as we get deeper into this primary season it will become clear that this is a two horse race. This is where Paul will start having the clear advantage. It will be pretty hard for the Texas Congressman to be ignored on the debate stage when its only him and somebody else on it. Gone too will be alienating effect of having the only differing opinion on a stage where everyone else is saying the same thing in a different vernacular. As soon as realistic debate takes place without this mob mentality it will be clear that Paul’s logic is actually the sane one and repeating the same policies over and over and expecting a different result is crazy. At this point would come the sea change this country deperately needs. The same one on one debates that would force the press to take Paul seriously would not only win Paul the nomination but would ultimately seat him in the office of the President. So far in the national polls, only Paul and Romney are in striking distance. Realistically, Romney would lose this head to head mash up with Obama. Granted all Republicans would go out in droves to get Obama out of office, but as we’ve seen in the past Obama’s campaign will go pick up people in busses, sign up homeless people, and basically do anything possible to win. Add to that the Independants and the Occupy movement who don’t want to see a “rich guy” get any more power and the libertarians, who after a Paul loss, would vote for Gary Johnson, and he’s toast. A Paul nomination on the other hand will get those Independants, many of the Occupiers, the Libertarians, and even some of the Anti-War Democrats without which will cement an Obama loss. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m biased on the subject, however, stranger longshots than this have happened before. When Reagan ran he too was told that he was too old, too far outside of the mainstream, too “unelectable”. He too didn’t win many of the early states. But as the Rolling Stones once sang “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you get what you need” and so too can a pricipled and logical Tortoise beat the highly flawed but outwardly polished Hair.

    • wyclif

      You mean “The Tortoise and the HARE.”

  • Shawn Maple

    Ron Paul is the best choice, anyone can see it if they would just open their eyes!

  • Kelly Ferreira

    Truth in every single word.  Very inspiring. 

  • Nico

    USA and liberty on the rise again,…love it.

  • Jmreily88

    Totally rigged. You want to know how I know? Okay, let’s see:

    Gingrich had to cancel a speech because there was maybe 20 people in the stands, whereas Ron Paul had well over 1,000.


Ron Paul speech after South Carolina Primary – Jan 21 2012



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